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  1. Hello! :D cheers! and good chance on the Iron Painter

  2. Last thing I heard was that he has been going through a lot of life stuff. Don't be hard on him.
  3. You would. Lol Wait. I thought you painted Lenny?
  4. Wooo for having NOTHING painted... I'm working on not fun commissions. Bleh. Looks like someone might already win this. Lol
  5. I love this so much!!!! Fantastic paintjob, wonderful lighting effects, and just all around gorgeous! Also, I loooove Doctor Who. <3
  6. I think this is my favorite. By far. Excellent work on the lighting! Gorgeous work!
  7. Haha! So do a few others! I want that mini.
  8. My list! Open Spoiler Guild Lady Justice The Judge Scales of Justice Death Marshals (3) Miss Terious Outcasts Viktoria of Blood Viktoria of Ashes Student of Conflict Taelor Ronin (3) Johana Vanessa Killjoy Neverborn Mr. Tannen Mr. Graves Dreamer Lord Chompy Bits Daydreams (3) Alps (3) Coppelius Beckoner (2) Teddy Miss Ery Puppet Teddy Carver Gremlins Nightmare Whiskey Golem Gracie Piglets (3) Hog Whisperer Merris LaCroix Pigapult Bayou Gremlins (5) Skeeters (2) War Pig Som'er Teeth Jones War Wabbit Slop Hauler (2)
  9. Wow. This one makes me so emotional... You drove the theme home, for sure. Amazing work on, well, everything.
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