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  1. This seemed like a good thread to ask... I just bought Hinamatsu to lead a crew composed primarily of Stitched Together and Wicked Dolls BUT I don't really have a way to get ahold of Vasilisa. Does anyone know how she is going to be presented for purchase in M3e? I'd hate to have to repurchase Hinamatsu later on, just to get Vasilisa, but it looks like putting these two in a box might be something Wyrd does. Any suggestions?
  2. After getting a few games in with Euripides, I thought I'd share few anecdotal opinions. Holy haruspicy, seven 40mm 50mm models take up a lot of space! This crew is so starved for room to move around. I'm planning on downsizing my Gigants to Bultungin or - more likely - Lyssa, ASAP! It sounds WAY different on paper than it looks and plays on the map. Gigants are strongly mediocre. They aren't bad, necessarily, they are just only really good at killing - and only within 8" - rather short for a dedicated ranged model. They could do some shenanigans with triggers for scheming or positioning or melee, but other Savages are better at those things anyway. I doubt I would consider taking them outside a Reckoning or kill comp. Cyclops are amazing! They are absolutely an auto-include for Euripides to me. They scheme and poke with unavoidable damage but most importantly they can set up "bowling balls" for Euripides and really spam the map with ice pillars to support other Savages or control movement. Primordial Magic is an unimposing powerhouse of efficiency. Its best ability is handing out incorporeal (often going to Thoon or Euripides) with a close second being the ability to clear markers around pillars. Don't underestimate the value of this little totem, it's fantastic. Thoon seems lackluster save for his Frozen Trophy trigger. Since he's a beater and a tar pit damage sponge, I never found using his Arctic Pull or Hooked Chain was a better option than just swinging with Chain-Wrapped Fists to stack Shielded or do that sweet ice pillar bury with Frozen Trophy. I suspect he'd get more value in a crew with Geryon since they could beat and sponge while he does ice pillar things. I haven't yet played with Bultungin, Lyssa or Geryon. However, I'll admit I'm most excited by Lyssa. When your map has 10+ ice pillars (my rookie number avg at turn 3), small incorporeal models just sound perfect. They seem to help stagger, lure and generally assist in making sure you keep control of the map. What do you guys think about Lyssa? Any experiences playing them?
  3. I stand corrected... If the Aura were counting, I suspect the syntax would look like this.
  4. There aren't multiple auras in play though? It seems like one aura ability that's relying on a count to determine its effect.
  5. Most Savage models have the following ability: If the model with Frozen Vigor is within 2 of 3 different Ice Pillars, would it gain Shielded +3 and Heal 3? Typically, abilities like this have a "one or more" qualifier. Since Frozen Vigor doesn't have this qualifier so I'm struggling to see why the model with Frozen Vigor wouldn't get benefit from multiple Ice Pillars.
  6. Yup! That's the promo I am inquiring about. Does it apply to purchases made on the wyrd webstore now? AFAIK it was only for in-store purchases.
  7. While we wait for the faction books to be mailed, has there been any update on access to the pdf for those who purchased?
  8. If this is what happened I'm seriously considering cancelling my ~$200 order. I truly hope you are mistaken, because printing out shipping labels when they weren't actually able to ship said order is deceptive. Were they using the shipping labels to "buy time" for product to get to the warehouse? If so, why did Kelly invite us to contact customer service if our product hadn't shipped yet? I'll buy M2E stuff that is in stock at an LGS and get the 3E cards from an online retailer. It won't be my first pick for a crew box but at least I'll be able to play...
  9. Has your order moved out of "pre-shipping"? It seems like a lot are in that limbo.
  10. I hope you're right - I really do - because that means USPS picked up the package Wednesday (or Thursday at the latest) and I should have the package today! Unfortunately, other orders got their "pre shipment" notice last Monday and have yet to receive their package. I hope Kyle does another update or Shannon at customer service has a chance to reply to my e-mail so we can know for sure! btw THANK YOU SHANNON for dealing so kindly with us rabid wyrdos. ❤️
  11. Thanks for the redirect to his post. I missed it! The reason I asked this in the first place is because I had an order that went to "pre-shipment" on Wednesday of last week and hasn't moved from that status. So, either it's still at Wyrd's Warehouse or USPS didn't scan it in. I'm just trying to figure out which. If the order did get split (as Kyle had mentioned) there is no reason for it to still be at Wyrd's Warehouse, which means USPS probably didn't scan? I don't know.
  12. Did orders with both models and books split into two orders? I hope this is the case. At this point, I would have just not ordered the faction book so I could get the crew box to actually play the game.
  13. Did yours move past the "pre-shipment" phase on the USPS tracker?
  14. I was browsing around Wyrd products and found this image for an expansion of Darkness Comes Rattling (the Wyrd boardgame). At first I thought these were malifaux models - unreleased masters or something - and was instantly smitten with the idea of an Ancient Egyptian themed crew. I hadn't thought about this before, but now it's rather surprising that Malifaux doesn't have any analogies for the rich culture, mythos and aesthetics of Ancient Egypt. Wouldn't mummies fit SO well in Malifaux? Not just the zombies-wrapped-in-linen kind but the immortal-cursed-for-love kind. What about flesh-eating scarabs, howling anubis jackals or bast-headed chimera? You know what makes a perfect fit for introducing this kind of theme? The Explorer's Society. Of course it would have to start with a mummy's curse on some poor tomb-robbing "archeologist" sap! Anyway, can I paint an Amenset model yet? She's waited in the sands long enough...
  15. I received shipping confirmation on Wednesday (as I'm sure MANY others did). However, my USPS tracking number still shows this package listed as "pre-shipment". I'm guessing that means it's still at Wyrd's warehouse waiting for pickup from USPS? Does this mean it'll be Tuesday before they'll be picking it up? Thank you guys so much for the updates!
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