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  1. Big Jake is useful?

    I like him in Headhunter since Don't Mind Me will let him pick up heads even when engaged.
  2. Hans and his uses.

    Hans needs so many "ifs" to be useful. Also never understood why he doesn't have a natural like all other sniper Characters or Out of the Shadow. Out of the Shadows would probably have been a better addition to Advanced Sight than the +1Wk. Sniping a totem is cool but intensive and unreliable. Also consider it will probably take a Severe damage to one shot.
  3. How do your Errata?

    I think there's a place for a Levi summoning upgrade despite the preference and efficiency of getting Abominations via attacks. I've littered many games with scrap markers from my own Abominations dying and wished I had some way to use them. Perhaps there's a way to expand his summon upgrade by coupling it with the Pariah upgrades? Ex. Being able to summon from a corpse marker if you also have Pariah of Bone?
  4. How do your Errata?

    I don't disagree that old Channel was too powerful but current Channel is too weak. 1/2 wounds trigger is dependent on hitting Moderate or Severe and pretty undependable now. It was a scary option back when you could usually get a straight or plus flip. Post Errata most of the time you're hitting weak.
  5. How do your Errata?

    It's fair to say Levi doesn't do much other than attack and right now Imo not very effectively. I also doubt that a second errata will happen but one can hope.
  6. How do your Errata?

    Re: Leveticus & Channel Taking the Focus action to net gain +2 would probably be a problem moreso than walks. You could have him lose Focus gained through Channel at the end of the action to prevent stacking. That he could still use Channel for tacticals like the summon upgrade.
  7. How do your Errata?

    I'd like them to walk back on the Leveticus errata. I won't deny that the old Channel was too powerful but the errata went a little too far. (not to mention the cache reduction which I still don't understand.) Something I between the two versions would be best: the. 2 damage at the beginning if an action to gain focus.
  8. Supply Wagon 9.12

    Sure not disagreeing. My original comment was how difficult it would be to score if the wagon needed to completely on the opponent's side.
  9. Supply Wagon 9.12

    I don't think it's as simple as going around the blocking models though. Engagement ranges could easily keep you from being able to interact or getting enough space to push the wagon. Two 30mm models touching the wagon but not quite 50mm apart could stop it effectively. Even if the opposing model can interact while engage it would be hard to get the clearance to push through.
  10. Supply Wagon 9.12

    Played this for the first time last night, exactly as written, using corner deployment. I think it would be pretty difficult to score if it required the wagon to be completely on the opponent's side. It pretty easy to block off the opposing wagon with two models to stop it from by going across center.
  11. Thoughts on Ours!

    While I know its clearly written as Soulstone cost of models, the question inevitably get asked if it includes Upgrades. Just for ease can the Strat just say "Soulstones not including Upgrades"?
  12. Symbols of Authority

    My biggest problem with this Strategy is how it is hard capped at 4 vp for the entire game. There should be a mechanism to generate another marker when one is picked up; on the opponent's side not within x" of a friendly.
  13. SwordFaux I [50ss GG2017 Toronto ON]

    This Saturday! Spend a nice summer day in a basement playing Malifaux!
  14. SwordFaux I [50ss GG2017 Toronto ON]

    2 weeks away! Come and support the new venue!
  15. SwordFaux I - 50ss Tournament August 12, 2017 The Sword and Board 1193 Bloor Street West - Rear Toronto, ON M6H 1N4 http://www.theswordandboardtoronto.com/ (647) 350-7529 Registration begins at 11.00AM. First round starts at 11.30AM. $10 entry fee. Prizes : First Place: Mystery Box from Wyrd prize kit Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a Mystery box. Bonus raffle entry for players with fully painted models. Guilders for the first 12 players to register. Additional prizes including store credit TBA depending on turn out. Tournament will be run using Gaining Grounds 2017 format with 50 soul stone crews. Fully painted crews are not required but encouraged. Rounds will be 2 hours in length. Round 1 - Turf War, Standard Deployment Round 2 - Headhunter, Flank Deployment Round 3 - Interference, Close Deployment Schemes will be announced at the beginning of each Round.