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Found 14 results

  1. Im new to the game so still learning here. Are Killjoy and The Carver legal models to use in basic games? Someone told me that they are not legal models and only used for a story mode?
  2. DemonicAngelTroll

    Base Size List

    Using Malifaux's Vassal program and own personal experience I have compiled an excel document that lists all base sizes for all the miniatures so far. Each page is its own faction and it's sorted by size then rank. Hopefully, this will help those in the future? It was kind of a personal project but I was told it might help others. Please let me know if: I'm missing a character A base size is incorrect The number of characters is incorrect There are alternates Anything that needs to be fixed really I want to make this as accurate as possible. Malifaux Models.xlsx Thanks to Amdor for corrections.
  3. Hello! So I recently began working on my own collection of gremlins that i have had for a long time. I have one painted, and am hoping to do some more painting tomorrow. I would love some constructive criticism on my work. I am aware of the green and red splotches, but rather then try to fix them on the figure I have finished, I have decided to leave it there, as a story, and a reminder of my first painting. Sentimental I know, but hey, I am the sentimental type. http://www.keithheath.com/2017/02/gremlins-and-bayou.html
  4. Baggy42

    What shall I get next?

    Morning all, hopefully everybody had nice Christmas and suitably stuffed from too much food. I am looking to expand on my guild forces but being a hideously inexperienced player I am not sure what to get so am looking for recommendations... at present I have... the torch and the blade set the guilds judgement set body of evidence set 2x guild guard 1 x governors proxy. what do people recommend I get next to fill any glaring gaps/roles in my army lists? cheers!
  5. Wyrd makes the best, most flavorful models in the game. And they do some of the most interesting stuff in terms of limited editions and alternate color ways. Curious if there's ever been a discussion about making more models like Lazarus that combine the translucent grey plastic and some decorative colored plastics for key bits? E.g. The base Lynch box would be awesome if his skeleton/Hungering Darkness was translucent purple by default. Likewise with Kareis' wings. Some figures don't lend themselves well to the translucent treatment, e.g. Perdita, but would anyone else be interested in seeing some multi-color kits that provided some flexibility for hobbyists? Traditionalists could always paint over the colored plastic and completionists could buy the fully-colored kits. If nothing else, it might be an interesting way to do the "bonus models" for the retail promotions. Instead of a fig for a random faction you get something that spruces up the kit you're buying.
  6. Hi guys, I've been getting quite hyped about the game the past few days and after doing a bunch of reading I've finally decided to order the 2-player starter set. After rewatching an unboxing video however I noticed that there didn't seem to be any bases in the box. Is it possible I have to buy 30mm bases sepperatly? If so, is it the same for the other packs? Bonus question; If I like the gameplay and manage to rope a few friends in to playing as well I intend to buy two starter crews. My first choice goes to Lilith, as I read she's good for beginners and (I hope) synergies well with the neverborn models of the starter set. I'm not so certain about the second one, though I'm leaning towards Mcmourning. He can serve as a Guild master and works well thematically with the doctor and the orderlies. Thoughts?
  7. Hey I have only played a few games of Malifaux. I'd say about six or so. Anyway, I am collecting Gremlins as I like the models and so far loving how they play. But I just want opinion on what I usually take. As I don't have a lot compared to what some my mates have. I shall list the models I have got, and then list what I usually take for a 35ss game. What I have; Ophelia's box set So'mer Teeth's box set Lenny McTavish I usually play about 35ss games with Ophelia as my hence man. Which gives me a total of 42ss to play with. So here is what I usually take. Ophelia (Henchman) Pere Rapael Francois Rami - My personal favourite mostly Warpig Bayou Gremlin Bayou Gremlin Lenny or McTavish I will say now that it probably won't be the best, and it is not kitted out to anything specific as I don't know the full ins and outs of the game yet, just so you know. So what I am after is really second opinions on what I usually take. I have heard that there are two main ways you can go with Gremlins. Which is either gun line or pig line. And so far I am loving bringing a fair number of guns to bear. Put with reckless can be nasty. So, what you lot think? And any ideas of what I could mix it up with and such, and what supporting units will be useful to me? --- EDIT --- 31/01/13 --- 13:20 GMT --- Thread title changed? *Fingers corssed* ... Damn!!!
  8. LadyDivine

    Malifaux Boxes

  9. Eyefink

    Von Shill Plastics

    Looking through the latest Wyrd Chronicles, I didn't see any mention of Von Shill's crew in the upcoming section. Does anyone have an idea when those plastics might release? He's by far the Outcast Master that holds the most appeal to me, but there's only been one Outcast box released thus far, making it hard for me to even start to throw in with them.
  10. I am new here, so I am slacking on pictures. I will update this first post ASAP. About me : Hello, I am Robbie. A painter from the east coast of the United States. While I don't own any models of my own I have been kept busy painting Malifaux miniatures for spare money. Mainly for local friends so far, but looking to expand my client base. How to get your models painted and prices : If you are looking to have work done by me feel free to send me a PM and we can work out everything through there. Tabletop Quality - $15 per model You get a model, fully painted and based with this. All main colors will be picked out and highlighted as well as some minor details to make the model visually appealing. Above Tabletop Quality - $25 per model Same as above, but with more details and smoother highlighting and shading. "Hero" standard - 45$ per model Same as above, with even more detail and better highlighting and shading. As well as dynamic bases and special effects and lighting. Note : If I believe a model will look better with special effects than not, I will put them on regardless of what quality you want for no extra cost. Another Note : I also have a bad habit of spending more time on models that are new to me and or just awesome looking sculpts. Those will usually end up looking better than planned regardless of what quality you want for no extra cost. Unless you don't want that, then you should specify before hand lol. Models I have painted : Most of the above models are my table top standard. A Kingdom Death model painted for a friend. Painted close to my "Hero" standard.
  11. So, with January's releases being posted*, and Yan Lo's box pending in February, that leaves only ten more models from Storm of Shadows to be released between March and GenCon, less once we know what else is releasing with Yan Lo in February. [I think they may have been listed on another thread somewhere.] The short list is: Guild Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps Toshiro, the Daimyo and Yin, the Penangalan, for Rezzers Ama No Zako; Freikorps Strongarm Suit; Vanessa, Treasure Hunter for Outcasts and Bert Jebsen, Gracie, and Wong, for Gremlins [Because like it or not, they're the real sixth faction Ten Thunders are the seventh.] * http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?38009-January-Releases So what surprises does Wyrd have in store for us to tide us over until GenCon? I know there was talk about fluff being published outside of the yearly book. The Through the Breach Kickstarter is going strong, but we likely won't see the end results until GenCon. Puppet Wars is getting an overhaul with new rules going along with its transition to plastics: Unstitched. Maybe we'll see older crews transition to plastics as well? Speculations?
  12. Hey everyone. I'm thinking of buying my first crew in the next day or two, but I've read in a few places (including this forum) and spoken to people who have mentioned that the Malifoux models are being converted from metal to plastic (or some maybe have been already?). So I was just wondering should I hold off and wait for new kits to be released, or is that going to be a long way off yet? I was going to buy the Seamus' Red Chapel Boxset, but if I thought that in a couple of months it would be getting re-released in plastic I would hold off, but if it is likely going to be 6+ months or more then I'd like to push ahead and purchase it and get gaming. Also, I have an instinctive dislike of working with metal due to my experiences with GW as their metal figures were often a b*tch to assemble and often required pinning, so I'm just wondering how you all feel about working with the existing metal Malifaux models and if your happy with the switchover?
  13. Hey guys, I have all the Guild's masters (box sets) except for Lucius. I'm currently making my next order which includes: 2 Guild Austringers 2 pairs of Guild Hounds 1 Executioner I read up on the Desperate Mercenaries and figured it could be a cheap way to get 2 extra Witchling Stalkers for Sonnia plus at 2 ss, it's a cheap way to get more models in play. So right now, I'm deciding whether to include the Desperate Mercenaries (both the make and female) into my order. What else should I get from the Outcasts faction? Or should I just stay pure Guild?
  14. thehairycaber

    First Crew - Kirai

    Not putting all 16 pictures up, but if you want to see all of them; they are here or on my blog. Image intensive, so stay with it. Full Crew - Kirai - Oniryo - Datsu-Ba - Seishin -