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  1. The paragraph does say "That new model is always considered a legal target for those effects.", some one could interpret that as including 2 steps before 🤷‍♂️
  2. Isn't Mark of vengeance a lasting game effect? and therefore applied to the new models?
  3. Ok, so in Malifaux everything has it's nose at the end of it's weapon. Case closed!
  4. I think Penetrating stench contains a mistake, I think it should be based on the models engagement range and not on the opponents. As that just seems weird! Oh got a 0" engagement range, oh sure you can stand 1 mm away and not smell me, got a 2" engagement , oh buddy you gonna get a really good smell of me Althought TBH I think this should really be a fixed sized aura!
  5. Actually if antipathy from a single aversion triggers mutliple times, wouldn't it trigger infinitly if the model is blocked from leaving the 4" aura? As 0" push is still a move!
  6. If it can trigger multiple time: if an enemy model ends a move between an adze and an aversion, and in pandora's missery range Shimmering lights (gives distracted 1) >> antipathy PUSH (ending against adze) >> shimmering lights (distracted 2) >> (pandora) misery PUSH(towards aversion or adze either counts as a move) >> shimmering lights (distracted 3) >> antipathy PUSH (ending against adze) >> shimmering lights (distracted 4) Seems unintended?
  7. The potential for enemies to use them as a speed boost is annoying and like it probably should have been a May abilitiy, and the model does seem overpriced. Antipathy raises a few questions for me though. I don't think it can double trigger, because it only does the movement after a action (not after other abilities)???? It hadn't occurred to me that scatter could trigger antipathy giving upto 6" push though, that's pretty cool
  8. I think with Mood swings being a master only power that requires a fair element of setup (aura plus los to somethign you would rather force to activate) that it's probably the intent to interupt any model activating in that aura. It's not like it's stopping the oponent getting an extra activation. I also doubt anyone thought "oh pandora is too good we need to add some models with chain activation powers to hard counter this" EDIT: I think its important for your oponent to know about it though. It's possible for them to influence who pandora can see, and to choose to use chain activati
  9. Step C requires a Chosen model, therefore regardless of if you do step B a model has to be chosen to activate. "C. Activation: The chosen model Activates (it is now the Acting model) and follows the steps below. " I don't think the wording of mood swings requires the choosing to happen in step B of the activation timing. But you probably want to clarify before playing with your opponent or tournament organiser.
  10. Sorry @Maniacal_cackle , I'm having a bad reading day :D, that makes a lot more sense. When does antipathy resolve with a charge though. Is charge resolved before the generated attack action or after it?
  11. It obviously depends on the crew you are facing but it doesn't stop anyone just shooting your 8 stone 6 hp model 🤷‍♂️ I'm thinking I like scamper on Pandora or any terrifiying model though
  12. I think general consensus is that the faction is really Serena bowman and her neverborn friends Most people seem to hate Bultungin 🤷‍♂️ Ancient pack on gigant will give you extra card draw, which I think is probably better than dodging black jokers on Euripides and Thoon
  13. I would guess either there used to be additional negative/nastier triggers or the existing trigger was less optional in playtests.
  14. I wonder if the rules in general would be clearer if there was a symbol for NO LOS and that LOS is otherwise always an assumed required? I mean I guess having NO LOS symbols with movement might seem a little but hey, I also think there could be symbols for push and walk - hmm then you need move aswell, ok maybe this is a bad can of worms
  15. Maybe the rules are trying to account for future abilities that draw los in a weird way?
  16. I'd never thought about it much before but it does seem pretty bad design to put the TN after the RST stat. It does make it look like the resist would need to hit that TN. RG - Stat - TN - Rst seems more logical?
  17. You could also add an immuto (something like tn3 - reduce a conditon by 1 ??)
  18. If you have the ability to interact while engaged or have another ability to drop markers then you can drop them underneath other models.
  19. Make situations where incrdible combat prowess works to there disadvantage. You could throw in some gamin (or anything with dangerous demise abilities) in close proximity to some weak hostages the group need to save. Take something with demise(eternal) or some such from 3e - and give some alternative way they have to kill it/inprison it. Slow stacks to paralyze, so (if I remember correctly) november accolytes? or summon some ice gamin (Do they have slow demise? if not invent somethign with slow demise and summon a bunch of them to surround them) Or failing that just hundreds o
  20. Laugh Off, Planted Roots, and Staggered are all effects coming from the Model being unburied. I think Gravity well coming from another model overrules those - Although i don't have a rules quote as to why I think that! @Adran Is the inclusion of Laugh Off in the errata to give enemies the abiity to overrule the model's controler's ability to stop unburying?
  21. Everything said above, but do note if you like the game, you will almost certainly be buying more masters soon and staying in faction gives you more versatility. Dreamer/Nightmare is very good and also has a fair amount of cross over with Pandora/Woe - Carver/Teddy/Serena/versatiles.
  22. Hi Solkan, The pre-release surveyor card is in the public domain, the developers released that information for a reason, perhaps part of that reason to gain public feedback about it 🤷‍♂️. TBH understanding misery is a bigger focus for me but it has the same characteristic's I'm interested in. I don't know all their intentions in releasing it or for the rules I've raised and I WOULD LOVE TO, maybe the developers might read these posts and might decide to clarify the rules which I find difficult to determine the RAI or RAW for? "This or That" is about stopping you making choices wh
  23. Hi Rufess, The rules clearly define suffers (note present tense) damage effects (typically most attacks have this effect) and suffered (note past tense) damage and effects that are dependant upon one of these are usually very clear (and nice in my opinion ) Have you got an example of after damaged? (I think these are almost always suffered damage, past tense indicating it was actually the result and not the effect happening)
  24. Hi Adran, Thanks for your answer. I can fully understand your logic but I still find it unclear if that is the intended interpretation. With respect to 2/3 I believe there are effects which say Heal 1, or Heals X. Due to the mix of terminolgy used, even in the text you quoted, someone could argue that Heal 1 isn't a Heals effect (I appreciate this very pedantic differentiation, and almost certainly not the intended interpretation) I think you can read that healing quote with a different interpretation. "an amount" technically includes 0. "As though it didn't occur" is targetted
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