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  1. I'll take that point but add a caveat that if you're playing on a table where over 20" of movement doesn't allow you to pick what can and can't target you after that turn then the table may need some more thought. Movement should always be taken into consoderation when discussing durability as if you can't catch or target something you can't take it out. I'm not saying it's going to win a game all on it's lonesome but it's going to get work done as well as be a threat that can't be ignored. But I digress as the original point about the Guardians toss being a forgiving tool to mitiga
  2. I find with my Hoffman crew a great boon is having a guardian tossing my own models. Suddenly you have a scary fast hunter with a couple of power tokens on them 10" across the board with a full activation to go. It's a great way to apply early preasure, potentially wipe out an opposing piece or set up for strategies etc. Plus a hunter is something that will take some substantial resources to dislodge for many crews. Hugely helps mitigate deployment flubs too.
  3. The flip is of course that Malifaux is a hobby, one people will hopefully be playing for decades of their lives. I have a huge collection but that's been accrued over a period of 10 years or so. Even on a restricted budget of lets say 5 quid a week you are looking at 260 quid per annum which is a substantial amount of models. So while getting everything at once is hugely expensive 2-3 years of low scale hobbying puts you on par with everyone else if you're consistent and clever with purchases. Plus if you think about it, in a good strong scene you'll only be getting good enough afte
  4. Yup had a game of corrupted idols recently where my opponent rushed to a single corner. As far as possible away from my entire crew. Every single strategy marker fell into that corner amd gave him 4 obscenely easy VPs I bashed all but one of his models managed to get my 4 vps through schemes but he got 1 scheme right at the death to win it. There wasn't a crew change in the world that was digging me out of that clustercuss 😂
  5. I'm really old fashioned and just can't bring myself to buy ready made terrain. 🙂
  6. Generally speaking there's a core of models which are essentials for a faction and do the most work in tournaments and the rest can be take it or leave it. Mostly it's a case of gamer ADD and completionism rather than having huge competitive edge in my opinion. Money and models are great but clever and astute play tends to come out on top.
  7. Well that's definitely encouraging. Yeah I've been lucky I have 4 full guilds so the supply issues haven't hurt me. Similarly I have an extensive Malifaux collection so outside of not being able to get the books I'm not prevented from playing. I think I'll leave it til after Xmas to see if there is more stability in supply then before I try organising any Malifaux tourneys.
  8. Yeah it's a case of if I can't buy it I won't play it here. I have 10 different crews covering 4 factions but people simply aren't interested in playing with loaners while waiting for their own stuff which could be 6 months away from a release. Which is a shame as I think Malifaux is the best skirmish scale game out there. I've even had to repurpose what was supposed to be a Malifaux tournament to a GB one due to non-attendance due to supply issues.
  9. It's already happened in my area. Everyone jumped to Guildball.
  10. Yes that's what has happened to my order about an hour ago. Very admirable of them considering that shipping to Ireland was 24 dollars and that by doing this for a single neverborn faction book they are essentially wiping out their sale of said book by covering a second shipping fee.
  11. There was a reason this question was aimed at a Wyrd staff member. It is a question of whether or not granting early access in light of substantial delays to physical has been considered. An answer from someone with knowledge of the process rather than a standard in due course is what I was seeking.
  12. @Kyle I understand the delays as unfortunate as they are. Have Wyrd considered releasing PDF codes for faction books to Gen Con pre-orders? I'm sure that access to the content digitally would certainly be seen as a welcome gesture for patience and support and go some way towards salving a large amount of the ill feeling.
  13. No I absolutely agree that an estimate is exactly that an estimate. But it's been a poor experience from start to finish. To make matters even more quizzical I ordered several days before a colleague and they have already received their goods. So really can only mark it down as a truly poor consumer experience.
  14. I'm still sitting on unfulfilled status and currently considering whether or not to cut my losses. Stating it would be cleared by the middle of last week and then letting it roll on to a new business week is very frustrating. I've been quite patient up to this but it's now really started to rankle me.
  15. Wasn't there an offer made earlier by Wyrd that due to the original delays people who bought Faction books would also receive a code for a PDF copy? Surely releasing that to waiting GenCon buyers would be reasonable considering they've been hit more so than those awaiting the more general release?
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