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  1. Lordgimpet

    Using Mercs with Titania

    yeah, I literally have him and a sorrow follow him around, with his attacks targeting WP he can be nasty with Pandora also. but yeah he and a sorrow friend can go off and do their own thing or keep him nearby. Bishop is a swiss army knife of a model can deal with most things, and you don't need to have it hang back for later turns like a rider
  2. Lordgimpet

    Using Mercs with Titania

    I've used both Laz, and Bishop with Titania and QC to great effect.
  3. Lordgimpet

    Titania and new neverborn player

    Personally, Barbaros, Sorrows, The Triplets (Lelu Lilitu and Tuco) Nekima, Mature Neph, Silurids, Waltgeist, Insidious madness, Primordial Magic, Lazarus, Gluttony, Lust, Envy and Doppelganger are all models that compliment Titania's box Crew. she can run without other Fae models but Try to keep it to a minimum of no less than 2 Fae.
  4. Lordgimpet

    Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    As someone who has every single NB models, you have to understand that what is considered viable is purely up to the individual. each model has its strengths and weaknesses and when a model is continually used incorrectly by many it is often then incorrectly commented on as being weak or OP depending on the situation. based on your list in the OP depending on what you feel should be improved kind of shows me how you either play with those models or believe how you should use them, so rather than change the models. have you considered changing how you approach their use? moving on to what you believe could be cuddled, I feel you have not really taken into account what other factions are capable of. I can't see how any of those models listed could be causing issues. I mean the Doppelganger, initiative cheating is not the sole reason she is taken often. and the cheat is a lot tamer compared to when she used to cause + flips on the initiative. The rest on the list also don't require adjustment.
  5. Lordgimpet

    The Vasilisa problem

    Simply put player problem, not the model. I don't mean that players who can't work her out are bad, but rather there is a way and a style some models are best played and not everyone enjoys that style. A lot of the models with Neverborn more than any other faction are finesse models. In that, they require a lot of creative play to get the most out of them. Sadly given how long I have been involved with this game, the trend for player direction leans more to whatever is the most simple and obvious. the most killy or something else that is straightforward. I see so many fantastic neverborn models, in particular, get such a bad wrap from the online community because of this. There are plenty of threads about the models themselves so you should know which ones. and after watching how some use them it becomes far more obvious that the model isn't poor but rather it has been used poorly by the player. The only issue I see with Vasilisa other than her sculpt looking like a genderswapped Dr Doom is that she has been relegated by many to only be used only by Collodi yet she is also brilliant in a Pandora or even Zoraida crew. The only way I've been successful in changing one's opinion on how a model performs is by example. once they see first hand how she performs in the hands of a player know knows how to get the best out of her then they may start to look at the model differently.
  6. Lordgimpet

    The Queen revealed

    I really need to get home from the usa to finish my fae tactica post, bit for QC the masses will use it for nekima, however there are far better options depending on what you need done, my persona faves are tuco and Lazarus as the blasts will drop markers, the bonuses applied to rogarou make them a real thorn as well as teddy, heck for a laugh i had it on tannen for a game.
  7. Lordgimpet

    Grow, what's the deal?

    The problem with alot of the neverborn models, is they are not blunt instruments and require more creative thinking to get the most out of the models, Young are great for collect the bounty as you can double dip the points with young if played correctly. For a growth direction it comes down to how the player behaves. If the play the crew with the primary focus of getting as many mature out asap then you will lose as your scoring potential is distracted. However if you go in with the mindset to score vp and treat any growth opportunities as a bonus we then it's just as strong and viable as any list. To sum up players themselves have more impact on list viability than the list itself.
  8. Lordgimpet


    The bandersnatch is a ton of fun, the more you think outside of the box with it the more use you will get, I mean the shenanigans with a bandersnatch and 2 rogarou making the most our of thier pounce, Or from a game I had against Misaki, where it jumped inside Misaki, attacked Yamaziko, who thought Misaki attacked her and hit Misaki back killing her... Priceless.
  9. Lordgimpet


    Neither sorrows or Iggy need any upgrade, I mean sorrows do have one called depression. I feel both models require a little more finesse to get the most out of the models that many seem willing to do, And with the amount of wp duels a fae crew can generate, I believe as more grasp how they work and get the most out of them without getting them removed easily. You will see more and more on the table more often
  10. Lordgimpet

    Thanks For Everything!

    It been a great pleasure bouncing ideas with you back and forth over the course of malifaux 2e, sad the end of gencon drinks at the hardrock has become a final supper of sorts. Sadly I will have to now divert my bribes to Aaron now, All the best man I'm sure we will keep in touch. Even if it's to fine tune that chaos orb upgrade
  11. Lordgimpet

    July FAQ - Leveticus and Malifaux Rat Errata

    Not so, It is actually possible to play both Dreamer and Levi with that scheme in the pool and not give away the VP and not cripple the master in any way. I know the last tournament I was in I never needed to bury Dreamer at all. I know it can be done with Levi also. the reason for the change in GG2016 was in its previous incarnation. it was impossible to get VP for Levi in an assassination situation, which was unfair for opponents as it put them in a situation where they had not choice or control with it in eliminating a scheme they could otherwise score with. Now this puts the choice in the hands of the Levi player as every other scheme does, you feel you can't play Levi well enough not to give up VP automatically, then use a different master for the round. The change was well done considering possible options. not only that the detailed explanation on the design intent of the master and how the changes keep in line and even follow it even closer. given the overwhelmingly positive feedback result compared to the 1-4 sour grapes that feel they have had their toys taken from them, should try it at least or try a challenge and not walk the easy road for a change.
  12. Lordgimpet

    March FAQ

    Blasts actually count on Pandora'a self harm and loathing if in the damage track, that is game changing right there for her
  13. Lordgimpet

    The Doppleganger hall of fame

    If rolling with Pandora and I need more actions I will mimic magical extension off the poltergeist, enabling me to cast one of Pandora's actions, :-P usually my doppelganger has retrobutions eye, so a doppelganger casting self harm/ loathing is fun having the damage ignore armour even better
  14. Lordgimpet

    Scar_hand Painting (Nazroth)

    some awesome looking work you got there