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  1. Hello everyone, Newly promoted Henchman, I'm offering demos in Marseille. Where : Tableraze Equinoxe, 89 rue Perrin Solliers Marseille When : Friday nights and weekends. Please contact me beforehand so I can book a table. Latest update : September 2018
  2. Hello everyone, We are launching our second Malifaux M2E event at Tableraze Marseille. Date : 16/09/2018 Place : Tableraze Marseille 89, rue Perrin Sollier 13006 Marseille Tel : (+33)4 91 48 71 23 M2E GG2018, no painting requirement, 3 rounds, 12 slots, entry 5€ 50ss, single faction for the day, below are the strats / schemes : You can find out more by asking (don't hesitate^^) or Here on facebook.
  3. Is was expected, one was near unstoppable once launched and the other too good at everything. I like that the mechanics stayed the same.
  4. Some cheap(er? - journalists were already cheap) disguised guild woe for my Pandora ?
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