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  1. Yeh used a scavenger last time as it s weird device can hand out fast and provide a little card cycle. May try a student and a prospector and drop to 2 stones instead of a scavenger and 6 stones
  2. Am I correct in thinking....when I bury an enemy model why would I choose with Aonis to give it fast? I'm pretty sure when they activate the buried model I unbury it and it retains fast as Aonis cant spend a pass token to pass for it as the model has already begun its activation? And Aonis can ignore range and los targeting buried models the wording states " when a model activates in Aonis line of sight" which is not the same thing? Ie, beyond time doesn't work because buffering isnt an action it's an ability? And how do people use Aonis? Because other than investing 2 stones into servant of the dark powers his ability to drop in buried models is fine for a 7 but you NEED those pass tokens on the trigger to make landing fast elsewhere even worth it. Most games he is the furthest back in my crew am I activating wrong? Is it better to bury Aonis, get tara to land fast on an activated model, unbury Aonis, activate aonis to unbury a nothing beast and a void hunter, and go nuts?
  3. On the look out for help/ advice. Is it worth running 2 bokors? Can't help but feel 1 is enough and even with glowy that 9 is still restrictive for obey in the crew. Sparks.... like him for bombs in ya belly. But other than that I use no constructs, he just hangs around giving out his upgrade and at 9 stones... not much else. Is alphonse a better take at 9 and ditch sparks? My current list tends to be Wong Olivia Taxidermist with complex Taxidermist with complex Sparks Borkor Borkor Pigapult 2 stones Thanks in advance
  4. Ah god dammit how did I miss that when i know i can read!! Thanks all!!
  5. It says clearly that slow and fast cancel each other. Does this mean sloth can use his bonus action to give a friendly model slow and heal 3, then use riger mortis to give them fast cancelling out slow ( but not removing either) then use it again to give them fast? Or I'm thinking as both fast and slow dont end until the end of the models activation the stacking of fast does nothing... correct?
  6. I'm using alfred Pennyworth from knight models aka the batman minatures game
  7. Just to echo everyone else I take.. Hinamansu Arcane effigy ( for condition removal) and effigy upgrade Mysterious effigy ( because its free) Widow weaver Vasalisa 2 stitched together Duet 4 stones, mostly for the mask to summon, usually a 3rd stitched or wicked dolls.
  8. I play a list that is a bit of everything Hoffman Attendant Coryphee duet Howard Langston Peacekeepers 2 watchers Arcane effigy with effigy upgrade. I appreciate this is clearly a guild crew question but I would still take the brutal effigy with the upgrade for the late game terror factor, the duet can be swapped out easily for ryle. So as you can see there are similarities in peoples builds which is great as it shows the design for the keyword and the synergies are working
  9. Play this quite regularly Lucius Scribe Jury 2 death marshal recruiters Doppelganger Agent 46 Brutal effigy. Basically mimic the box attack to use stat 6/7 vs size to force burying a model and order the recruiters to attack the buried models. The jury does damage on activation and has an obey that she can use to get more from the recruiters.
  10. My list is generally Hoffman Mech attendant Duet Peacekeeper Howard 2 watchers Mobile tool kit Arcane effigy The harsh reality is that armour 2 is too strong, when damage track across the board are weaker even on min 3 you only take 1 wound. The crew has healing in spades thanks to Hoffman and the tool kit. There just isnt enough anti armour out there
  11. Augmented are really strong even investing 13 stones into a duet to give it fast is amazing
  12. My list is the same I just have a second executioner instead of the mounted guard, and use the guild steward to chuck out some focus and heal
  13. Ok. This thread was highlighting some great points but if it's going to turn into i will use my obey,zoriada,stat 7 etc etc we may as well be putting the same sentence in every other factions part of the forum. Is guild as a faction in a bad place?.... no, are some masters not as strong as we perceive they should be? Definitely, but comparing one models potential bad points with another models most positive points is not much use to determine if the changes are making a model better or worse.
  14. Yeh there is literally no issue as far as illuminated are concerned they have 3 brilliance in a 5 turn game. You won't get one before turn 2 so it's hardly an issue I think. Worst case lure it with a beckoner or obey with hu gering darkness while its engaged and top up its brilliance or use lynch.
  15. Kevinsmith101


    Ignore me. I didn't look at the ability as continuously triggering on each instance of cheating! Yes I agree damage will infact stack
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