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  1. My list is generally Hoffman Mech attendant Duet Peacekeeper Howard 2 watchers Mobile tool kit Arcane effigy The harsh reality is that armour 2 is too strong, when damage track across the board are weaker even on min 3 you only take 1 wound. The crew has healing in spades thanks to Hoffman and the tool kit. There just isnt enough anti armour out there
  2. Augmented are really strong even investing 13 stones into a duet to give it fast is amazing
  3. My list is the same I just have a second executioner instead of the mounted guard, and use the guild steward to chuck out some focus and heal
  4. Ok. This thread was highlighting some great points but if it's going to turn into i will use my obey,zoriada,stat 7 etc etc we may as well be putting the same sentence in every other factions part of the forum. Is guild as a faction in a bad place?.... no, are some masters not as strong as we perceive they should be? Definitely, but comparing one models potential bad points with another models most positive points is not much use to determine if the changes are making a model better or worse.
  5. Yeh there is literally no issue as far as illuminated are concerned they have 3 brilliance in a 5 turn game. You won't get one before turn 2 so it's hardly an issue I think. Worst case lure it with a beckoner or obey with hu gering darkness while its engaged and top up its brilliance or use lynch.
  6. Kevinsmith101


    Ignore me. I didn't look at the ability as continuously triggering on each instance of cheating! Yes I agree damage will infact stack
  7. Kevinsmith101


    It says they take the 1 damage at the end of the action if they cheat not each time they cheat. A terrifying check isnt an action, if a model within 6" attacks and cheats any of the flips it takes 1 damage and gains 1 brilliance.
  8. Kevinsmith101


    Yeh I see it as after the action has resolved if they cheated they take 1 damage. So if you declare and attack action against a terrifying model if you cheat any of the terrifying test, attack flip or damage flip, you take 1 damage. Doesn't matter how many you cheat it's still 1 damage
  9. If I'm wrong. I would look at the rules replace effects point 2. if the action that causes the replace also heals it heals the new model. Net result is the same I think. Instead of eating a corpse,healing, getting my 2nd grow counter and discarding 2 grow counters to replace into a new model. I'm removing the corpse marker. Gain a 2nd grow counter. Discarding the 2 grow counters and replacing and as grim feast resolves then healing
  10. Oh I get it! No I'm saying if you eat the corpse you heal 1/2/4. Then you check to see if you have removed the corpse and now can gain your grow token. Then you replace.
  11. I'm lost solkan which effect? I'm saying if I kill a model more expensive than me. I get a grow token, it then becomes a corpse and I use the bonus action to heal and get my 2nd grow token,then I replace? Is that not correct?
  12. As a stand alone master in neverborn I find he is basically the same as my guild crew the only thing I change is my beater. Which may sound strange but I always have the same core list.. Lucius Scribe Investigator Lawyer Agent 46 Doppelganger Then in guild add 2 witching thralls and have 2 stones. In neverborn I add a mature nephalim, false witness and a changling and go with zero stones. What's silly is the neverborn lucius has actually got more guild models in it! To me it's a good sign as as far as game development goes the thematic crew and keyword is so tight you are only going to pick the odd one out of keyword hire and it that which decides your faction
  13. Yeh I also read it as you eat corpse, heal, gain grow token,discard tokens to turn into new model. If you killed a model more expensive than you, gain a grow token, eat their corpse, heal,get 2nd grow token, replace. If they are a less expensive model you just eat the corpse for 1 grow token and unless you previously had a grow token from something else will need to eat another corpse and wont be able to grow until next turn ( unless a mature or nekima uses meat for the young or whatever the trigger is called)
  14. I said this a while back.. he hits you knowing you cant cheat and as a henchman can stone for the execute trigger. Its strong, and with extra attacks when even low crows are a massive danger for the opposing model possibly too strong.... but.... he is basically the beater in his keyword. He isn't a mature nephalim or witching thrall, thralls have an evil damage track and with matures your opponent cant cheat the attack flip and it flies, and has a good damage track, and in both cases are minion 2!!!! The key weakness I find is.. there is very little healing, practically zero so when you do lock him down he is in serious trouble
  15. Hmm think I confused myself thinking there was a difference between controlling a model to do actions and controlling an action that's been declared but you then control... if that makes sense!?
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