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  1. This year the rumor was the terrain was built by Mack and Justin and provided for the events, which is very different from past years. I was surprised to see the terrain as well and talk about it a bit on my blog.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone here has any questions for the Outlaw Miniatures team about WWX, but if so please shoot them over to me (or just post them here). I will be recording an interview tomorrow (Wednesday) as a follow-up to our very popular earlier interview with Romeo about the game.
  3. In response to this section of your comments. Swarms have a greater impact on the game of M2E than they did to Malifaux for a number of reasons. M2E has an overall decrease in AP due the overarching removal of "extra AP" abilities. In combination with that, the addition of scheme markers combined with the change to the distribution of schemes requiring AP dedicated to non-movement abilities makes AP more valuable in general*. This is combined with a reduction in the overall choice when it comes to schemes and strategies increasing the overall importance of AP in relation to winning the game
  4. The foil fate deck looks like one of the original faction colored decks, but the back of the card has Malifaux written in silver foil.
  5. Including book 4 there is something close to 275 models in the game with distinct rules. 128 existing models were tested in the open beta leaving slightly more than half the existing models plus whatever they want to add for Wave 2. I think the larger concern is that all the more complicated masters (Dreamer, Kirai, Colette, Hoffman, Hamelin, Collodi, Lucius, Yan Lo) are left for Wave 2 along with Levi being recycled back into the mix, lowering the "128 existing models tested" by however many of his crew are cycled back with him. The Rising Powers masters, Avatars, and Yan Lo took some of t
  6. This has been an enjoyable thread to read, especially leading up to a conversation about the current Malifaux community vs. the past Malifaux community. Thank you to everyone who is posting here! *grin* For those who are interested here are some links and quotes to ponder: Regarding Rule systems http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl108.html Regarding Names http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-protect.html As a note, I spent time on the USPTO site searching for Wyrd's trademarks, but none were able to be located. Then again, I am notoriously bad at performing searches. *grin*
  7. Just because I understand the reason a change was made does not also mean I think its a good reason for the change. I understand the reasons why most (if not all) the changes I mention in the podcast were made. I do not think most (if any) of them are good changes, and I do not like any of them and how they affect the game play. I find it very intriguing to watch the people who are fans of V2 make two arguments which seem to be contradictory to me. Malifaux V2 is a different game. Treat it like a different game and you will like it. You have to Let Go of your memories of Malifaux Classi
  8. My intent (and Spencers as we discussed it offline) for this thread was to open up any discussion that came from the podcast. If anyone is feeling unwelcome or hesistant to respond in the thread, please feel free to email either one of us (or both of us) directly. We are more than willing to discuss this offline as well. Bill @ gamerslounge.coda.net Spencer @ gamerslounge.coda.net Onto your question. I cannot speak in depth about what was and was not covered during any closed playtesting I was involved in. That testing, specific information about the models and rules, and the process
  9. I am going to try and respond to a couple points/questions/quotes from the thread: I'm not entirely clear what your asking, but let me try and decipher. If I miss your point then please PM me or repost the question in another way. If I understand your question, your asking how I would feel if Malifaux V2 were the original game released and the current update changed the rules and game to be what 1.5 is. If V2 had been the original game I would not have played it as much as I did. I would have been very unlikely to become a henchman. It would most likely have replaced the GW games I
  10. I am always up for a game of Malifaux Classic, and happy to run tournaments if there are 6+ people who want to play. *grin*
  11. I have seen the plastic stalker (which to me looks the same as a metal witchling), but were others revealed? Could you give a link?
  12. That sounds like a fun show to record.... *grin* @Halcyon your location lists Washington DC, have we ever actually met? ---------- Post added at 11:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 AM ---------- @Judgeman thats a shame. PM me at some point (if you like) and let me know where your located. I travel a fair amount and have a couple stops on the other side of the country.
  13. @Judgeman - wow, thank you. Even Spencer did not agree with all my points. *grin* Ever get out to the DC/Northern VA area? @Sleeper00 - On the 12inch deployment (close deployment) and why I think its the worst and does not work with Malifaux (Classic or V2). This comes from a combination of a number of different aspects. One of those issues is killing-ness. Having a 12 inch deployment zone means a couple things. First, there is only a 12 inch separation between the two crews if both deploy at/near the edge of the zone. This means that in Classic, where the bulk of the ranges are 10-12 i
  14. Gotcha... apparently I need more coffee today, I'm usually not this dense. (although some would argue) *grin*
  15. What do you mean by this Jonas? My brain slowed down and I don't understand what your trying to say? :Paralyzed_Puppet:
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