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  1. A few random things: I usually run mechanized porkchop. Then i use akaname to drop scrap markers for the porkchop to railwalk to. It makes the porkchop insanely mobile and versatile in strats/schemes where you really need to get to certain places fast (and then back). Rami LaCroix often makes my lists, since both tanuki and wesley can give him focused. That extra ranged threat makes a big difference. It sort of forces you opponent to get into your bubble. I always charge my own models with Have a drink so you can get the movement plus the poison.
  2. I'd drop the coffee on both models. Hire a slop hauler instead of Bokor. Add a second silurid. I don't think a bokor will be able to keep up even with coffee. The extra silurid will be able to scheme since one silurid will have to follow the war pig to create an obey vector for Zoraida. To get the most out of the war pig it should probably run on a flank and hunt down cost 8 models or lower. It should stay clear of the bigger beaters or it will die.
  3. Wouldn't use any demise abilities against ressers. Theres also Datsue Ba.
  4. The porkchop is awesome when using some other masters (like Brewie or Zipp). Not sure what he brings in a Ulix crew. But yeah hes just straight up a good model. McTavish looks pretty cool on paper, but he lacks any defensive tech so he usually dies early. He does however get free markers for his Gator snack ability both from killed pigs and the porkchop in the list, and some ranged support in a melee crew is probably a good thing. If only he got to take ranged shots from gator snack like he used to in M2E. I hope they change it back. I'd say drop the upgrades and add some piglets or something to summon piglets. You will also need a War pig. If you dont have those 3 key pieces you won't be able to use Ulix main game mechanism and he kinda does nothing.
  5. soda_popinski


    Cool. I've never thought of them as card draw models. I've always used them for the pulse heal in a Wong crew or for the obey.
  6. soda_popinski


    Why a Bokor? Haven't even considered a Bokor in a Ulix list. To answer the question. A Hog Whisperer could get you a high card back, so growing 2 piglets into wild boars is totally doable, but i wouldn't depend on it.
  7. You should get Gracie. She works great in any Bayou crew if you want to expand in the future.
  8. I wouldn't put him on the table unless at minimum 2 out of 5 schemes are scheme marker related. He really needs to do something after the first initial shenanigans to justify 9SS. Note that even if he doesn't seem to have much impact on the game, just the sheer existence of him on the table might have forced your opponent into choosing schemes that they wouldn't have otherwise.
  9. Why an enemy scheme marker? Does the "type" of marker include its owner (friendly/enemy). Since Wong is putting it down it should be friendly? Any rules reference?
  10. If I remove an enemy scheme marker and hit the trigger. Do i get to drop a friendly scheme marker in addition to the one i removed?
  11. Hey! Anyone have tips for an online tool i can use while running a league? Tracking points, adding player names and so on? thanks!
  12. How would you use Sammy LaCroix in a Kin crew? Seems like now her card mainly interacts with the Wizz-Bang keyword:
  13. Haven't played with or against Brewie, but i think a lot of people undervalue the level of counterplay needed in M3E. This thread lists all the condition removal by faction. You should probably try to include at least 2 of them.
  14. Anyone ever used the pit traps effectively? I struggle to even see a point in putting them out 1" from my models. I'm way more likely to fall into the myself? Am i missing something here? - Mah/Lass can shout at people to walk into them - Trixie can lure people into them - I guess Bushwhackers can start boxing themselves in with pit traps so they can just stay in one spot and shoot. Pit traps can just act as a deterrent.
  15. Rami - Armor piercing at long range is awesome and worth it against some crews. Swine cursed - tried one i Ophelia and it worked out pretty well. She can ping them for 1 damage by discarding an upgrade or the young lacroix can use their crap-attack on them. Mancha - If you know your opponent will be placing markers hes probably worth it. Silurids - If you need to get to the far end of the board or way out on a flank for corner deployment power ritual and that sort of stuff. Probably worth 7ss.
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