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  1. Hi all, Just asking for some info from people who have ordered during Gencon before. Generally how long after Gencon is it until Wyrd post out your items?
  2. I'd be interested in the three Miss sculpts the alt rasputina and Killjoy if you could give me a figure for postage to Ireland 🙂
  3. Hi all, Seeing as how I've been cheeky enough to comment on some members work and to give some limited painting advice I think it was only right I put up my first two crews painted since starting back. Be gentle 😂
  4. It is different as the type of medium the pigment is suspended in in the contrast paints is apparently different. Now i can't comment if glaze medium by Vallejo works as well or if GWs Lahmian medium is also compatible but given that we're dealing with waterbased mediums and paints I can't imagine that substituting one for the other would be a complete disaster 🙂
  5. Very nice work dude really love how Carver turned out in particular. I'mCertainly not advice on how to paint but here's a couple of things I've noticed with contrast: zeninth undercoating still works you just have to go heavier on the grey and white sprays than normal leaving the black only in the deepest recesses. Also I found that a 50/50 mix of contrast paint to contrast medium really got rid of any pooling for me. Enjoy getting M3E compatible.
  6. I second Hoffman; analyse weakness, coupled with armour on the augmented keywords coupled with the fact he has some proper beatsticks within his keyword really helps. Plus with the hunters harpoon guns if you can't always crack the armour you have ready access to pulling them out of position 🙂
  7. Yup I agree toss is great. Tossed Hoffman at an already activated Perdita Ortega yesterday which gave me enough actions with Hoff to box her and place a scheme marker for a crucial VP.
  8. Just for running scheme markers or is there a utility to them that I'm not getting?
  9. As for his playstyle with guild is it basically form a block around him and use the watcher and a single hunter to run schemes?
  10. Forgive the ignorance but isn't Ryle now dead mans hand only? I'd like to keep tournament legal if possible. Cheers for the advice 🙂
  11. Hi all, Very new back to the game having not played since 1st ed. Have a Hoffman crew that I have been playing straight out of the box. Do people have any suggestion for what to add to the crew to make it a bit more well rounded? Hunters are great but I find I'm not getting a huge amount of value out of the Watcher.
  12. And yet I beat the statistics and live in Drogheda 😂 What way was the Cork community organised? was it a case of a weekly meet in a FLGS? Also have you called a Texan a Langer yet? How did that work out?
  13. Yes that's correct. But Cork is the South West coast of the country whereas I'm North-East and a 4 hour drive away. I'm closer to Dublin which is much more populous than Cork with better infrastructure and several gaming stores and clubs but No Malifaux since probably 2013 at the latest hence looking for ideas on how to build a community from the ground up 🙂
  14. That makes a lot of sense. I was just contemplating the hechman role as there's next to no visibility in Ireland for Wyrd. The PP tournament scene died a death over here with the press ganger cull and it just really seems that without some kind of figurehead/organiser non-GW games seem to run out of steam. Has that been your experience too?
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