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  1. So once again, this guy hasn't changed... but this time I've actually had a test game to somewhat back up my feelings of this guy! First off, I really liked him! (I know, I was surprised too! )... However, I feel I must repeat my petition from last week... Now, for me, the biggest thing for this model is to make Frozen Runes cheatable. I only got to do it once, and really, I didn't care what I got, but I can definitely see there being times I do care. Get a must-kill model down to HtK? Hagalaz his heinie! Cyclops or another friendly model down to HtK? Uruz to the rescue! Need a Scheme Marker in a difficult to reach place? Well, you get the picture! If there's only one Scheme Marker you can Frozen Runes, then this gives it at least an appearance of control. It's definitely not going to break the game as you have to have the right suit in you hand of a low enough number you're actually willing to throw away at this. I'd still like the Ice Wall to either get a slight range boost... In our game, we were simply removing the Corpse/scrap marker, but I think if we had of left them on the table, it would have been super hard to place these. I know a lot of people do this, but really, they probably shouldn't especially if you're up against Raspy/Carrion and so on... this guy has it even harder as he's so limited in where he can place the wall. I don't know how you could do this though, make it non-Corpse/Scrap Markers?
  2. Pretty much this! I'm really happy with these guys being Fae. Going back to what we're here for though, I did have a playtest game with one of these fellas and while good, definitely is at the mercy of what schemes your opponent picks. The schemes were Dig their graves (awesome for Bultangin), Leave your mark (decent), Tail Em (useless), Last Stand (useless). My opponent took Leave your mark, but the Raptor was always hiding in the far corner out of LoS scoring with Practised Production. He also took Tail 'em. So I only got one scheme Marker I could trigger Careful Hunter off... On the first turn... when he was miles away from anyone... So I'd like this Ability to become an aura (possibly around 6-8"), having it go off when an enemy model drops a Scheme Marker across the board feels odd... However, have Careful Hunter trigger from Friendly Scheme Markers. This is super fluffy as it's what the Fae do. To prevent this getting out of hand, limit Carful Hunter (to around +3-4, maybe?). Scavenge is the same. There were absolutely no opportunities to use it as there were no Scheme Markers. If I could have discarded my own however it would actually see use no matter wheat your opponent does. Maybe add a TN? But really, with a range of 2" it's hard enough to do as it is... I also didn't have any chance to use the Knives to go for the Trigger, or do Taproot, which was a little unfortunate, but that's life (or death as he was unceremoniously Immolated before his third Activation...)! I had to jump through a few hoops to trigger Stalking Pounce once (Hannah stealing a Performer's Siren Call), but that's more on me as the only friendly push I had was Titania's Deal with Him trigger (I have dreams of this doing 3 attacks though, push Stalking Pounce, Knives triggering Unfinished Hunt... A thing of beauty!) This might sound like I don't like the model, this couldn't be further from the truth, I loved him, but Careful Hunter & Scavenge are just so enemy dependent & with Scheme Markers being the Fae's thing, it really doesn't have to be and would solidify him as a Fae mechanically. IMO at least!
  3. Agree with the change of wording for the Minions part. But I don't see why it had the Ignoring Upgrade Limit it had in the first rendition. I had a game last night & I actually subbed Serena out for Johan at the last minute because I couldn't take Warped Reality & A Thousand Faces on the Cyclops and I didn't have any other Nightmares or models with Black Blood. From my post in the battle report thread: This way, she'd at least have two Nightmares to sync her abilities off... & if the crew is made up of Nightmares/Black Blood models anyway, well, you got two models with From the Shadows!
  4. Hooray! I got a game in and contribute more than my not-so-humble opinion! Bengt & I had a game on Vassal last night & here’s a rundown on what the playtest models did. Sorry, I couldn’t do a play-by-play, but it was late & I do need to concentrate on the game too! Hopefully, Bengt will come on later & add his own thoughts. Deployment: Standard Deployment (2) Strategy: Guard the Stash (Crows) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Dig Their Graves (Crows) - Titania * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) - Kaeris * Tail 'em (10) - Both * Last Stand (13) Titania + 4 Pool - Behold My Glory (1) - Taproot (1) - The Queen's Champion (2) Primordial Magic (2) Hannah (11) - Malifaux Provides Cyclops (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Johan (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Grootslang (6) Bultungin (5) Mysterious Effigy (4) Kaeris 5 - Arcane Reservoir 2 - Blinding Flame 1 - Purifying Fire 1 Union Miner 5 Performer 5 Kandara 7 - Human Guise 0 Ferdinand Vogel 8 Large Arachnid 6 Angelica 6 - Practised Production 1 Malifaux Raptor 3 Arcane Effigy 4 T1 Cyclops – double walk BJ Ice pillars Vogal double walks Hannah copies Lair to Lair and is able to charge a Large Arachnid, killing it with a RJ damage flip. Lucky! Grootslang Lair to Lairs with Masks trigger (lucky flip) attacks Vogal with tongue twice doing 6 damage & Poison 4, drops to 1wd after poison. (luckily for him, he was about ½-1 out of the claws or he would have been toast. Kandara double walks Perform drops a scheme marker which triggers Bultangin’s Careful Hunter from half the board away (a good 18+” Bultagin double walks EoT Bultangin pushes an inch, nothing in range. T2 Titania wins Initiative, charges Vogal & kills him Peform Siren Calls Grootslang off his Lair. Kaeris Flaming Haloes Grootslang, charges & kills him. Cylops walked, attacked Kaeris for 3 (both had no hands to cheat), does Frozen Runes, gets another scheme marker & gives Kaeris Slow (the Arcane Effigy would have been the better choice here) Bultangin walks, give Kaeris Tail ‘Em Hannah steals the Performer’s Siren Call on the Bultangin, pushing him into the Arcane Effigy & does Weak. T3 Kaeris kills Bultangin with Flare & two Immolates Titania gives Cyclops a small boost Cyclops charges Union Miner, kills him with 2 weaks (I saved cards for this to cheat), then casts Ice Pillars blocking the Performer Kandara switches to Mantle of Flames, flings knives at Effigy, hitting mods both times & give Burning 1. Johan charges Kandara getting a single hit for a mod. Turn 4 Kandara regens 2 walks to get LoS on Mysterious, throws a knife out of engagement to kill it. Johan focuses & kills Kandara Kaeris flares Cyclops & kills him with 3x Immolates, getting lucky sever on the second to take him to HtK then third killed him Johan Focuses and does Weak to Kandara Turn 5, I win Initiative, Johan Focuses & kills Kandara End result: 8-6 to Titania Thoughts First off, this was a fairly bloodthirsty game, I think we both consistently hit (even though I was often on -1AV) with our attacks so models were dying very quickly. Grootslang – Super like this guy, hugely mobile, took a bit of killing, very hitty when in base contact with a lair marker. Definitely think these guys compete with Stitched & Waldgheists. Great combo as well with Hannah as they remove her biggest drawback of being so slow. If I was going to say anything about these guys I’d say they shouldn’t be able to be pushed away from their Lairs, as I think that’s fluffier, but it’s probably way too strong. Probably my pick of the bunch this game as he was impressive on the offense (with a bit of luck) and my opponent put a fair bit of effort into killing him (Siren Call & 3 AP from Kaeris) Cyclops – was pleasantly surprised by this guy. I got to use everything he had and was very impressed. He also held up pretty well. He was on 8 wounds when Kaeris attacked him and he needed a mod+severe to get to HtK then another hit. It took a Master’s entire Activation to kill hem and still needed a little luck (that said, Kaeris isn’t the hittiest of Masters, but she can turn it on when she wants). Really like everything about him but I’d still really like Forzen Runes to be cheatable. I wouldn’t have done it this game, but if there’s only one Scheme marker & you really need one result, it would be nice to have some control & I really don’t think it’s game breaking in the slightest as it has a reasonably high cost of a card & the effects aren’t super strong. As it is, it’s kind of like a nice bonus. I also didn’t have any troubles placing the Ice Pillars due to Markers this game other than Turn 1 when I had to move him slightly differently because of the Lair marker. I still think it could be a big issue though if I were up against rezzers or say Ramos. Bultangin – Didn’t really get to shine this game & I got lucky to get one Stalking Pounce off. That said, the crew’s not really designed around it with the only friendly Push being Titania’s Deal with him trigger. It may have stopped my opponent choosing Dig Their Graves, which could have been useful. I have a few suggestions for this guy, first I think Careful Hunter should have be an aura rather than just LoS. Doing this from my DZ felt a bit off. In exchange, let it be effected by Friendly Scheme Markers too so it’s not completely dependent on the enemy. Maybe Aura 8 & cap at Creeping Forward +4-6 so it doesn’t get ridiculous with Titania or against Parker? Same goes for Scavenge, which I never had a chance to use, as there were only two enemy scheme Markers, one in the opposite corner & the other disappeared at the end of Turn 2. Serena Bowman – Now I didn’t use her, but I was going to, right up till the point Bengt pointed out that the Cyclops couldn’t take Warped Reality & A Thousand Faces as the Upgrade no longer ignore restrictions. Then I dropped her for Johan. Looking back, I have no regrets. I didn’t have any healing, but she wouldn’t have been ain any position to use it anyway (although Hannah would’ve, which would’ve been nice actually; as she can also SS the Ram). I think it’s a real shame Enforcers can’t take this and another upgrade anymore. Another idea I had was to up Serena to 8ss, but reduce Warped Reality to 0ss and make it Rare 2. This means you can’t have a whole crew with From the Shadows and gives her at least two Nightmares to give Black Blood to for her abilities. This crew didn’t have any Nightmares or Black Blood, so Johan was the much better choice I think. On to the Arcanists! First off, I’ll say that Bengt wasn’t terribly impressed, but I’ll let him explain why, my thoughts might be a little different. Ferdinand – I was really scared of this guy and put a bit of effort into killing him. Bengt over-extended him which allowed this, which was a mistake. That said, if he had’ve won initiative turn 2, activated Ferdinand first and gone into Beast mode from 1wd, that would have been really pants for me & the game would have been very different. Hard to know as he's very hit or miss. Kandara – Now this model is kind of tricky, she’s only 7ss so she can’t be too good, but she just seems like too much hard work for the user. Facing her, I kind of ignored her a little as I only had Johan & the Effigy on that side of the board and she’s too hard to hit with Human Guises and doesn’t hit very hard. She had to put a lot of effort into killing the Effigy as she just didn’t get any severes on her throw attack. Between Regen 2, & Human Guises, she’s very hard to deal with if you don’t have built in + to Attack. If you do then, I think she’ll have a very hard time. Johan had to Focus to have a chance of hitting her. On the offense, she’s not great without Mantle of Flames, which as said, leaves her very vulnerable and even with it, really needs Severes. I’d like to see Divine Strike built in on Glint of Knives (as ATM, I think Throw is the better attack) & go off on a Moderate or Severe damage flip. Then, at least she wouldn’t be so card heavy. Finally, something for the next Errata, I really feel strongly that something needs to be done about Practiced Production. It either needs to be in LoS (in this game there was no actual way to get to the Raptor without Flight or Incorporeal and it was out of LoS to everything. Giving it a Range wouldn't hurt either, but I think the LoS is more important as ATM, it's almost a given 3VP in Leave Their Mark and a few other schemes and isn't interactive with the other player at all. Also, there's so much more a Raptor could be doing (in this game, it attacked Hannah twice (forcing a high card for Defence & a Soulstone) & killed Johan. These guys are way too solid to be off hiding in the corner not doing anything.
  5. Oh wow! I want this, but I don't play TTB (nor am likely to start since I don't have anyone to play with... ), will any of this appear in a Malifaux source book?
  6. One of the things I love about this company! They (usually) listen to the community and make solid choices! Personally, I would have gone with daggers, as they have a more sneaky, brutal feel than knives, but whatevs...
  7. Looks like she'll go amazing with Banasuva which is great to see! Might actually convince me to pick up Sandeep...
  8. Agree with @-Loki-, Fae are chock full of Minions, Bandersnatch, Bultungun (if they keep Fae, which I hope they do), the Autumn Knights, Rougarou. Another Minion isn't needed. An Enforcer/Henchman Fae would be lovely, especially for Taproot & any other Fae-restricted upgrades that are released in the future. Neverborn do have a lot of Enforcers, but Fae most certainly don't. Would like it to become a little easier to use though. We mentioned lots on Ice-pillars. However, would it be broken if Frozen Runes were cheatable? The only thing I can think of would be with Lynch as dropping all those Aces would be evil, but it costs a (0), needs scheme markers, and costs cards; so I think it's power is still quite limited. However, if there's one Scheme Marker that simply must go or you get a must kill enemy down to HtK then being able to cheat if there's only one Scheme Marker within range would be amazing. I'm one of those people that likes consistency and control and this Action is anything but. For me this just cripples it.
  9. I've come to agree with @-Loki- on this one. It's Wyrd's world & they can do what they want with it in the fluff & I have no doubt they'll make it awesome. Since it's a native Malifaux beast, who knows whether it influenced us or we influenced it. There must have been some breaches to Africa for the Abyssinian Empire to rise, so many Bulgintuns were Fae who snuck through. It would be awesome if they were actually in the same family as Rougarous but either were'nt deemed as dangerous, or took the other side... Looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on this book anyways! Hopefully there's a bit more fluff on the Fae!
  10. Enforcers can also take upgrades. Neverborn have some good ones with Ret, Provides, Mimic's. Being a Minion only provides synergy with 2 Masters: Lucius and Collodi. All the others couldn't care less and it's 100% strat/scheme dependant. That said in a glance they are very similar to Rougarou, but the effects are very different other than they both cause damage and have HtK.
  11. Yes, but Dark Energies is not the be all and end all of this model's schtick... you're probably taking him for the blocking marker, his punch/spew, scrap generation, & yes, Dark Energies. All that combined. Sure he does need a tweak, but I'm not sure it's as severe as people think...
  12. Cool concept but I don't think it would work for as Adran said: For the idea to work, they would need to basically do what they've done with Vogal, have two star cards & two models. Whilst they might include a statue marker, I doubt it as they haven't produced models for the plethora of other markers out there. It might happen, I just doubt it at this stage. I still think either of these are the simplest and best ways to go about Cursed Statue and changing up the Fist attack with some special effects at the cost of damage to differentiate him from Izzy! As for Dark Energies, other than keeping it till the start of the Statue's next Activation, I think it's fine. Ten Thunders are getting a few more Ca attacks to go with what we've got. From what I can find, this includes: Mei - Vapormancy Lynch - Play for Blood, Final Dept Emberling - Fan the flames if targeting Construct Huggy's Tendrils Yan Lo - Spirit Barrage Shenlong - Burn Like Fire Soul Porter - Bladed Spear (I was surprised by this too!) Yin - The Fear Behind the Eyes Mr. Tannon - Bore to Tears Chiaki - The Calling ( as someone who takes Chiaki a lot, I get a lot of use out of this) Shadowy Emissary - The Angry Winds Lust - Heartbreaker Obsidian Oni - Flames from the Heaven Charm Warder - Chi Blade Lotus Eater - Cleave the Essence Beckoners - Desperate Promises Stited Together - Gamble your Life Mercs & other Infiltrators(?) That's a decent list. Now most of these aren't mainstay actions, which is probably why we're the faction that gets this ability. Really could you imagine if Arcanists got a hold of this ability? It seems like a bit of a prop for some lesser used models & actions which I really like. However the rest of the model needs to be useful too. Hence why I think the changes to Fist, Cursed & Dark Energies to the next activation would make the model fine & dandy in a lot of crews, just not the current ones which is only a good thing.
  13. Double post, but it's been three days, so I feel it's justified... So now we've seen the artwork I'm even more excited for this model! I think it's in a good place. But don't like the disparity between the HATCHET written on the card when the model clearly isn't carrying anything remotely like an axe! Maybe change it to Dagger or broken dagger? Also, it doesn't look very Fae-like to me... African hyenas and European faeries? But I don't mind this that much depending on the fluff... And I do like the small synergy with Taproot
  14. Yes, and those models are infamous for it. Just because there's a precedence for (imo) bad practice, doesn't mean it should continue. Not when there's such an easy fix to change the stat card. Is it important mechanically, No,however it doesn't look good (imo) and could cause confusion. Now if the other models in the box have hatchets, that would be ok... But the artwork we've seen clearly shows some kind of dagger... It would be like the Yokai's card saying they're equipped with boomerangs (a little extreme example, but you get the point!). Completely agree with the second paragraph.
  15. Me too! He should have a purple background through... Really like the ware-hyena look from its real world roots! On the model's card it says it attacks with a hatchet, which is a tad different from the dagger seen here. Also, Ten Thunders next week please! Love your work!