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  1. diki

    Effect Timing

    1. I think its up to fatemaster, but you should prob discuss with the player. I think there is a case for either, but rooted is intended to leave the character rooted after the damaging effect so I would probably rule push then root. 2. I think its reasonable to allow the player to do this. I think the weakness they have chosen is not being able to maintain an exisiting delayed spell whilst casting a new one. I don't think there is any reason to stop them casting immediate spells. 3. I don't think delayed conditions should be specified in terms of game mechanics. No character actually say's I'm "declaring an attack" before punching someone, so pedantically I don't think that is a valid condition. Maybe "when that character moves", or "when that character is within 1 meter of me" would allow them to cast before being attacked. But if I was fate master I allow someone who moved and still has unspent movement after being pushed back to use the rest of their unspent movement. I quite like the concept of using push as a defense tbh, but there are ways around it that will cause the caster to waste their spells sometimes so I don't think it's unbalanced. Unless enemies are stupid they would adapt after having seen the tactic a few times. They can only delay one spell, so its not good against 4 enemies, so in a group fight if you realise there is an annoying mage pushing people back everyone either charges them or leaves them for last.
  2. diki

    Know-It-All Uber Mage

    Do you think the mage should still end up with an extra card if they fail a second time? 1) Flip to cast spell 2) Fail so draw card ( Epiphany / Black Soul ) 3) Spend the card to reflip (know-it-all) 4) Fail so draw card ( Epiphany / Black Soul )
  3. diki

    Know-It-All Uber Mage

    Should know-it-all only apply to non-magical skills, or be restricted to one retry (even that would be quite an advantage for one level)? Taking a single rank of accademic and then Dabbler/GraveRobber allows you to guarantee any spell with needing a 14 or less flip to succeed. 1) Flip to cast spell 2) Fail so draw card ( Epiphany / Black Soul ) 3) Spend card to reflip (know-it-all) 4) If fail go to 2 Triggers that can loop normally have a limit to avoid that. Eg "This attack may not declare Triggers " or "You may only declare this Trigger once per turn." It potentially even worst than this with some abilities potentially causeing a positive gain of twist cards E.G. Student of Knowledge. If you specifically require a 14 you could guarantee a reshuffle to get everyone else free twist cards!
  4. diki

    Gambling Suggestions?

    You could just get everyone to flip gambling and whoever gets the highest wins. To make it more random, you could start by flipping a card to choose a suit for the round. For that round everyone gets a trigger with that suit to add 5 (or half the value of the card) to their flip? Everyone with a high gambling and/or cunning should win more than average. Alternatively, a simpler method just set a TN for the game, everyone flips gambling gains or loses scrip equal to the difference.
  5. diki

    Untrained Skills

    @Rillan I would imagine a character with Autism would be better reflected with difficulty with social skills. Other than the fact that lots of inteligence tests expect general knowledge I don't think lower inteligence is an accurate representation of the condition. @Steamtastic Vagabond - Stitching is a tenacity skill - so it makes a lot of sense gideon would be rubbish at stitching :P I dislike that the crafting skills don't match all other skills in the game were attribute is typically as significant as skill rank for determining outcome. (-5 Speed +5 Martial Arts=0 TN martial arts acting value) == you never hit anyone with a decent defense in combat. Although weirdly they'd do good damage if they did! I think a genius should be able to figure out how to make a sword or a molotov cocktail without training. Who invented these things in the first place?
  6. diki

    Untrained Skills

    I don’t really like that the stupidest char possible with -5 int but 5 ranks in artefacting (av 0) could easily make really complex things. A genius with maximum possible human intellect 5 but no ranks in artefacting and av 5 couldn’t make anything. It’s also don’t like that there aren’t 0 difficulty items a non trained character could make to allow them to use the skills and therefore possibly have them as options to upgrade. I’d prefer it if it used av with item crafting difficulties from like 0 to 10. And have on going challenge rules for construction.
  7. diki

    Skill Triggers

    I thought the Additional suit immuto decreased the tn of spells but required you to get another suit to successfully cast, rather than giving you another suit on the flip for triggers etc (I haven’t got the book with me though). Is there an immuto to change the suit requirement on a magia? That might make triggers easier I guess.
  8. diki

    Skill Triggers

    There are lots of ways to add suits. you can easily get multiple suits on a sorcery and necromancy. Rank 3 in dabbler and graveribber can give you one free suit for those skills. Then there is a general talent that gives a chosen suit to a chosen skill (unlocks once you are fated 2). Then overseer allows you to discard a card to add that suit. I think you can use a soul stone for an additional suit of your choice. Plus your actually flipped card (which you can maybe cheat to switch suit) would then be 5 suits!
  9. diki

    Untrained Skills

    Am I right in thinking that crafting requires skill ranks though rather than Acting Value(stat + skill)? Can you make weapons and things if you combined stat + skill ranks is greater than the required value? (I guess this would make some sense, but most items are 1-5 which suggests its rank related) Can you make constructs equal to (int + artefacting) * construct_height?
  10. For resisted damaging spells is the Damage Flip Modifier based on defender's final duel total, spell TN or worst case of both?
  11. diki

    Margins of Success or Failure

    Thanks Steamtastic and Mason! I think it's a shame for the clarity of the rules that calculating damage flip doesn't use the same logic as the margins, it would also me nice to include an example in the rules!
  12. Looking at the Damage flip table made me question my understanding of Margins of success. Please can you provide an example for TN10?
  13. Magical Shielding doesn't really specify a duration. 1) If a character applies it to themselves does it last until they use it on someone else (otherwise forever)? 2) Does it continue to work if the character who used it is Unconscious? 3) Is there a way to end it on another character?
  14. Can you use a 1-AP action to take a 2nd 0-AP action? (and subsequently a 3rd) For example I was thinking about having permenant Reduce Ap from Tradition magic. But would that mean all 1-AP spells could only be cast once a round without subsequently applying Increase AP? (Could be annoying with manifest powers )
  15. Tradition Magic applies a TN +1 penatly for adding alteration Immutos. I think it's unclear if this is for each type of Immuto or for multiple instances of the same Immuto. For example the reduce damage and reduce resistance both have a TN - 1 effect. Does a follower of Tradition Magic ever gain a benefit to appying these Immuto. If they used reduced resistance 4 times would they get TN0 or TN-3 (TN-4 + TN+1)? Obviously a Fatemaster can decide for their game, but I wanted to understand the intended design.