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Anyone have some NPCs to share?


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Not neccessarily whole sheets of master villains or the like, but just characters that pop up in your game. Gus the bartender, Lady Pitchworth the Art Matron, Chris and the Bowling Street hooligans, Jeb the Gremlin, Carol the nice Guild Guard, etc.

People, in short, that help bring your world to life. 

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My players hang out in a cantina run by Gustavo, the Mexican bartender with ties to various mercenary groups. He’s super friendly, and very protective of his cantina, but he never turns away his friends, even if they’re not technically...alive. 

One of my players has also been flirting with Lucy, a travelling steamfitter who has been helping them with their gear. Lucy seems innocent and naive, but she’s survived in the Badlands for quite a while without any obvious protection, so maybe playing with her heart isn’t a great idea...

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