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  1. Beeray

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Had a friendly game with a friend of mine last night, where he played SnowStorm and the Frozen Hearts [Pretty sure its an Emo Band], Where I played Trixie [Gun for a Lady] Sparks Iron Skeeter Pere The take aways from this game were as followed: 1. Going all in on the Pere bomb makes the game end quickly 2. Quickly usually because you died Granted i think i activated incorrectly, I got over excited and activated Sparks first gave fast and then accompliced into the Iron Skeeter to throw Pere up the board. Got SnowStorm down to like 3 wounds and then he ate the Iron Skeeter Flavor Win! I too have to agree, almost every game of HH that I have gotten to play comes down to initiative on turn 3-5. So at the least she needs to be in the list somewhere.
  2. Beeray

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    OooooOOOoo I like this I really need to get my hands on Hog Whisperer [For this and that random Somer list] And i keep forgetting Old Major is a Henchman!!
  3. Gotcha! For a more complete understanding of how the rule worked i should have moved C and Y to not be engaged but still within 2 inches of X But thanks for the Clarification on that as well Definitely a wonky one lol
  4. I feel terrible asking this, but I cant seem to get a Clear cut answer to what is randomized for. Looking at this the Scenario is that A B and C are Friendly while X and Y are Friendly All are ht 1 B is engaged with X C is engaged with Y B C X and Y are all within 2 inches of each other There is a Wall [ht5 blocking Hardcover] between X B and C Y A is shooting X with a Projectile Attack causing a Randomization FAQ: 19) When shooting into an engagement, can models which are not within LoS of the model which is shooting end up becoming the target of the Attack due to randomization? Yes. 20) When shooting into an engagement, do you flip cards for models which are not technically engaged with the target, so long as they are within 2" of the target? Yes. Based on this we would Flip for all 4 [B, C, X, and Y] and could hit C or Y Correct? Please let me know if i missed something, and again sorry for entering another ask for this.
  5. Beeray

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    @green-n-dumb Fair but we do have Upgrades for a 1 action to heal and Stilts to completely void damage. Quality Mash Liquor has saved me with Mancha [aka Hulk] just doing 2 heal actions on himself and surviving the turn.
  6. Beeray

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    Could also go in the direction of Bayou VooDoo you Flip a card that cant be cheated to determine want value you summon Black Joker - Model is Sacrificed Red Joker - Summon the Same Model, but dont Sac the other 1-5 - +0 of Original 6-10 - +1 SS of Original 11-13 - +2 SS of Original Keeping in mind you can break rare number, and maybe limit it to Minions or Minions and Enforcers
  7. Beeray

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    We are trying to get a weekly setup in my area for Henchman Hardcore, similar to FNM for Magic The Gathering. With one day a month we will hold a 50SS Tourney. Trixie definitely seems great in this format with her Push/Pull and her Gun upgrade helps too. I love thinking about Pere just standing in the middle screaming that he has a Stuffed Pig and he isnt afraid to use it! I also have fallen inlove with Survivors after the cost drop, every game i have played with them, regardless of the format, they have either hit WAY above their point cost or ran all the schemes i needed them too. Ophelia's Box is just so good all around, Frank, Raph, Pere, and then theirs the misfit Rami lol Im looking at maybe doing: Trixie Whiskey Golem 2x Survivor
  8. Morning Folks! I was looking over some ideas for Henchman hardcore and wanted everyone's opinion on the best team for Henchman Hardcore, as well as some strategies that we have seen work. My current team for Henchman Hardcore is purely Fluff and Theme with Mancha and 3 Wrastlers [All painted like different Avengers]
  9. Beeray

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    Ulix was what got me into the Game! I saw pigs and wanted to deal in Pigs and Pig accessories! For just a Dip into the faction to do Pig like things I would start with: Ulix Crew Box Piglets [To summon obvs] The Sow/Gracie/MechaPork [atleast one of these to have 2 pigs to summon off of] Slop Haulers [Mass healing is great!] Warpig [Atleast 1 to summon] I would say that is your Core Swine Line up. I havent gotten Hog Whisperers yet so cant speak to how good they are but that would be my next pickup after the list above. With a little bit deeper dip Swine Cursed [Beaters, shootum in the rear] Hog Whisperers [Reactivate the big pigs] Merris [Specially if you get blasted off the table often] Pigapult [Long range Scheming] Sammy [to hold the bow] Burt [he beastly] 2nd Warpig the other 50mm Pigs [options are great] Moar Piglets [youll run out quickly and want more] Hope this helps
  10. I too was having the issue last night. I did receive the email confirmation, but after waiting an hour closed out.
  11. Beeray

    Backdraft box models

    Hype Hype Hype Hype Getting Brewmaster into the Queue to get Painted up
  12. Beeray

    Our worst models

    Book 5 could be on the weak side for us since Bayou Bash is coming out and they could make it so that one or all of the models in that game can be used in Malifaux Effectively giving us ALOT more then what other Factions got, just had to wait for Bayou Bash Just a thought
  13. Beeray

    Ours and Gremlins

    I did this combo twice this weekend, One was Symbols [Set Up, and Public Demo] the other was Ours [Set Up, Public Demo] In the Ours game, the Tanuki denied my opponents corner by throwing 20 points of Tanuki in there and getting me a Solid 7 Points Turn 2 In the Symbols game, Tanuki tied up McMourning and Autopsies while Burt wrecked a Symbol Im loving this combo, Tanuki Numba One!
  14. Beeray

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Their 1 action to attach doesnt ignore the Master limit of 3. Nor can you attach an upgrade that is already attached.