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  1. Kirai's "Vengeance" ability is worded thusly "After resolving an action that targeted and damaged this model, the Attacking model suffers +1 damage." The wording of this has confused me a little seeing as similar abilities such as Misery or Entropy say "... suffers 1 damage" or "... deal 1 damage" Is there some kind of significant distinction in play between the wordings, or is it just an oversight?
  2. Mate, you're cooked they're not about to start dumping more info just because YOU specifically asked them too, be content to wait for your toys like the rest of us.
  3. Can the "Misery" rule present on the "Woe" keyword's models affect a single enemy model more than once off of a single stunned condition? The ability appears to be an Aura, and on page 30 of the rulebook it states that a multiple auras with the same name do not stack but i have seen many people saying that the simultaneous damage from multiple "Misery" triggers is a core component of the "Woe" keyword. How does this work? Example. An enemy model is within ''Misery'' range of Pandora, Candy, and a Sorrow. Pandora afflicts the model with the Stunned condition. Can all three models trig
  4. Is there a distinction between a Push that states "Push the model x'' " and a Push that states "Push the model up to x'' ''? Do i HAVE to Push tge full distance no matter what in the first example, or is there no functional difference between the two wordings?
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