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  1. Monday Preview - August 14th

    Is it just me or does he look like he has Saturday Night Fever? Loved this guy during the playtest, he's loads of fun! Hope he's out for Black Friday! Also, I guess he has eyes 👀 somewhere not in this angle?
  2. What to buy next?

    Thanks @Sybaris & @-Loki- for the Nekima Vs Mature thoughts, I've actually got the bits in the mail to finish my Fae-mature! What kind of list would that look like? I was thinking something like this: 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 5 Pool - Living Blade (2) - Beckon Malifaux (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Cherub (3) Nekima (13) - A Thousand Faces (1) Mature Nephilim (11) - Rapid Growth (1) Mysterious Effigy (4) Changeling (4) Changeling (4) Terror Tot (4) 3 big beaters (although Lilith's an all-rounder), the 2 changlings can run schemes or copy attacks as needed (esp, the Mature's as they get the + to attack flip), TOt is pure schemes, as is Cherub (although his bow is not to be underestimated...), Effigy protects Lilith.
  3. What to buy next?

    For me, the only real model that's almost an auto-take is the Effigy. I'm no expert at Neverborn, but Titania is my main master, I love Lilith's playstyle & I have Lynch for 10T... Johan is definitely a staple in a lot of my lists, especially when play Ressurs or Nvb. He's the best Condition removal we've got. And he's a solid beater. Graves is amazing for all three Masters you've got. Then, all you really need is a solid beater, I really like Nekima & would love to hear some support for the Mature as the only reason I see for him is that he can take Ret's Eye. I also like the Hooded rider Vs Ressurs (to hoover Corpses). I've never actually played the Doppelganger, I'm sure she's nice, but I never seem to have room for her. I've never regretted not taking her and I think she's a bit of a crutch for people. With those Masters, I really wouldn't worry about the Widow Weaver for now either, other than with Titania, there's no real Wp shenanigans. She goes much better with the other Masters. Although you can still build a solid Wp sub-crew with Widow, Teddy, Kade & Wisp for 29ss... The Primordial Magic is also going to be mostly for Titania, I don't rate the Gorar at all (although my lists don't include many minions, so there's that too), so the Prim is great for a 2ss Activation & Rush. For Lilith,it's definitely viable, Rush+2 & Wings of Darkness is great, but I really, like the Cherub too and feel Rush +1 & Wings is enough. Its Interact shenanigans can win games and its bow is amazing too! Changelings, whilst very good, fill the same role as Tots, so I don't think are really necessary at this point. Rougarou can be great (esp with Tooth & the Emissary), but I think they're a bit superfluous, same with the Twins... ti just depends how much you're willing to spend. So for me, the only things I think you really need are: Effigy, Johan & Alt-nekima/Nephilim The rest you can add for Flavour.
  4. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    I think it would actually be cool to give Miranda an upgrade that makes her a viable choice on her own... I'd still be psyched to see Imbued Energies draw only if an enemy kills or sacrifices the bearer... That interaction with Miranda is so bogus!
  5. Alt Hungering Darkness

    Usually when I see a model I don't like by Wyrd, it takes a little bit and then grows on me... I think this may be one of the exceptions. The more I look and, the more I think it's too different from the original, which, while not super impressive, had so much potential if they had of kept it's form, just bigger.
  6. GenCon 2017

    Is that a rhetorical question?? Cause the answer's "Hell's yes!"
  7. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Holy Crap!! Ten Thunders at last! They look amazing... are the riding Yoga balls? (I'm assuming they're lanterns, but Yoga balls are much cooler!)
  8. LGBT characters?

    Wow, that actually sounds ridiculously cool! I'd love it if they did that in the movie series... highly doubt it though! Thanks!
  9. LGBT characters?

    Not to pull this back up, but what did Marvel do to the Mighty Thor in regards to the diversity comments?
  10. August 4th - Fenton Brahms

    So Contiones de Rege Flammae is the name of the book? Seriously, who gives a book as a way to cope with pain? I see what you did there!
  11. Newsletter Update

    Has there been a picture with 2?
  12. Newsletter Update

    Thanks for the update @Aaron! Mostly prefer the new Kandara (she actually has her nose ring!), but preferred the first's slender chin. Why do so many models (mostly female) have such puffy cheeks? Kandara has it (although to a lesser degree), Alt-Titania had huge puffy cheeks, alt performer and others... Especially when the artwork for Alt-Titania had a slender elvish face that was (IMO) much better...
  13. July 2017 Errata

    He means he wants those models cuddled... They're the current powerhouses (along with Reva and a few Emissaries) that "everyone" wants "fixed".
  14. Who's this???

    So with the new pic of Broken promises, we get a glimpse of a character in the red background... any idea who it is? From the pose, it really looks like Kirai's Lost Love, but the stitches on the mouth look way off. Thoughts?
  15. Alternate Nekima

    I think I'll be sticking to my two converted Nekimas... One's based off the original metal with some Sylvaneth pieces to make her more Fae-like... & the other is based on the Alt-Barbaros model with a new sword, horns & tail. If I were to get this one though, I'd definitely change the sword... need to see it in the flesh though first.