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  1. You're implying that updating the community on the status of orders would slow down the process of filling orders? How? If you are suggesting literally every staff member at Wyrd who could update us is out there picking warehouse orders then they are in DIRE need of temp help (and probably an HR or office manager). In any case, Wyrd absolutely should take on temp staff for processing these orders if it typically takes this long during Gencon. Overall, turning around orders in a timely fashion will make them more money and improve customer satisfaction. We could go round and round about whether these process times are healthy for a business this size and argue about how Wyrd should run their business but that just isn't constructive. Rather than do that, however, my original intentions in posting on this thread was just to communicate with other buyers what my order status and items were so we could piece together where Wyrd is at with orders currently.
  2. For those of you who have played Euripides, what strategies/pools is he weak against? In that same vein, what other Neverborn Master would you recommend to shore up those weaknesses? Thanks!
  3. Look, I'm not busting on Wyrd, but it shouldn't take 5 days to process a shipping request. If it does take this long, it means something is wrong. Either Wyrd is under-staffed or they didn't have the supply to meet the demand - whether that be due to delivery scheduling issues from their distributor at Alliance or something else. However, I guarantee you Wyrd has a schedule - whether or not that schedule is public knowledge - I still think it's safe to say they are probably behind it. All that being said: a little update from Wyrd would go a long way! When we have passionate and excited players who want to get their hands this great content, keeping them up to date can make all the difference!
  4. I'll let you all know when I get my order or confirmation of shipment! I made it on 8/1 right after the store came online. The order had both Euripides and the Neverborn book. According to checkout it wouldn't even have started processing until the 12th but that would be a full business week tomorrow. So, it's safe to say they are behind schedule - we'll see how much!
  5. Do we know which models Nekima will have in her crew box? If not, who would you guys guess are in there?
  6. Hmm...then if an Ability can go "into effect", it's implied that Abilities are game effects, in which case Killjoy's Demise is a game effect and the entire Demise game effect would be ignored due to the Bury rules.
  7. I agree with everything you said except this part. I'm glad we've dug down to the core of the question! I can't find anywhere in the book that states (or even suggests) that Abilities are game effects. Abilities like Demise create effects - they aren't effects themselves. Demise is an Ability that causes two effects: a heal effect and a bury effect. The crux of the issue is in the wording of the Bury rule. Here is the entire paragraph: The interpretation you are suggesting would be that Demise (an Ability) is also a "game effect". The interpretation I am suggesting is that Demise is not a game effect by itself, but only an Ability that gives access two game effects (a heal effect and a bury effect). So, the question we need the answer to, in order to discover what interpretation is correct is: "Are Abilities themselves considered game effects"? If Abilities are game effects, your interpretation is correct. If Abilities are not game effects then my interpretation is correct. More broadly speaking, I'd love an actual definition of what a "game effect" is. The rules manual mentions "game effect" 38 times but never defines exactly what it is.
  8. Interpreting the rules in the way you are suggesting has implications for other Abilities. For example, take a look at "Life Leech": Using your interpretation, if - for any reason - the model with Life Leech was unable to use the "and the enemy suffers 1 damage" then it would also be unable to Heal 1 that happened BEFORE it in sequence? Does that really make sense? Would you really rule that if the 1 damage could not resolve against an enemy that the Life Leech model would be unable to heal? This also has implications for many Actions with multiple effects too. For example, look at the "Burn Out" Trigger on Candy's "Glimpse of Insanity": By your interpretation if the target already had Fast then it wouldn't take 2 damage. However, I would respectfully disagree and say the 2 damage the target suffers would occur and has nothing to do with the second effect of gaining (or not gaining) Fast. This is identical to how Killjoy would Heal 4 and that heal effect has nothing to do with whether he is (or isn't) Buried.
  9. The problem is that RAW says it's possible to be UN-ENGAGED and ALSO be unable to walk out of a model's engagement range. What I quoted implies the RAI were for only ENGAGED models to be unable to walk out of an enemy model's engagement range. Until more information is included in a FAQ or errata, I'm going with with the RAI, because the RAW is so ridiculous with regard to the elementary concepts of line-of-sight. For example, how would a disengage work in the case when a friendly model is leaving an enemy model's engagement range but isn't engaged due to line-of-sight? Does the enemy model get to make a melee attack? How? They have no LoS. And if the enemy model can't make a melee attack then does the disengage go un-contested and the friendly model gets their free push? Maybe the devs intended this, knowing the engagement range of un-engaged models could effectively be ignored by a 100% success disengage? Seems unlikely, but possible? Edit: Nope disengage doesn't work either - a model can't even disengage in the above example because it isn't engaged. So this literally means that charging is the only way a friendly model that is in an enemy model's engagement range - but not engaged with them - can move away! Silly!
  10. It's page 26 but yes, this rule provides evidence that the "rules as intended" is for models to be engaged in order to be unable to walk out of a model's engagement range. Until an FAQ or errata, this is a great reference rule if the circumstance arises at the table.
  11. Thank you for the correction! I mis-remembered it as a tactical action!
  12. Hmm, after re-reading what constitutes an "Action" I think you are right - the Demise ability creates an Effect, not an Action. The crux of this issue is whether Action or Abilities can only generate a singular effect or if those Actions and Abilities can generate multiple effects. However, I think I have an answer to that question per the "Sequential Effects" rule on pg 34: This rule seems to support the idea that Actions and Abilities can generate multiple individual effects that literally progress in sequential order - fully resolving each before moving onto the next. This means the heal 4 effect would resolve before we check to see if the bury effect can occur. This makes the most sense as it follows the same resolution process as actions.
  13. Yeah, that's right. I agree with everything you said. My issue is really the implication of those rules regarding Deliver a Message and Take Prisoner as they relate to bury - specifically models that can self-bury like Tara. Literally, all Tara needs to do is Stutter Time on herself at turn 5 and it's impossible to complete either of those two scheme's end conditions. Maybe the developers planned for this kind of interaction and while it's not that big of a deal, it's frustrating to see such a baseline method for VP denial.
  14. Thank you for the quick reply! If you are still interested in Vincent or any of Reva's crew please let me know what plastic Neverborn models you have available to trade!
  15. Where does it say Demise can only be used once per turn? I don't see anything on Demise in the rules manual and Killjoy's ability doesn't have that limit.
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