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  1. EnternalVoid

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Emeline Bellerose'

    Been meaning to put her together at some point here. Thanks as always
  2. EnternalVoid

    Add ram suit

    There are several ways to add additional suits to a duel. From just the Core book you have a couple. There is the general talent Specialized Skill which lets you add a suit to a skill. The Academic's Mental Conditioning talent lets you add a suit to a Mental Aspect *can be Intelligence and a Ram for Critical Strike with Long Arms in this case*. The Overseer's Supervision Talent can also get you a suit from discarding a card *so toss a low Ram to add to critical strike*. There are several threads were the rest are listed from the other books and advance pursuits but I have to head out so will have to come back.
  3. EnternalVoid

    I've got wardens for my Iron chef this week.

    I love Wardens with McCabe, a game I had just yesterday I had a Reactivating Warden with the Saber cut down a Peacekeeper turn 1; was Flank deployment so we were pretty close. I would say if you are taking 3 Wardens you should consider at least 3 guild hounds. The three plus Luna, McCabe, and the Wardens give you 8 activations *Plus potential reactivation* before filling out the rest of the crew for 36ss *assuming 5 for upgrades on McCabe*. That leaves you enough for one of our Henchmen *Or Emissary* and still enough for a decent pool. *Actually I like Morgan Vening's List, I would just need to get Dashel based and painted potentially for that one, Been meaning to get him done*.
  4. EnternalVoid

    Favorite El Ma

    Honestly it really varies depending on what I am up against more than anything. I have throw it on McCabe before just to tie up several enemies at once *Df9 can makes it hard to hit the guy*. I have throw it on Perdita plenty but to be fair it is generally warranted as my opponent brought a killer with an attack stat of 7. One of my most common opponents likes the Viks and has a nasty luck on the draw. El Mayor on Perdita generally makes them target Francisco first rather than Perdita leaving her possible open to counter attack. If I am not concerned about sheer death El Mayor often goes on what ever is near at hand. That said I have had some pretty nifty cases. Such as a Warden that held off a rather brutal series of attacks due to its Df7, Armor +1, and its Df trigger. Or I have had it on Papa Loco before making a killing run against him fail several times. That said I don't tend to specifically pick a certain model unless I have several options, more often then not he only has the master and one other model in range.
  5. EnternalVoid

    Gaining Grounds Bugeater Primer

    I guess I can throw up a post, should be there
  6. EnternalVoid

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Lady Justice could also potentially throw this combo for a loop with her tactical action Restore Natural Order. Takes a 12 to go off but it is irresistable and clears off all Conditions of those in the 8" . She can potentially walk twice and do this for a roughly 18" threat range, but with an Investigator or other models could be moved up field before hand to insure you have range to reach both war pigs. With that she could strip the Reactivation and Major's Teaching from the War Pigs reducing their output by a lot. If Lady J has 9-10 activation against the 13 that the Gremlins have she has a pretty good chance of being able to strip them late enough in the turn that they cannot just be slapped back on *as 4 of the 13 activations are from the War pigs*. If you have something like the 5ss Guild Lawyer give her Hard to Wound first then it can make it hard for the pigs to try and remove her afterwards *A single lawyer can potentially give her Hard to Wound +2 negating Old Major's Aura and the One Pig upgrades to damage flips making it rough to get Strait damage flips against her 14wds*.
  7. EnternalVoid

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    They will not get two attacks then the reactivation 2 more because they cannot target Abeula initially with their first activation. They cannot charge her with Disguise so their first attack has to be against a different target they charge. If they kill that target in the first charge they can try and walk towards Abeula to hopefully kill her with their second Activation but if anyone is left in the enemy crew they can push Abeula with a (0) making the pig have to walk on its first AP of its second activation to attack Abeula just once. The Second pig has a similar problem as once its first charge is done it has to move to attack Abeula, then try to kill her with its second Activation. At which point Abeula might die but you have potentially limited the death toll to 3 models *initial two charges plus Abeula*. You could also have Francisco gave Abeula El Mayor, so she is at Df8, it will be harder for the pigs to be certain they could kill her. Or McCabe could use a second upgrade to make sure Abeula has Armor +1, meaning the damage spread would be more like 0/2/4 *you have Armor go first then Abeula's trigger so get the 0 damage on her on Weak*. That could make it that much harder for them to kill her.
  8. EnternalVoid

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    That might be something to think about, if you could make it so Abeula was not easy to kill could this work? For example with McCabe he could use his Loot Bag or Emissary pick up the Invisible cloak to throw on her and give her Disguise. Then they would not be able to charge Abeula and her aura could potentially limit the pigs to a single charge each *Their initial charge against your other models* potentially limiting them to only killing two models, maybe 3 when they both walk and swing at the same target. With Abeula's built in Df trigger even if they walk and attack her after their initial targets the damage spread is more like 1/3/5 making it hard for them to kill her with only 2 attacks *possible but it still prevents them from getting a whole bunch of charges on turn 1*.
  9. EnternalVoid

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    To be honest I think my default set up for Perdita could handle this list. The core of it is generally Trick Shooting, her totem, Francisco w/Wade In and Hermans, Papa Loco, and 3 Guild Hounds. That is 31ss for 7 activations. Assuming I want at least 3ss for my pool that leaves 16ss left to fill out the crew so likely at least 2 more activations, maybe 3 if I go with a 4th guild hound. So 9-10 total. Now with the list on page one we are looking at a total of 13 activations if I am not missing anything. There is the core 8 models, 3 from reactivation, the Bayou gremlin that comes out of the cryer, and then the final bayou gremlin after Somer is done playing with it. Could have 14 if he spends that last 2ss on another Skeeter. Now while it has a lot of activations it does run into the problem that there is only so much flex to the activation order. Somer or Skeeter have to go before the Hog Whisperer to make sure he can spam reactivation. Then of course the Hog Whisperer has to go before you can get the reactivate on the pigs. To get the full card draw from the bayou gremlins the Cryer has to die before Somer activation to have a Bayou gremlin present. Then one of the Bayou Gremlins has to go some time before Somer and last one has to go after him at some point. Old Major needs to activate at least once before the two war pigs to start positioning them and get them their Rams. You also need both your war pigs activations later in the turn to protect them as they have to be on the offense, while you could spend one of the four activations doing other things such as moving any more and you will be losing to much of your Alpha. All in all, all the parts would not be able to entirely wait out a crew of 9-10 like the Rat Engine could but could try to hold out the primary offense as long as possible which is good. Honestly, as others have suggested, the key would be crippling the full powered offense on turn 1 before it can break you. The best way would be to kill the Hog Whisperer before he gives Reactivation out. I could do this with Perdita and Francisco chain activating and push tricks *easily net 8-9 inches for Perdita before she activates, 14" range, 5" walk, Sh7 vs Df4 ignoring cover, and a Possible a SS for suit should deal 7wds in two shots*. The problem I would suspect would be that the hog whisperer would be hiding behind the pigs till he activated and all of them are Ht3 50mm bases. But if any sort of gap was made before hand or they were not set up like a wall all together, he would be the key target and warrant an immediate reaction. With out reactivate you cut the number of attacks by a lot. That would be first priority if your opponent gave you the chance. The second choice would be one of the war pigs. Odds are I could hold off Perdita's activation pretty late forcing the Old Major to have moved the war pigs up at least a little meaning there is a good chance Perdita can get all 3 of her shots into a single war pig after getting positive to damage from Papa Loco. As it is all but certain the Hog Whisperer has already gone by this point *its action to give reactivate to the pigs is only a 2" range so it has to go before they start moving as he needs all three AP to give them all reactivate*, the War Pigs will only have 9wds till they eat their fill. With her higher Sh to their Df, positive to damage to get strait results if she wins by 1-5, and three shots she should be able to pick off a war pig. This should cut the hurt down a lot, though much like with the Hog Whisperer it is only cutting it down by half so you are still going to take a pretty hefty hit to the chin but without the double duty from both pigs it will hurt your crew, not destroy or cripple it. Also Perdita will not be a good target as with Francisco she is likely Df9, meaning she will likely be around till turn 2 to possible try and kill the second war pig. Francisco though might end up being a target for the War Pig though but with Wade In and SS use it will be harder for them to time him dying and getting Stampede for Max attacks. If you manage to take out the second war pig on turn 2 with even a portion of your crew still standing you will have a decent shot at the game. Now as much as I would want to kill the skeeter or cryer early I am not sure if that would be the best course over one of the war pigs. Killing a lone skeeter is only viable if I have a 13 in hand thanks to Sh7, Perdita can kill it with a 13 and a SS for a Ram to get critical strike for weak of 3 damage. But as long as Somer is there he can put the Mask aura back up for the Hog Whisperer if he can get a second mask in hand. Which is not to hard with the card draws from the cryer's ability and when that gremlin dies, it is enough cards to likely get a mask. The Cryer has a similar issue, if you kill him before he lets them get a bunch of cards, as long as the skeeter or Somer have the aura up he can still get a decent number of cards from the Bayou Gremlins he summons. I would consider these models possible traps as killing them look like they could shut down the set up but instead merely have drawn you in. I imagine my Nellie list could do similar things as with her ability to pass activations from her upgrade *cost a Card or her evidence condition* she can force the War pigs to be moved into position and then spring out on them when nothing can move them again. With her Propaganda attack going after Wp, to which they have Wp4, she should not have a hard time pushing them 5" and/or making them slow. Deny them their charge on their first activation could take a lot out of their first turn offense. Or Nelle can activate earlier and give something like the Executioner *or Bishop* Fast and someone else could move him into position. At that point you have them jump a war pig and kill it before it can go to town *though likely the second War pig will beat up your heavy hitter*.
  10. EnternalVoid

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Well darn... you will be missed. Guess we better start preparing for our next evil overlord *gets the flamethrower ready, yay for 400 dollar flame throwers*
  11. EnternalVoid

    Suggest next buy of the TTB line

    I would say Into the Steam first if only because what it adds in addition to pursuits. You have decent addition to the weapons list, spells, and a largely open spread of General Talents. Yes the other books have them too but I felt that Into the Bayou had more niche ones and Under Quarantine, while good that Into the Steam had a better selection *by my opinion*. Under Quarantine adds illness of sorts, alchemy items, and even more General Talents. Into the Bayou adds some odd different spells, gear that only really works in a Gremlin setting, and a lot of the General talents require you to be a Gremlin or have a Talent to take Gremlin talents.
  12. EnternalVoid

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Threading the Needle is in the 'Into the Steam' book, not the core books.
  13. EnternalVoid

    TtB on a Grid, People's Experiences using minis

    I have done combat both with a map and without. Personally I kind of like it without the map but my players are long time wargamers so they seem to prefer a map unless it is a minor scrap. My issue with a square map *Have used a them and used a non marked map too* is generally you have to define how the diagonals work. You can tend to cover a pretty hefty distance by going diagonal at a target unless you set some sort of rule *Like it cost two move for the odd diagonals and one for even ones*. You can also get more models around a single model. Also there came the issue of base size. Yes you could have everyone be the same space in a square or have 50mm cover 4 spaces, but I found some problems with terrain then or LOS *If everyone is a single square all it took was one guy to block LOS*. Also there was a few issues with Long arms able to get some serious ranges, there was a model I had to have off the map for the range he was shooting *Only like 5" further but still*. That said it does help your players keep track of which models are wounded as you can put a dice next to them counting up. It will really come down to the Fatemaster and your group what you want to do. You might even find a mix of narrative combat and map combat works for you.
  14. EnternalVoid

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    Not Exactly, they only flip cards on their activation, otherwise they use the Rank Value like Fatemaster Characters. Per page 310 under the Subordinate Characters in Combat Rules, the last paragraph. "Outside of its turn, the subordinate character uses its Rank Value in place of card flips, just like every other Fatemaster character." Personally I would use the normal value *or at least the ones that come up the most* for their status, IE 4 for a Peon, 5 for a minion and a 7 for an enforcer.
  15. EnternalVoid

    March Newsletter

    Quick question, if you have credit and use it, does that count towards the 100 bucks for the Alt? IE, if you get 100 bucks worth of stuff and have 10 bucks of credit you are still good. Just want to check and be 100% sure. Thanks.