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  1. You should get Gracie. She works great in any Bayou crew if you want to expand in the future.
  2. I wouldn't put him on the table unless at minimum 2 out of 5 schemes are scheme marker related. He really needs to do something after the first initial shenanigans to justify 9SS. Note that even if he doesn't seem to have much impact on the game, just the sheer existence of him on the table might have forced your opponent into choosing schemes that they wouldn't have otherwise.
  3. Why an enemy scheme marker? Does the "type" of marker include its owner (friendly/enemy). Since Wong is putting it down it should be friendly? Any rules reference?
  4. If I remove an enemy scheme marker and hit the trigger. Do i get to drop a friendly scheme marker in addition to the one i removed?
  5. Hey! Anyone have tips for an online tool i can use while running a league? Tracking points, adding player names and so on? thanks!
  6. How would you use Sammy LaCroix in a Kin crew? Seems like now her card mainly interacts with the Wizz-Bang keyword:
  7. Haven't played with or against Brewie, but i think a lot of people undervalue the level of counterplay needed in M3E. This thread lists all the condition removal by faction. You should probably try to include at least 2 of them.
  8. Anyone ever used the pit traps effectively? I struggle to even see a point in putting them out 1" from my models. I'm way more likely to fall into the myself? Am i missing something here? - Mah/Lass can shout at people to walk into them - Trixie can lure people into them - I guess Bushwhackers can start boxing themselves in with pit traps so they can just stay in one spot and shoot. Pit traps can just act as a deterrent.
  9. Rami - Armor piercing at long range is awesome and worth it against some crews. Swine cursed - tried one i Ophelia and it worked out pretty well. She can ping them for 1 damage by discarding an upgrade or the young lacroix can use their crap-attack on them. Mancha - If you know your opponent will be placing markers hes probably worth it. Silurids - If you need to get to the far end of the board or way out on a flank for corner deployment power ritual and that sort of stuff. Probably worth 7ss.
  10. Haven't played that many games with Wong, so i haven't really experienced his full potential. How many glowy tokens would you get on each stuffed piglet? Unpassable would mean that you have 6 tokens on each, making the TN 19 (for a model with Mv5)? How would you get that many tokens on them? I guess you're taking the shot in turn 2? That's a lot of setup for 2 shots that might only hit a single model each. What's to stop the opponent from moving their figures 5" away from each other? Not to mention taking models with blast resistant, Models with a high Mv stat. Your opponent knows hes facing Wong when building his crew.
  11. soda_popinski

    Test Subjects

    I think maybe they need to be more focused on a specific task. Probably enhance their armor piercing focus. Maybe they need to be more offence and less survivable. The survivability slot is already occupied by ehm Survivors. The card draw is nice though. Maybe if it could be triggered through Horrible hollerin and lure?
  12. So, i had missed the change to the Young LaCroix. She does indeed have movement tricks.
  13. Also, Is Trixiebelle worth her cost?
  14. Trying out different crews for Ophelia. What out of keyword models would you consider? Haven't really been able to find that many options with her. This is what i have so far: - I feel like she lacks movement tricks, so i'd probably use Gracie. - She can take advantage of Wongs "Hard knock life" ability. She can ditch one of her upgrades (or shoot with a young lacroix) to ping a model for fast and a glowy token. Probably Burt or a swine cursed would be my. (Another movement trick with the swine cursed, and getting a free piglet when it dies helps with schemes) - Trixiebelle could be useful to lure opponents out of cover. Also getting initiative is always nice. She generally seems a bit lackluster though, even at 7ss. Any ideas?
  15. Mah has some great stuff on her card. Most notably: - Focus for everyone in a 3" pulse. Insanely good and well worth spending a soulstone for. Maybe even do it multiple times turn 1. The focus stays on until over turns. Some models will still have focus come turn 3. - 2 extra pass tokens. You thought activation control wasn't a thing anymore. Mah can still do it. Helps with a LOT of schemes. - Her attack. She does probably need to hire out of her keyword: - Gracie can carry mah forward if she spends her turn activation giving out focus. - Emmissary since she lacks a secondary big beater (besides herself) Not too sure about the pit trap strategy. Haven't really tried it. Seems like you need a better way to actually actively push models into the traps besides hollering at them. Open for suggestions.
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