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  1. valhallan42nd

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    So, I should punch Stitched Togethers in the face a lot to make them reactivate batteries for shen?
  2. valhallan42nd

    Nicknames and avatars

    Oh, and my Avatar is my Seamus Avatar run though an app that essentially turns pics into comic panels.
  3. valhallan42nd

    Nicknames and avatars

    The Valhallan 42nd were a storied regiment of Valhallan Ice Warriors, noted for their bravery and zealous defense of the Emperor.* *Really, I like the Valhallans, and the 42 reference is an obvious Douglas Adams reference. There's no canon reference to the Valhallan 42nd regiment that I'm aware of.
  4. valhallan42nd

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    The Patchwork Gentry They reminded me of these.
  5. "Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!" are the words I hate most right now. #StupidHanzoMains

  6. valhallan42nd

    Friday Preview - Sharpshooter

    I think you guys are just rifling through the puns with this one.
  7. valhallan42nd

    Censorship and the Wyrd Forums

    Come to Wyrd for the miniatures, stay for the pina coladas.
  8. valhallan42nd

    Censorship and the Wyrd Forums

    Moderation is not censorship.
  9. valhallan42nd

    Is there a general survivability difference?

    Ya know, when you're not playing as often, us miss out on new alpha strike tech, like exploding fast/reckless François, and then your Yan Lo dies before he activates. It's a bit much.
  10. valhallan42nd

    Friday Preview - Horomatangi

    Ngaatoro sisters, eh? Did they seem a bit short?
  11. valhallan42nd

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Delena Aranea-hominis
  12. valhallan42nd

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Clearly, this is Spooderman.
  13. valhallan42nd

    Friday Preview - Marauder

    Oh... what a lovely day!
  14. valhallan42nd

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    It's the new legendary model, the Beast from the South East, the Poke-ie from the Okefenokee, the Kissimmee Killer, the most dreaded horror of the internet: Florida Man.
  15. valhallan42nd

    Friday Preview - Raving Madman

    Raving? I see no glowsticks.