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  1. Meh didn't really need this, in a way it just subconsciously pigeonholes the model for players who see a characteristic and assume it must before that master
  2. Just change to "cannot be placed touching other models or Terrain"
  3. Most Seamus players will counter with, the fact Pandora can fire his gun more per activation than he can. But yeah realistically I think she is good to go as is, and this could be left alone, the amount of times I see witchling stalkers, strip adrenaline off Toni or chi from yan lo, is amusing bit not game breaking often a hindrance, where having your master buried is more of a pain. Sure they have a resistance to it but longer range and taken in numbers.
  4. Or give it a resist vs wp, and call it a day, because why should witchling stalkers have all the fun.
  5. Ah yes thanks
  6. If it's mediocre why make it harder to cast?
  7. I'm clearly in the minority here but I think the model is still solid, granted a little synergy is lost in collodi crews but all round is still a budget henchmen beater for any Nb master, the one boon I can see, is not relying on collodi so much should the master fall early this model fares better than the rest of the crew who tend to rely on the master alot, with the exception of Vasilisa. The current changes to me seem to eliminate abuse mainly with Collodi but factionwide the change is minimal
  8. It is my understanding that the adze compliments will o wisps, the (2) action of firefly is perfect for the wisps to use, so what appears lacklustre on its own can become very decent with a couple of wisps around.
  9. I have actually played with both in a game I found they complemented each other well, as one if my initial fears was a BBS becoming redundant. Turns out it wasn't the case
  10. Sadly if it were added it would make her an auto include in Lilith or Nephilim heavy lists
  11. All I'd ask is mercenary be returned, has so many fun options even in the neverborn lists I used him in.
  12. Trickster??
  13. Like goes for the first part, I disagree on the second, I like it at 6 as it encourages a bit of risking it to harm, to balance it out, I mean I'd love it to be 10, just being realistic though. Or it would just sit in the backline doing nothing else other than manovering to become a scheme marker.
  14. With the pounce changed that way, you run the risk of getting the trigger off anyway, less tears this way I suppose, I am preferring it try's to stay as a scheme eater, than another combat machine. As I can see these guys pairing up with a tot or silurid or whatever and running off in tandem, flank scheming and hunting down opposing scheme runners.
  15. Yup so why another? Or rather why must all our beaters be that way