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  1. this is a pretty good sub i feel http://www.thecombatcompany.com/GCT-Studios-Bushido-Cult-of-Yurei-Kairai-blister-pack
  2. Updated the schemes and strats! Looking forward to the fresh faces! If you have any questions or need to borrow anything hit me up.
  3. Its a massive troll because in the blurb of information about the gremlins in the new box it said the word "induction" ie sebastian's aura. then they made it alcohol poisoning. Rip brewmaster poison dream
  4. When: Saturday 29th September Cost: $30 early bird special (before 16/9) $40 afterwards. Sign up at http://www.motherofallbattles.org/ Rounds: 3 rounds. Soulstones: All games are at 50ss Masters/Lists: It will be a fix faction event. Painting: There is no painting requirement, however, painted crews look better!! And there will also be a prize for best painted with enough numbers. Prizes: There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If we have enough entries painting and sportsmanship as well. Time: Each round will be 2hrs. Schemes and Strategies: Game 1 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded treasure, Dig their graves, Undercover entourage, Take prisoner, Recover evidence Game 2 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate the leadership, Covert breakthrough, Hold up their forces, Show of force, Public demonstration. Game 3 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Symbols of Authority Schemes: Punish the weak, Dig their graves, Hold up their forces, Show of force, Take one for the team Timetable: 8:30am Registration 9am - 11am Game 1 11:15am - 1:15pm Game 2 1:15pm - 2pm Lunch 2pm - 4pm Game 3 4pm- 415pm Pack up and Awards
  5. I've been informed that entries will be closing soon for all tournaments. So if you are looking at attending this event you need to get in ASAP. Please let me know if you're thinking of coming but cant sign up soon due to any reason.
  6. When: Saturday 30th September Rounds: 3 Rounds. Soulstones: All games are at 50ss Price: $25 or $35 after september 17th Lists: Each day players will choose from one of three lists they have submitted to the TO at least one week before the event. Before selecting the list to use in the game you will be able to see your opponents submitted lists, the board and the schemes and strategies for the round. Email to dave.arrebola@gmail.com Scoring: Games will be scored out of 12vp rather than 10vp, with 2vp being award at the start of the game to crews that are fully painted. Painting: To qualify for the 2vp your models must be painted with a minimum of 3 colours and based. Unpainted crews are fine to play with you just don’t qualify for the extra 2vp from being fully painted (obviously). Prizes: There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If we have enough entries painting and sportsmanship as well. Time: Each round will be 1hr 50mins. Timetable: 8:30am Registration 9am – 10:50am Game 1 11am – 12:50pm Game 2 12:50pm – 2pm Lunch 2pm – 3:50pm Game 3 3:50pm-4pm Pack up and Awards Strats and Schemes Game 1: Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Claim jump, frame for murder, accusation!, hidden trap, search the ruins Deployment: Flank Game 2: Strategy: Interference Schemes: Claim jump, dig their graves, leave your mark, show of force, hidden trap Deployment: Standard Game 3: Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Claim Jump, eliminate the leadership, leave your mark, hunting party, mark for death Deployment: Corner Sign up at: http://www.sutherlandshiregamers.org/MOAB-Events/tournaments/
  7. Liquid bravery is good vs neverborn whether you use teh (0) or not. The negative to attack your master on most of the neverborn masters abilities is easily worth the 1ss
  8. Surprised to not see any mention of ulix with the lenny cuddles, he was basically auto include in my ulix crew because all ulix's triggers and casts require the ram (offensive anyway, shot in the rear, feeding frenzy, feeding time) and obviously the damage reduction when summoning a warpig is still a thing, but i suppose the bright side is i have 10 ss to play with now in my ulix crew or i can still take him as a minor summoner, although unlikely. Overall big fan of the n3rfs, roosters were too good. I don't think lenny was the right model to n3rf but keen to see what changes it brings to crews. Hopefully next we see a change to some of the underperforming avoided gremlins such as bushwackers, moonshinobi, survivors etc
  9. Where: Good Games Miranda (south sydney) Format: Fixed Faction, 50 soul stone crews, gaining grounds 2016 schemes and strats Entry: $20 Time: 10am rego, 10:30 start, rough time to finish 5pm Prizes Guilderss!! There will also be additional prizes thrown in with numbers. 1st, 2nd 3rd and best painted. Painted crews are expected but not necessary. Also Good Games Miranda is trying to increase the number of people at tournaments and have added this: We here at Good Games Miranda really want to reward our tournament-going sMalifaux players. To do this we've decided that every time you enter into a Malifaux tournament that we are running that you will receive a one-use only coupon for 15% off a purchase of any quantity (but the store out of malifaux!). Every single Malifaux event will have this in addition to all of our usual prizes!
  10. mostly active through the facebook communities, where are you located?
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to be running a slow grow at Good Games Miranda, it'll be 3 meet ups and at the end we'll have a single master tourney to finish it all off. Cost: $20 there will be prizes from store credit When: 25th Oct 7pm (2nd and 3rd meet ups will be 2 weeks after the previous) Prizes: There will be prizes for achievements, painting scores as well as winners of games. The first meet up will be 25ss henchman led crews, then 35ss master or henchman led, then finally a 50ss master led crew. If you want to sign up just post a picture of your unpainted crew in this thread and a few progress pics to get the hype going and turn up with your $20 and get gaming! Any questions fire away.
  12. Hey Guys and Gals, Less than 2 weeks until MOAB and the malifaux tourneys im running there. We have a tourney running on the Saturday and the Sunday (1st and 2nd). Day One is using strat and schemes from the first book, great for beginners who haven't had experience with the new gaining grounds rules, or just for vintage players who prefer the originals. Day Two is Gaining Grounds 2016, with the new schemes and strats, if you're a new player don't be put off, new players welcome and encouraged to both days, the malifaux community is the best I've had the privilege of being involved in wargamming yet, and always welcoming new players to it's ranks. If you're worried that you wont be able to experience the MOAB convention, well worry not! As we have breaks inbetween each game so you can do both! All information can be found here: http://www.sutherlandshiregamers.org/MOAB-Events/malifaux/ Any questions fire away, hope to see you guys there!
  13. Second warpig for sure mate, there will be some times when you still have a war pig alive and you'll want to active ulix early and get a 2nd one so you can start to snowball not having the option may hurt in some cases. Go the 2nd one!
  14. For me wong got the biggest boost out of it! That new Do Over upgrade means he effectively has 4 ap a turn now (thank you stuffed piglets), iron skeeters can carry a glowy burt up field 13 inches and make him fast ready to kill anything. Banjo guys may be awesome in somer as all the triggers are on masks so remains to be seen, extra movement always a bonus! Will o wisps i think are exactly what gremraida needed to be considered as well, I never seemed to have the ap to summon a doll as a grem with her.
  15. Who do people think got the biggest helping hand? And why?
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