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  1. Monday Preview - The Undying

    I would have hoped that it was also within your power to find out what was going on... But I guess not!
  2. February Chronicles

    Looking forward to giving it a read. Was hoping there would be a Minako Vs Manos story in there though... I thought it being aimed at a March release? There's absolutely nothing about it in the Chronicles that I could see (nothing overt anyway).
  3. Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    I'd highly doubt it has Swampfiend because you know, it doesn't come from a swamp and their creation is very different...
  4. Yan Lo tactica!

    So I'm thinking about something along the lines of this: Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: Yan 50ss Leader: Yan Lo - Cache:(4) Awakening 1ss Follow Their Footsteps 1ss Reliquary 1ss Soul Porter 3ss Toshiro 9ss Command the Graves 1ss Asura Roten 8ss Carrion Emissary 10ss Ancestral Conflux 0ss Night Terror 3ss Rotten Belle 5ss Crooligan 4ss Crooligan 4ss Lots of synergy in this list. Crooligans and Belle (& Toshiro) can all copy Asura's attacks as well as summoned Zombies and because they're Ml Attacks, Toshiro gives all the minions to the Undead Minions attack. Crooligans can also later lower the enemy's Wp for Yan's GLowy mouth attack. Asura will summon a Mindless Zombie turn 1 (giving me 10 activations), then I'll probably be keeping the Quarantine markers, depending on which is better... The Emissary will be trying to get one each turn from the Shards too. The MZs will be used to gum up the enemy and do their best to have to be dealt with with extreme prejudice and give me Chi. Toshiro can also turn their corpses back into Ashigaru. The Night Terror is the Turn 1 sacrificial lamb, he moves up no more than 7" (or 11 with Soul Porter push) from Yan Lo. Soul Porter pushes Yan, who charges, aiming for severe on the first attack and killing on the second; for a total of 3 Chi T1 with 2AP spent and 10" up the board. He can then walk, take a pot shot at something, Lightning Dance (with Ca 8!), whatever. The Belle can also Lure someone into range too. He'll either ascend into Ash or Spirit turn depending on what's better. The Soul Porter (or Belle) will also help move the Emissary up so he'll get Fast when Yan Ascends. Then T2, Yan will hopefully gain some chi through deaths (GoGo Zombies!) before activating so he can swap into Blood Ascendant to get Casting Expert. If not, I'll still have 4 Chi after Focus Chi. It just depends if I want Ca5 and Casting Expert or better Ca. Bone could be an option too (ideally, there's lots of death and I can get both!). Then go from there... Turn 1 summary burn activations with Asura, MZ, Crooligans in any order, Night Terror moves up Toshiro gives Belle Fast Belle moves up either Lures enemy (maybe twice!) or Lures up Emissary & Yan Soul Porter gives Yan a push and walks Yan does his Schtick Emissary (with Fast) does stuff This plan is very basic and flexible. If there's a good choke point or LoS corridor that needs blocking, the Emissary might go first. Alternatively, I could play more cagey and hang back, Luring something into my deathtrap. Cards required Turn 1: 1 card discard for Focus Chi 1 Severe to damage the Night Terror, plus any cards to cheat to ensure that happens. It's Yan's Ca6 Vs Night Terror's Df3, so Yan only needs to win the attack duel by 3 to make it a straight flip. Optional 5s for the Belle's Lures (if luring my own stuff) 8 (preferably) for Toshiro's War Fan 7 for Emissary's Shards of Kythera Yan can also re-summon Emissary or Toshiro as needed, but Reliquary is the upgrade I'm least sold on. Tempted for Kharkhara still as I can get 3 Chi Turn 1, then just go whack-a-mole turn 2 with Bone Ascendant without the need to worry about how much Chi I have. The list is fairly flexible, can swap out Toshiro, Crooligans and the Belle if needed for 23ss. This is theoryfaux at this stage, so please tear it apart!
  5. Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    I'm guessing you mean Ca7, not Chi 7?
  6. Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    I wonder if Wyrd is going to post the rules online for these... Otherwise, I think this will be the first time a model and stat card has come out before the book.
  7. Monday Preview - The Undying

    I'm really curious about how the Resser models are linked together. On the 10T side, you've got Minako, who makes the Katashiro and the Wanyudo (guessing from the TTB book entry) is the tortured head of some poor evil sod (possibles a member of the evil sorcerer club that turned Manos). But what about the Ressers? You got a non-Asain (but loves to Cosplay) corrupted, traitor Assassin from the Order of Balance. How does he connect to the mourners with their Victorian aesthetic and the Grave Golem?
  8. Backdraft Story Encounter

    Sorry for the double post, but here's a size comparison with Groot... I know the quality isn't great, but you get the gist
  9. Backdraft Story Encounter

    There they are
  10. Backdraft Story Encounter

    The back middle guy looks a lot like the Fire Golem from the picture
  11. Can you make it so we can download it? I usually listen to podcasts on my phone away from wifi.
  12. January 2018 Errata

    It'd be amazing if they made the errata cards into a pdf, that'd make printing them (or just having a digital copy) super easy.
  13. Monday Preview - The Undying

    They look fantastic! Personally, I don't think anything is going to be dual faction. Minako and Manos seem to be mortal enemies and Minako didn't have any special connection to Yan Lo in the Wave 5 story. Manos might be an Ancestor, but I think that's about the only Yan Lo synergy we'll get characteristic wise. Katashiro also could quite easily be Oni if they are indeed made out of paper. The Wanyudo too.
  14. Monday Preview - The Undying

    Love this so much! I play both Ressers and 10T, so this is pretty much a must buy. Manos looks amazing, I love that whole Asian feel. If he has Yan Lo's Harvest Chi, he'll also go fairly well with Kirai as there tends to be a lot dying, so he should gather a fair amount of Chi. Looking forward to next week's Minako!
  15. Returning lucius buys

    Sorry, can you spell this combo out a bit more? I'm having trouble seeing what makes it amazing. How do you get free Backstabs?