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  1. I have held back ordering updated cards for exactly this reason.
  2. I did this with Reinholdt for a certain other game; they somehow even More alien when they kinda look a little more human ..
  3. CrouchingMoose last visited this site December last year. Anyone know if he's ok, or just dropped out of the Faux?
  4. My group and I love your scheme and strategy cards; we've been using them for a long time now, so thank you (o: There's an error in the Extraction card - it should say "Victory Points At the end of each Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has two or more non-Peon models within 6" of the Informant Marker." instead, it has the victory point rules from Squatters Rights ..
  5. Kinda gave me a chuckle too =P Army Painter make the best washes on the market these days, and their paints are not half bad either. Should you stumble across some reaper master series and / or P3 you like the hue of, I doubt you'll regret grabbing it. The reaper skin triads are fantastic.
  6. I've had some mixed luck with AP sprays; for no apparent reason, the sprayed surface turned water-repellant, which is kind of a problem when trying to put water based paint on top. I've switched back to gw and vallejo sprays.
  7. Very nice and cheap setup. What's the diffusing material? Fabric?
  8. Well; Adam is definitely a great motivator, and part of making making stuff cool again. But I've been creating things for as long as I can remember.
  9. Hey guys. A while back, I saw this picture and thought 'I can do that!': And so I did - here's the result in all its glory: It's plenty large enough for up to 20 miniatures on up to 40mm bases, and it was a fun project - real leather, wood and stain, supermagnets - it closes with a really nice sound, and I'm pretty well pleased with it. I plan to laser engrave the cover when i get the opportunity; will update.
  10. I started out just like Bengt, and about the same time it seems. I've tried a bunch of different ranges, and really like mixing and matching - they seem to each do Something really well. Army Painter does really good washes. P3 does really great reds, white, black and odd colors, also it goes on very smooth and is optimized for wet blending. Just stay away from the metallics. Reaper master has the very best flesh tones, and is also optimized for wet blending. Adamantine or Blackened Steel are the best metallic shadows. Valjero has an enormous range. I like their new 'heavy' greens and greys, and use a lot of their metallics. The metal medium stuff is the ultimate metallic highlight color, and Iraqi Sand and Burnt Umber from the model range are really nice earthy browns. They make fluorescent colors which are very bright but don't cover very well - try adding a bit of white to the magenta for a screaming pink. And they have an extensive range of effects; crackles and blood and oxidation and stuff. Foundry paints have really interesting earth colors, the bone and linen triads are superb, as are some of the greens and blues. The quality is really shaky in others though; the metals are almost as bad as the p3 metals, and some of the reds are atrocious. As for the new gw range? Well, I'm pretty sure if you dry it really well, grind it up and add a bit of it to cement, it could conceivably be used to fill out potholes.
  11. That looks great! I'm looking for plans like this too. Can't speak for Coge, but I'm mostly looking for us frontier town buildings and paraphernalia - a gallows I guess, saloon, hotel, bank, general store; that sorta stuff.
  12. Flushing your DNS (google it) might help.
  13. No questions, just kudos for being up front and honest about it, and finding some way to fix it. Not all miniature companies are this good about this kind of thing.
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