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  1. Is this event still on? If so can I grab 3 tickets please?
  2. Hey, Just to let everyone know that I am going to be running some intro games at Heroes and Legends games in Croydon this Friday.So if you fancy learning how to play, or need a refresher PM me or a leave a comment below. I should be ready to get things going from 1500 onwards and have one demo booked for 1730.
  3. I hadn't thought of using Keiris with mei feng before, but will give it a shot in a game i have tomorrow against S'omer. I usually use fire gamin in my list for the extra bits of fire it adds to the battlefield. But fear that they may be points misplaced.
  4. Second 13th Warriors comments, had the same issue when i came up against Lady J. As much as it annoys me, Mindless Zombies do count as corpse counters, albeit a moving one. ---------- Post added at 12:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:57 AM ---------- I personally cant see anything that would prevent that being the case. I agree it does seem a little wierd.
  5. Was gonna comment on how the paint job on bete reminded me of corpse bride, but it looks like someone has already beaten me to it. Love the work on the base and how the base uses her method of spawning as the focus point. Awesome job man
  6. I would quite like some alternative casts for mindless zombies, because whilst the current ones are awesome. I'm not all that keen on doubling up. I really like the alternative casts that have been done for ressies so far. They have definatly swayed my choice on whether or not to get a flesh construct(i really dislike the original cast for this). Certainly cuts out the need for conversions often needed to add a bit of variety in certain wargames.
  7. Just seen this, couple of questions. Sorry if they have previously been asked. Do both both members of the team faction have to be the same.I.E both players having guild etc. Is there any places left for an additional team?
  8. Just got into Malifaux, and decided to run Nicodem. Like the general idea of him. Plus none of my mates are currently running resurrectionists. I have to say dude,you have saved me a lot of losing with this advice. Cheers.
  9. Bit late to the discussion,but ratty those bases look mental. Been wondering what to do with the tokens which once on the table look quite ambiguous. Those have definatly given me food for thought.
  10. i've kept the top of the base black, and have painted the side (slopey bit) of the base the colour of the suit to which they belong. I.e Green for crows.Then once that is done, gloss varnish over the top.
  11. Liked the tutorial man, tried it myself and looks pretty neat.
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