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  1. Thanks all. Seems unfortunate I just seemed to start with one of the worst boxes. lol. Onwards and upwards!
  2. I don't think you understand the comparison with PP jacks (old ones). They never fit together properly and quite often had really bad gaps in the joins - much like this bayou boss.
  3. I'm okay with harder-to-assemble minis, it's just that some of the decisions taken on the moulds make absolutely no sense, making it far more difficult than it needs to be. Guild ball metal miniatures were some of the most dynamic I'd seen, and they didn't take me hours to put together one model. That said, I'm very happy to hear I'm starting with the worst. lol. Only uphill from here!
  4. I'm having the most problem with the face, it doesn't even fit together. Belt was a pain also, but the face is a whole new level of wtf. This is as bad as the metal jacks from Privateer Press.
  5. lol I'm going through this pain right now. I cannot for the life of me wonder why anyone in QA (if there was such a thing) actually approved such an assembly process. This box has put me off the game 3x now (I've had the bayou boss box for about 18 months). I really want to play, and i really want to play gremlins, but I quit before I'm finished each time. It's ridiculous.
  6. I take it back. The Bayou Boss himself is now the worst miniature I've ever had to assemble, in 20 years of gaming. And that's after the metal crap that was Privateer Press' jacks. I honestly can't believe how bad some of these pieces are... Aren't they meant to be some new modern technology that they started using for these minis? Blows my mind.
  7. You could be right. I have the Bayou boss box, along with a few other characters. I started on the gremlins. All of these chars are 9+ pieces, I think the boss is like 15? Lenny was probably the easiest so far, but even he had arms that didn't quite connect properly. I've had that issue with almost all the models so far, but the little gremlins by far were the most infurating. Not looking forward to the Skeeters.
  8. Good advice, but doesn't resolve the issue that the assembly of Wyrd miniatures is absolutely, god-hatingly horrible. 9 pieces on a gremlin for a miniature that is no bigger than 1.5" tall is absolutely ludicrous. The software they're using to break the miniatures up into these tiny pieces is horrendously flawed.
  9. I want to voice my opinion here as this is now the 3rd time I have stopped from continuing any further. Either the models were designed for people with tiny fingers, or Wyrd are a bunch of sadistic assholes. I really, really, really want to play Malifaux. I've bought about 5 boxes of miniatures, starting with gremlins (so, so, so much character). Every single time I make just one miniature, I end with frustration and not going any further. I've built 3 miniatures. In 6 months. For the love of god, please resolve these assembly issues. I'm a miniature painter and gamer of over 20 years and even early GW wasn't this bad. I'd much rather superglue and pin metal miniatures than have to put together another god damn gremlin. Please, Wyrd overlords - hear my prayers!!!!
  10. Having a real hard time finding anyone to play games with - have asked around, checked the wargamer au forums (which seems to be just about dead as far as malifaux is concerned). Am wanting to start playing but am finding the lack of players disappointing.
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