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  1. Malifaux is back for our weekend event!Join us for a great day of awesome games at our first annual Sword and Brush Convention. Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East600 Dixon RoadToronto, ON M9W 1J1 https://swordandbrush.ca for event and location details! Details as follows:3 Rounds of 50SS 2018 Gaining Grounds Format:http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15917Models must be fully painted (at least one color on each part of the model-basecoated) and based.Each ticket comes with free access to the Sword and Brush figure show and vendors.Overnight accommodations are available at a discounted rate.
  2. I am as always running Demo games at the game chamber in london Ontario, contact me here, on Facebook or just ask Tim( storeowner) and we can arrange a demo for any number of players! 1700 Dundas St. Unit 2 London, Ontario N5W 3C9 (519) 601-4263
  3. Our second Tournament of the years using Gaining grounds 2017, this will be a non competetive tournament ( meaning that prizes are given away by raffle and not by your win/loss record) finish all 3 games and you have a shot at the prizes.In addition we will be using an achievements, if you can accomplish certain events during your game you will be able to earn more raffle tickets for the final drawing! each player will have a sheet with certain goals. some will be easy some will be difficult, some will be completely out of your control!Example :Red stain – deal damage to a model equa to double its wounds( 3 wounds minimum) The Game Chamber 1700 dundas street, Unit 2, London, Ontario 5196014263
  4. This will be a gaining ground tourney, depending on release dates it may be 2016 or 2017. There will be no painting requirement.Prizes will be draw by raffle so just by finishing the tournament, even if you do horrible you have a chance at prizes. We will have a full crew mystery box as the grand prize!this will be held at the Game chamber in london, Ontario, 1700 Dundas St Unit 2, London, ON N5W 3C9 Phone: (519) 601-4263
  5. I can get you in touch with several local area malifaux Facebook groups if you are still looking just PM me
  6. I dont like saving the 10 for bete when i could be using it for summoning, plus most of my opponents attempt to beat me by draining cards. I tend to win fights by overwhelming amounts of lesser attacks.
  7. Taking Reva to a tourney this weekend, wondering what if any interesting idea people have had about her with models etc. I know its early lol. but i have only a few days to wrap my head around it, kind of disappointed that there was not carrion Emissary upgrade for her.
  8. I played Nico for about a year straight when M2E first came and had a pretty good track record with him, so i will throw in my 2 cents: Maniacal Laugh, Undertaker, - I almost always take these together, Mindless zombie is sacrificed when you use it to summon off and undertaker gets you a card for it, so its some inbuilt card cycle, for doing what nico does anyways, and once its a mindless it makes it my corpse marker. reaper grin/love thy master - sometimes for each but thats the disposable upgrade for me . Mort with corpse Bloat and sometimes my favourite shovel - fresh meat used against one of my own crooligans or necropunks, will have most of my crew at centre table first turn 1 if i want. otherwise i can walk and still find a bone because of the extra AP. expensive but useful. Fresh meat is absolutely amazing. potentially giving every undead 3 extra walk actions a turn is damn near broken. Toshiro the Daimyo - he is my front liner with all the summons as he gives the + flips to minion ML attacks and i dont have to extend Nico a lot. i will give him command the graves if some declares Arcanists so i can potentially steal their scrap markers. he also gives out fast which is excellent on punk zombies. thats kind of the core I like other things that get thrown in a lot are Phillip and the nanny w/ take back the night, in scheme marker heavy games i will summon drowned pretty frequently so this works well. sebastian with those are not ours sometimes as he can lurk at the back and generate soulstones for me nurses are always great. i will have a necropunk or a crooligan as well that can get up the table fast or in a good position to be a target for fresh meat for Morti, which will get almost everyone up the table. typically i will summon a rotten belle and 1-2 scheme runners on the first turn, once they all get pulled forward by the fresh meat to where i want to be set up, the belle will lure nico forward, so i dont have to waste his AP walking. then its just summoning whatever works but it is typically, drowned for fighting and annoyance in the middle, hanged if i have the cards, and for the no immunity aura thing. you will out last him and your getting cards whenever he kills things within 6. you should be out activating him very quickly as well so it becomes very easy to control the board.
  9. 40ss Gaining grounds Victory Point Trainer Tourney At the Game Chamber in London, Ontario, Canada. August 7th 12-5 1700 dundas street, london ontario 519-601-4263 https://www.facebook.com/events/237881529930544/to keep a focus on learning to play for points we will be running a Victory point practice tournament. Tourneament scoring for this tourney will be only Point differental and ties will be broken by total VP. In addition we will be doing Achievement scoring, if you accomplish something during your games that is on my list of interesting events, you will score points. the person with the most achievement points at the end of the tourney will win a Prize as well. because its all practice for the Masters in October, there will be no painting requirement for this tourney.the Rounds will be 90 min and as follows:Round 1 - Extraction , standard DeploymentRound 2 - Squatters Rights, Close DeploymentRound 3 - Collect the Bounty, Flank Deployment
  10. its a patched together dead horse!, but debatable for sure lol.
  11. i actually got very little use out of Ice mirror at the tourney, whether i was doing well at positioning, or they were not , I don't know , lol. requires more experimentation for sure, but something i will be testing more.
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