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  1. Hello peoples. So after an interesting (brutal) first game vs Seamus and losing by a bit of a good margin (5v9) I'm not sure what to do on her turns. I read a lot about how strong she is, but I'm garbage with her. Without summoning Tater Tots her teleport spell is extremely limited, and with Belles being able to Lure from across the world he can keep his stuff back so it's difficult to create forests and charge through them. I ended up just using them to block LOS wherever I could. But I just have no idea what makes her good or how to unlock is amazingness everyone talks about. What's her schtick? Do I NEED cards from the Arsenal box? I only have the cards from the Master box. With Seamus bouncing around the board summoning these crazy Belles I just feel like there's nowhere to escape to, and running Tater Tots doesn't matter because they just get pulled wherever and pounced on then killed. It was a 35SS game with lists as follows as best I can remember, there might be a discrepancy. Lilith 5SS cache -Wicked Mistress -Living Blade -Beckon Malifaux Cherub (I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH!) Mr. Graves 3x Tater Tots Illuminated Seamus 7SS cache -Bag O'Tools -...I honestly forget the other upgrades Copy Cat Killer Valedictorian 3x Belles Mr. Graves was so invaluable vs Terror checks and the Cherub was incredibly useful for the reduced action costs. Outside of that, not much happened.
  2. I played my first game last night against Seamus and I was using a Lilith crew. This isn't really a "OMG cuddle EVERYTHING" post, but more of a curiosity. Most summons in the game come into play with half health, but Belles get their full 8hp, and they're remarkably good. Why do they get their full strength after being summoned? Now this was both of our first game of Malifaux ever, so clearly we are noobs. We've played WMH for some years though, and before that we played WHFB so wargaming isn't new to us. Malifaux is, however, so we're still very unfamiliar with the game, models, and abilities.
  3. I'm trying to build a 35 and 50 SS list with Lilith but I only have the upgrades from the Mother of Monsters box. Are those good enough for now? The closest LGS is an hour away without traffic so I don't have easy access to any arsenal packs. Will I still have game as is?
  4. Shame. Nephilim look amazing, but yeah this just doesn't sound like it's worth investing in them. Oh well.
  5. It wasn't in my Lilith box. Can anyone confirm this? I might be missing a card it seems. Maybe I'm not jaded to their damage because I don't know many models yet, but their damage is pretty good, especially since they basically get 4 attacks per turn.
  6. Quick background. Brand new player, haven't played a game yet but hopefully this weekend. Right, so I got Nekima and her upgrade talks about Grow and Mature abilities for Terror Tots but I can't find those abilities anywhere. How do I Grow these things? Even the Pull My Finger entry for Lilith and Lilitu talk about this but as an upgrade. I'm so confused. How does this mechanic work? Also, the general census is that Young Nephilim suck, but I've gone over their cards and they seem amazing to me. Why are they crapped on so much? They have average DF/WP, good WD, and a huge charge with an amazing MI attack. Why do people not like them? Is it their lack of defensive abilities? WD 7 seems pretty difficult to do in a single activation given how hard it is to get severe damage flips.
  7. Good morning my fellow Puppet Masters! I just finished assembling my Coryphee last night so all I need is a Widow Weaver and a couple effigies and my Collodi army is done. But I was going over the Wyrd store this morning and saw Bunraku. I don't know how but I never saw/noticed them before and to my amazement they're puppets! YAY! More wood for the puppet fire! I have never seen them mentioned in Collodi posts though, so are the models new releases or something? Are they good with him or so bad no one talks about them? What's their deal with Mr Fingers?
  8. Alrighty then, looks like Som'er Teeth will be the box I get. Thanks for the help guys
  9. Hello tiny green peoples! So I'm getting into Malifaux in a BIG way! I haven't played any real games yet but I already bought 3 master box sets. However, I haven't grabbed Gremlins yet because I'm curious about their play style. Which box set would you say most closely resembles the insanity, hilarity, and complete disregard for each other's well being like old school WHFB Orcs & Goblins?
  10. Hey Wyrd, can you please bump Titania's box release to September 2016? Thanks!
  11. I was actually looking at Mr Graves because he looks like a bad ass British bouncer lol. I don't know what Mr Tannen does, but I guess he looks ok too. I know Depleted can... um... I guess slingshot each other is the best way to put it. My understanding is that they also spread Brilliance when they die, which is also sweet if true, but their combat stats appear to be god awful. Lilitu is something I want to get for sure, but she's much further down the road when the rest of my collection is more fleshed out.
  12. I'm primarily facing Ressers atm, until I can rope more people into the game. I have no idea if Nekima is any good against Seamus, Molly, and Nico, but she looks so amazing. Question: Of all the stuff I bought, aside from the Coryphee, does ANY of it work at all with Collodi? From what I read only the Hungering Darkness works well(ish) with him.
  13. And I'm back from my LGS with a bounty of Netherborn! I spent WAAAAY more than I was expecting to because Wyrd, you bastards, you make such gorgeous models! Ok, let's see, I got... Dark Debts box set Mother of Monsters box set Nekima Coryphee Unfortunately they didn't have Depleted or Beckoners, so I'm stuck with just Lynch's box set for now, but I'll try and make it work. Outside of the Coryphee, which I got for my Collodi army, I hope the rest of these models can work together. I know Nekima works amazingly well (apparently) with Lilith, and Loki you said Terror Tots work with Lynch, so I think I made some good purchases. Next up I'll have to get Arcanist and Brutal Effigies for Collodi, Teddy, Doppleganger, and... maybe Lilitu and Letu for Lilith, and... Beckoners for everyone!
  14. Awesome, thanks Loki Man, Neverborn has so much cool stuff! I WANT IT ALL!
  15. Hello peoples! So I currently own Master of Puppets box as my first for Malifaux and I'm heading to my LGS tonight in an hour or so to pick up Dark Debts so that I have 2 masters I can play with (I have serious faction A.D.D. in all games I play). There are a few posts on the boards about Mr Lynch but most of them tend to focus on Ten Thunders, or they have questions regarding other masters as well and the focus always shifts away from him. So my question is what is Mr Lynch's actual play style? I LOVE the look of his box, but after reading the pullmyfinger wiki I'm a little confused. Is he basically just a solo running around doing his own thing? Does he debuff? I mean, Hungering Darkness and Illuminated sound amazing but I don't really understand how his box fits together. Lastly, what would you recommend as the next 2 purchases to go along with Dark Debts on the Neverborn side? Thanks
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