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  1. Any Americans able to advise me on cup sizes - in cooking

    I mean ... what does "1/2 8 ounces" mean??

  2. THE_Dwarf

    Doctor Ood

    Bit late to the party ... but ... with this Timey Wimey stuff does it really matter? :p Great mini Omni, the painting is stunning, no wonder you won :)
  3. Hey all Just thought I would show off my latest painting'ness I have done. Which sadly is not Malifux (I soon will update the Painting Competition 2015 post of mine - hopefully the year is out that is) but is a very cool converted GW Eldar Avatar mini I bought off eBay a few weeks ago. I sprayed the mini all white in the first instance ... and I have to say GW's new white spray is great. Does not come all powdery like the previous incarnation. And you can spray it like your do with the black spray - as it give such a smooth finish. I think used mainly inks and wasking for the main bulk of my painting. I first di this idea on the first Avatar I bought a good number of years ago ... The lava base was simple ... prior to priming the mini I used, obviously, pieces of cork to make teh rocky outcrops and then used liquid greenstuff to roughly smooth off teh base, and build up a couple of bubbles on the lava base to give it a bit of depth. Then again use used purely the inks I have which I got from my local arts store by me. They leave a bit of a shine but for lava I wasn't too fussed. The only real paint I used on the mini was black and bronze ... along with the small bit of green and blue for the gems on teh mini. To help give it a nice contrast from the firey reds. I shall post a 'Family Photo' of my avatars once th rest of them arrive here soon 7,059 Views
  4. #WAACChallenege2015 Update #5 Going ... Going ... Gone!!! Well after a total of 14 days and two listings the mini went for a grand total of ... £2.00 plus P&P of £3.00 So I decided to match the bid and donate a total of £10.00 to the charity. Was hoping it would go some something a bit more - hindsight (Which is a bitch) I should of palced the bid higher or had it as a Buy it now with best offer option. But you live and learn I suppose Wargamers All Against Cancer 2015 - Donation page They are nearing their aimed target of £3,000 of donation, they have a third to go - give or take!! So if you wish to donate, or carry out the challenge go ahead But while I was on eBay I got looking and searching ... which as all us hobby'ists know is a bad thing to do ... As here a pictural list of what I have bought in past two weeks ... Snotlings Wrestling (OOP Model) Squat with Power Fist (OOP Mini) Warhammer Fantasy 30th Birthday Model (OOP Mini) Avatar Converted Model (OOP Mini - Metal) Avatar, Epic 40k (OOP Mini) Phantom Titan, Epic 40k (OOP Mini) Thunderhawk, Epic 40k (OOP Mini) Rouge trader Space Marine (OOP Mini) I am after now an Epic Eldar Vampire Hunter - I did have teh Forge World model, but sold it as I would not of had anywhere to store it if I ever actually did more than leave it in teh box in pieces. So at least with an Epic Scale I can easily build and store it Current Painting Project - Marvel "You won't like me when I'm angry!" My current on going painting project is to do a display of some Marvel Comic Characters for a friend, Olivia, to give to her friend for her Birthday. As she is a big Marvel fan. And after giving Olivia a list of Marvel Characters currently available from Knight Models (Well the ones I saw listed in 35mm scale on wayland Games website). nd the ones Olivia picked are; The Hulk Thor Wolverine I have only started work on The Hulk so far - so here is a WIP of his with the base colours only and a wash on teh skin prior to brinign up the colour; I shall post future WIP picures also as usual. Bye for now all ... 6,757 Views
  5. YAY!!!!!! It is finally 1st June 2015 .... And you know what that means??? PPPPAAAAIIINNNNNTTTIIIINNNNGGGGGG TTTTIIIIMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!! Sadly I can't start painting till Wednesday night at earliest ... grrrrr Good luck all ... ... But the Boobie Prize is mine
  6. #WAACChallenege2015 Update #4 Listed on eBay Well, the good ol'Captain has been painted and posted onto eBay as an auction - starting bid is at £2.00 + £3.00 p&p As the model effectivly cost me nothing, due to buying it so many moons ago all money raised will be going to the charity Flickr Album ... & ... eBay Listing The eBay listing can be found here!! And if any Wyrd'os not from the UK wish to makea bid, I shall look into international posting following the sale if need be 6,450 Views
  7. Well Prae ... go get from Grots/Gretchins (Forget which are the 40k ones) and make them yourself Jealous lil scandie Cheers Vidd They'll be posted here and in the painting comp thread
  8. Prae ... it Mexi'Grems Sadly I never made them, and my GS skills go only as far as gap filling and that about it I'll get more pics up when I start painting them come June 1st
  9. #WAACChallenge2015 - Update #3 Hey all, I have an update regarding my #WAACChallenege model... The model it self is done, part from needing to get some Gloss Varnish for the gem and eye lenses ... and of course the base which it made just need painting ... I am not 100% about the power sword ... I painted it silver, washed it green light covering of silver again. Then dry brush green and silve on top. Then added more green aroudn teh 'power source strip' thing. Thoughts and opinions welcome on this. As it was done to imply power coursing through the sword. I do like the green on teh Plasma Pistol, for the same reason as teh sword. Just looks a lot better in my opinion. I shall get the base done this week for it to be posted onto eBay for sale ... if some one wishes to buy him Mexi'Grems & Judge Grem And her are now some picturs of the Mexi'Grems I'm calling them I bought off Greenstuff_Gav - Great Green'Stuffing to turn the 40k Grots into Mexican style. Mexi'Grems (All but two) Judge Grem These will appear here, as well as here as part of Jaxx's Painting challenge - 2015!!!!! Right, time for this Dwarf to get some beauty sleep ... Adios for now all (Who ever reads ... if anyone) 6,244 views
  10. Don't panic Captain Mainwaring, don't panic!!! Dads Army - Classic British Comedy set in WW2 Britain Well worth a watch on YouTube.com/DavBedi Chat Room Down!! Well ... It appears in the process of Aaron and the team chasing off those Gremerins from the web-store they took up residence in the chat room. Well what were they going to expect chasing off poor little Gremerins who don't know any better if you startle them from their hidey-hole. Even though it is fun chatting to the Wyrd Regulars - And not Wyrd due to this company name - if means I could actually get some painting done ... once I have cleared my room of hobby stuffs anyway. But there will be a finished 2nd Ed. Space Marine Captain coming in my next post very soon - I shall promise you that. As he just needs a few finishing touches, and also a second opinion or two on teh power sword. As it may look totally rubbish but I am not sure. So opinions are all welcome Even if it is as blunt as "It looks crap mate!!" Bye for now all ... 6,178 views
  11. Hey Munch ... just looking for any blue on green Loving the blue high lights
  12. Gremerins are now in the chat room :P

  13. Looking forward to painting my Gremerins :) Roll on 01.06.2015

  14. Lovely work YourGit What base is it? and did you modify it at all? As love how his foot braces on teh busted floor board
  15. What is you give Perdita the upgrade "OS VEO"? Armour +2 Additional .... Gremerins will be here looking all nude'y ... and then ... all slick with shexi painting skills of my self ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right ... on a serious note, please see my list of models that I currently have to paint for this competition; Gremerins Mexi'Grems (Count as Bayou Gremerins) x5'ish Young Lacroix x3'ish War pig x2'ish Stuffed Piglets x3'ish Piglets x3'ish Ten Thunders Dawn Sepent The Guild Perdita (Will add more later, brain not wanting to work)
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