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  1. Neverborn All Stars (models you will find handy regardless of which master you are playing): Doppleganger, Mr. Graves, Nekima, Johan (not NB but super useful), Primordial Magic For Collodi Specifically: Freikorp Trapper, Changelings, Lazarus, Rougarou, Beckoner, and any other strong Minion you like
  2. In other weirdness: there was a round of Neverborn vs. Neverborn and not a Doppleganger in sight!
  3. I'm the OP of one of those threads. I've paid attention to most of the times it has come up and the answer that my local Henches go with is that the Wisp is still the originator of the condition even if it "filtered" through the doll. So in most of my games we end up playing it as if both the doll and the Hemmed model must walk towards the Wisp. I am also eagerly awaiting an official FAQ on the subject, but just wanted to toss my two cents in.
  4. You aren't going to see the same damage output from a Knight as an Illuminated, but they scheme better, have pulls, hand out slow with engagement. It's a trade off.
  5. Empty Night on Dreamer. Allows him to target a minion or nightmare and on a specific trigger pushes the model and allows it to make a (1) Ml action. Claw has an 8" gun that operates off of the Ml stat, so Dreamer can push claw and then allow claw to chuck a spear for 1 ap.
  6. Aren't both the Black Blood and the Sprout Tot/Mature/Grow abilities?
  7. Same here. Lynch loves gupps, and Huggy is a good front line Obey-er to set off your Juveniles Wail kill chain. Ultimately too many moving pieces to be competitive, but fun to play and insane damage output if the Rube Goldberg aspect goes off
  8. The real question is what happens when the wisp attempts to lure the doll. Not sure we've gotten a real answer on that yet
  9. When I first used them I loved Claw and disliked Tooth. Now, with Titania opposite is true. If I take 2 claw stays behind. Lucius and Dreamer both like Claw the most of the three however.
  10. Impossible/hard to Wound, Hard to Kill, Regen, Incorporeal, Armor, Black Blood, Curse of Autumn, Aionus' reverse incorporeal, WW's inhale terror to draw cards, Flight, Reckless, Martyr, Finish the Job (in a pinch), Misery (most obv.), Fresh Meat from Rougarou, Ruthless to ignore WP duels, think Candys auras can be copied, sure I missed a few
  11. It's important to note as well that Tangle Shadows is Ca5. Don't over rely on it, because it's too resource intensive to spam (requiring both a suit and a 9+ just to succeed). i use it frequently, but it's a scalpel not a hammer. Save a good high mask or RJ from your obscene starting hand, wait as long as possible and try and drain high cards before you attempt to tangle. If they are wp6+ and your opponent knows what Tangle does they will blow that high card to stop you. Tangle your own units where possible so you can relent and hopefully mitigate resources needed.
  12. As to more general advice I always run Beckon Malifaux and Wings of Darkness. If you have hand advantage she's hard to kill. Learning where to place your trees from Beckon Malifaux is an art form and the better you get the more you will understand, her trees make her a nightmare for LoS reliant opponents. It works with any beater unit, but I encourage you to try the Nekima slingshot. Run something fast upfield, or wait for an enemy to overextend, then Tangle that unit with an unactivated Nekima. Now their activated unit is next to Lilith and they have to deal with a late turn Nekima charge. Used this yesterday and got a turn 1 dead Mech Rider for my troubles. Between smart placement and her forests she shouldn't be getting many attacks she doesn't choose to take. Remember to use her Disapear trigger and Stanford the mask if you have a high card, stone to prevent went needed. Make sure to cozy your Nephilim up to the enemy for black blood. i rarely take living blade or Wicked Mistress. When I do it's because I'm trying out a pounce list. Living blade gives a 3" engagement and +flips on attack, but I rarely find that worth it without purpose. Never, EVER let Lilith stand next to a Stitched.... Bad memories
  13. And don't forget that the secondary place effect still happens even when she sends herself. So after Lilith places next to the target the target will then be placed next to Lilith. If your target is an enemy you could use this to place an enemy outside of a scoring zone, inside your scoring zone, into a charge lane for your beaters, etc. If your target is a friendly you can use this to set up a charge, place your unit that extra inch to score/disengage, move your unit out of LoS or around a corner. In in the right situation it's amazing the impact that inch can have.
  14. But Dopple can have Ret's Eye and mimic Nekima's blade... I've been putting Malifaux Provides on McTavish in my Queen's Champion crew.
  15. Titania lost Detonate the Charges and got Hidden Trap instead, which is a downgrade. That being said, huge bonus in that Titania got a suited scheme that she's perfect for "Dig Their Graves".
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