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  1. Hi! The Obey action states that it cannot target the same model twice in the same activation. However, let say Zoraida has obeyed model A once. Can she then obey model B, which also has Obey, to obey model A? The wording is "This action cannot obey the same model more than once per activation". Does this mean the Obey action in general, or specifically Zoraidas obey action? Peace!
  2. Is this sentence not saying the opposite of what was intended? It says the upgrade prevents you from placing scheme markers near non-peons and non-insignificant friendly models. Thus, you can only place markers near peons and insignificant models
  3. My first and only Malifaux love is Zoraida, and if you want to go down the road of learning + filth I think shes a great choies. Here core models includes waldgeist and Will o the wisp so those boxes are good to pick up. The waldgeist can place right outside the oponents deployment zone and are very tanky, so they will give you a lot of breathing room to play your own game Zoraida will also force you to ask questions and figure out what ur openents models does since she is an obey master. While it might be tough to remember in the beginning it will help you build up a great knowledge cache
  4. Is it advertised at all? ^^ I've been a frequent clicker of the website, never seen it I heard about it via a friend who plays competitavely. To me it comes across as a random third party website. I went there just now and the Rotten bell card still shows with 8 wounds, Rooster rider has reckless. Wouldnt risk buying those. Personally I would love to have official Wyrd-cards in the LGS and a sticker on boxes with new cards. Like with any other game it shouldnt require an effort before spending money on it, nor should it require buying add ons to models coming straight off the shelves The effort is spent making the money
  5. On the errata issue, I think its great that they work to balance the game, but I cant see why there arent any updated cards to buy efter each errata. It feels a bit off that you need to find a subcatagory on the website in order to play with the correct rules
  6. Why would it get pushed ex 5" rather then 10" tho, when 5" is within 6 and 10" isnt? Would it not get pushed to a legal point, rather then the closet legal pont where the legal point would be 10" due to it being further than 6"
  7. I get the argument, but the ability does not say that it is a 6" push, it says Push until no longer within 6". Had it been a 6" push its clear that they would stop, but the wording "no longer within 6" does not have any range limitations
  8. Hi! I'd like to get it into the clear what happens when Zoraida uses her tactical action "Repulsive" on an incorporeal model. Repulsive pushes models "until they are no longer within 6" of Zoraida". Within (for example) 3" there is a piece of impassable terrain which the incorporeal model gets pushed into. Will the incorporeal model continue to travel through that terrain until no longer within 6" of Zoraida and not inside the impasseble terrain? This would mean that it could get pushed 10" if there is a big terrain piece there etc Since the rule on Repulsive only states "until no longer within 6" I cant see how they would be able to stop in front of the terrain rather than get pushed X distance
  9. A scenario came up today where Zoraida summoned the Voodoo doll onto hazardous terrain. The rules state that you take damage when you are placed onto hazardous terrain, but when the doll is summoned it has an ability which says "When summoned, immediately take the Hem action" Question is, what happens first? Does the doll first take the Hem action due to the word "immediately"? Or does it take damage first since it has to already be placed on the terrain in order to cast Hem?
  10. Stitched together might be an option, their "rotten contents" deals 2 dmg with 2" reach as a "defence" trigger, they can do serious damage and gets soft cover with their (0) which may drain some cards, plus it reactivates if it goes down to Hard to kill. Not something you want up in your face and still annoying to deal with
  11. Will o the Wisps CA action "Wisps call" gives out a condition called "Whispers in the night" which makes its so the target model is only able to walk towards the model who applied the condition Whispers in the night. The Voodoo doll can give models the condition "Sewn fate" which makes it so that all conditions the voodoo doll recieves is also applied to the model with Sewn fate. But what happens if a Wisp puts Whispers in the night on the Voodoo doll? The condition would be applied to the model with Sewn fate on them, but its not applied by the Wisp or the doll but by the condition Sewn fate itself. Does this mean that while it gets Wispers in the night there is no model applying, thus it cant walk at all? Or can it walk whereever it wants? Please enlighten me ^^ Cheers//Mattias
  12. Thanks for the reply! Good to know for the future I do have a couple of Wisp proxys since I didnt realize the wisps was only a black friday thing and thought they' come to my local shop like a month ago.. ^^ But I will get them for sure. Don't think I'd run Spawn Mother without them even though I really like the "lay lots of eggs to get shitty gupps" strategy I actually have more question regarding the order of things, and Gupps The Gupps have an ability which states that "If this model is killed or sacrificed by an enemy model before the end of the turn, friendly swampfiend models within (6) immediately gets +2 to their MI until the end of the turn If Juju is burried and unburrows due to the Gupps dying, will he get +2 damage? If 2 Gupps is close to something with ex black blood - One Gupps kills the enemy with its trigger to summons a Silurid and then sacriice itself, the other Gupps dies from black blood. Will the Silurid then get +2 dmg? Edit: Or if two gupps die to a blast - o you kill one, unburrow Juju and kill the other and he gets +dmg? So many maybes, so little knowledge..
  13. Hi! I have been experimenting with the Spawn Mother and a questions came up: Spawn Mother has a rule called Hatchlings which states that "when this model is killed or sacrificed, summon a gupps model into base contact with each friendly egg marker, then discard the egg markers." The question is in which order the dying and the spawning happens. If the only place available to place the gupps is the spot where the Spawn Mother was standing when she got killed, do you then remove her first, and then place the Gupps? Or do you place the Gupps first (which you cant due to no room) and then remove the Spawn Mother? Cheers
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