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  1. Beeray

    Our worst models

    Book 5 could be on the weak side for us since Bayou Bash is coming out and they could make it so that one or all of the models in that game can be used in Malifaux Effectively giving us ALOT more then what other Factions got, just had to wait for Bayou Bash Just a thought
  2. Beeray

    Ours and Gremlins

    I did this combo twice this weekend, One was Symbols [Set Up, and Public Demo] the other was Ours [Set Up, Public Demo] In the Ours game, the Tanuki denied my opponents corner by throwing 20 points of Tanuki in there and getting me a Solid 7 Points Turn 2 In the Symbols game, Tanuki tied up McMourning and Autopsies while Burt wrecked a Symbol Im loving this combo, Tanuki Numba One!
  3. Beeray

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Their 1 action to attach doesnt ignore the Master limit of 3. Nor can you attach an upgrade that is already attached.
  4. Gross! That's brutal! Thanks Guys!
  5. Over the weekend I oversaw a Game of Marcus vs Perdita. The Perdita player took the Scheme "Take One For The Team" with Francisco as the Sucker. On round 2 the Marcus player was able to make Francisco a Beast and then Casts Alpha on him to attack and Kill the Governor's Proxy. Here is where we weren't sure how this would play out. Governor's Influence Triggered on Francisco killing him, we played it as the controller of Francisco made the Wp duel, in which case the Marcus player cheated the flip to lose the duel killing Francisco. Now that Francisco has died, We questioned if Take One For The Team would Trigger. We went with no, since the Proxy is technically a Friendly model. Did we play this right? Thanks in advanced!
  6. Beeray

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    That is basically what happened on Monday to me. He should be here by end of week, along with Wong and Survivors! I have found in our games that he doesnt really need my Corpse Markers, he will be able to generate the markers that he needs to summon what he wants. I havent gotten to play against Rezzors again since the start of this forum, but I think Zipp is my best bet to distract and reposition the summoner. The Survivors "This thing shoots!?" really made me want to use them for just the hilarious factor, plus they can do some deadly things with Mah/Sparks ....I did alot of ordering this week....
  7. Beeray

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    They way we play we have access to several Masters in our faction and will take what one we are feeling that day. With that being said is there any Masters that just shouldnt go against Rezzors? Brewie with Moon Shinobis and Akaname could be sweet to make sure if McMourning is picked i dont get Expunged to Death. Also with Wong and the Magical show being able to ignore Incorporeal Zipp and his nonsense Should Ulix, Mah, Ophelia, or Somer be considered?
  8. Beeray

    Wrastlers - Tapped Out | Disengaging Strikes

    It actually better than that lol it cant be targeted by enemy models But sweet! Tap Out is awesome!
  9. Hello my fellow Slobbers! I had an interaction i wasn't 100% on over the weekend with my Wrastler. My Wrastler took 3 damage from the first of 3 Furious Casting attacks, and triggered Tap Out, Ending the Oxfordian Mages other attacks. Later in the turn I was given a hole to run through with the Wrastler to engage Essence of Power and Ramos but only if Tapped Out made the Wrastler immune to Disengaging Strikes. [Needed them sweet sweet points for Hold Up Their Forces] My Question is, did we play the Furious Casting Correctly by making the other 2 attacks fail to target? And does Disengaging Strikes target? Effectively making Wrastlers that Tap Out immune for the rest of the turn?
  10. Beeray

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    My only issue with taking Brewie is McMourning. Im worried that Ill just feed him the poison he needs
  11. Beeray

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    Wong has been ordered. And should be here before the end of the week. XD Ok, so im on the right path, Just have been trying to use them for more than just Schemes. And im still considering the Survivors I plan on getting more practice with the crews before the end of the week. I know ill be facing some 10Ts Thursday. Thank you everyone for your advise! And I will report back with my successes soon!
  12. Beeray

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    Hello all, I'm the terrified green one that is having the issue above. To expand on some of the issues I have when playing against Rezzors If a model has Terrifying I tend to always lose those flips and then don't get to do anything. <A game where this happened was with Ophelia and I was attempting to rid the board of a Student of Viscera> The Hanged is something I can't seem to get rid of ever... And getting out activated is rough when I have to take 4 BGs just to compete with activation control < I might be Playing BGs wrong but I really dislike them, the only value I see with them is 3SS for 1 activation, Where Nico or Kirai is matching my activations with better summoned models>