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  1. My supplier recently seems to have some in their upcoming order, so I imagine it'll be in the next couple of weeks for whereever you are too.
  2. Getting away from the "Hungering Darkness pity party" - I do think that Incorp is fine but sometimes models are overcosted to "pay" for it. Sorrows being chief among them - with their super low df and wp combined with the low wounds and incorp, they die to a wet fart. (I'm aware that Martyr is a thing - but I think they should at very least have as many wounds as they cost in points) Insidious I feel like you're paying for a) the ability to summon them easily with Dreamer and b ) the silly silly movement 7 and df6. I don't think they're overcosted even as hires. All in all, I'm fine wi
  3. For what it's worth, I'm pretty firmly in the camp of "+ flips generate additional rams for the effigy condition" - and this is because it was discussed pretty heavily before the FAQ was made and decided to be left alone purely on that merit. The Lucky Effigy is supposed to work this way, in my opinion, regardless of the letter of the law.
  4. The House of War will be hosting Australia's first ever Gaining Grounds 2018 event, Back to the Faux-ture! Hosted by the handsome Corey Leslie of the Faux-braux, this will be a night to remember. I'll be there in my henchman capacity making sure no-one is naughty and everyone has a lovely time. Details: 11th of November Venue: House of War, 52 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood VIC $25 Entry One day event, 3 games - GG18 beta! For more info, check this player's pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5i5F7FlNBZEeVpzSENoOUlZa1E/view?usp=sharing Cheers, Al
  5. Bump! In addition, Thursday night is our Malifaux night, boasting a usual turnout of about 16 people - so you can almost guarantee a game if you pop your head in!
  6. The Void Wretches are I've found less an offensive model - more a scheme runner with an incredibly frustrating (0) - the giving out slow can be SO powerful sometimes. I've underestimated it more than once and it always comes to bite me. Even sometimes just walking them up once, focusing and using the focus on the Slow attack can be a real pain in the rear to your opponent - throw cards at it! It makes them even better.
  7. They're inserts - although I haven't put together a base that's more than 3 pieces so far.
  8. I would very much like an Alt Brewmaster. He was probably my least favourite Gremlin master to paint.
  9. We need, NEED a Schill with a big ol' mechanical fist. I think it's mandatory. Also, a 2nd Trapper model would be ace.
  10. If I had to pick one, it'd be Alternate Dreamer. A teenage dreamer would be ace.
  11. I've built a couple. They're perfectly easy to assemble. Took me all of 2-3 minutes per base. A quick clip, clean and stick. There's a very real advantage that the base itself is plastic so you don't have to muck around with superglue to attach to the base unlike resin cast bases or the old metal inserts that Wyrd used to do.
  12. I would also be cool with that. In fact, I'd be ecstatic about that.
  13. Hi Wyrd! To all of you lovely people out there in Wyrd land, from @Nathan Caroland to @Aaron - are we going to see new Master models to go with all of the Wave 5 upgrades? I would eat my boots, and pay a reasonable fee for a new Master model for pretty much every master I own. And I every master for 3 factions. I know I'm not alone here. Please? Allan.
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