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  1. So for me, the core of the Neverborn are The Trio (TM), the 3 witches, the hag, the mother and the maiden. In other words, Zoraida, Lilith & Pandora. The rest really are their own separate entities really, coming and going as they please. Now The Trio's aims seem to be (in order of priority): Preserving Malifaux & the Neverborn race Destroying the Tyrants Removing the stain that is the human race from OUR world! So with these in mind, why don't you think they teamed up with Titania? Their aims seem to be identical. Titania wants (again in order of Priorities): Preserving the world of Malifaux Destroying the Tyrants Reclaim her rightful position as Queen of Malifaux (maybe in place of 1&2, depending on if she would sacrifice herself to save the world, I think she would as that was what drove her to bargain with the Grave Spirit, lose her eyes & life) Restore the Fae (maybe in place of 3) Remove the vermin known as humanity from Malifaux Do something about the Neverborn... It's not clear what she intends, but IMO, her short term goals are to treat with them as allies before taking rulership of them in the long term... it's not like she's dying anytime soon! So clearly, I would have thought the whole enemy of my enemy is my friend approach would have been a good starting point for The Trio. Afterall, Titania was the one who defeated the Tyrants in the first place. One would suppose she could do it again. Whilst The Trio believe (through half forgotten legends) she betrayed her people, they don't know how and to what extent. If they did, then I'd assume Lilith at the very least would have attacked straight away as she tends not to like necromancy and Titania's bargaining with the Grave Spirit sort of released that in Malifaux... On the other hand, since Lilith decided to refuse the Autumn Queen's offer of alliance, why don't you think Lilith didn't attack? Sure, she wasn't certain of a quick victory, but every moment she delays, Titania is rebuilding her strength too... She had an army of Nephillim (including a fair few matures), Pandora & her woes and a bunch of other Neverborn... Titania has her Autumn knights and whilst we don't know numbers, it didn't really sound like their was a lot of them. My money's on the Neverborn. (Note: This would have destroyed the fluff for Titania, so from a company aspect, this result would have been rather silly!) They could have at least had a bit of a tussle, now Lilith looks super weak; again helping Titania recruit a heap of Neverborn into her ranks, a number which should only grow. Also there's the strong possibility of Nekima joining up with the Autumn queen now; to spite her sister, if nothing else! So really, this confrontation seems like a disaster for The Trio. Thoughts?
  2. No worries! &remember, there's no such thing as silly questions... Silly people on the other hand...
  3. I thought so too at first, but Sensei Yu gave it Fast earlier in the turn. @InvokeChaos. Really love the last WTF Killy list! Will have to give it a go! Shenlong might also really benefit from Misdirection in that crew as you've got Defensive for mask fishing and he wants to be in the thick of it.
  4. I've had the Pale Rider used against me, and to be honest, I would probably have been more scared of a Peacekeeper. Hits harder and is tankier. I actually like the Hooded Rider, use him against ressers, as he can get high damage to get around HtW and Incorporeal and can remove corpse markers which can be critical against Nico and Reva. I've mostly played him with Titania to get Queen's Champion with Ret Eye. He also makes a great taxi for something like Johan. Comparatively, I just find the Dead Rider boring. Are there any upgrades you'd consider? I'm thinking about using him in a Reva crew with My Little Helper. Pop MLH on turn 2 the extra card and defence, then send him in as hopefully he can't be targeted... Thoughts?
  5. If InvokeChaos turns you down and by father, you mean legitimate owner and children, plastic miniatures by Wyrd; I'll gladly accept!
  6. So is it that they're all just mostly over-costed then? Would 10-11ss solve most of the problems (Mech excepted?) The other thing I think that would actually go a long way to fixing all the Riders is if they didn't deduct one when determining how many suits they get ie. they would get one special suit turn 1, 2 on turn 2, etc... @Ludvig or @Fetid Strumpet have you used the Dead Rider or seen it used to good effect? Also @Ludvig. Could you please explain how the push trigger makes them unable to hit you or a pseudo Slow? It pushes the target into base contact with the Rider so what is stopping him/her wracking it?
  7. my 2c on the Neverborn/Guild goodie/baddie debate... I stand pretty firmly in the camp of the invaders are generally always bad. Look at their motivations and see if you can give me one example that's not utterly selfish. The Romans didn't expand to help their neighbours, but to conquer them, look all high and mighty and feel pretty chuffed/self-important and make life better for Romans. Same could be pretty much said of the British Empire. They certainly didn't invade/colonise (personally, I don't see a difference here) India, Oceania, the US for the natives benefit... That said, that doesn't make the natives good, as you pointed out, the Aztecs were pretty horrible, but on the whole, the Australian Aboriginals tended to be pretty chilled, as the the American Indians (yes they had a fair bit of internecine mix-ups, but which culture (especially a tribal one) hasn't?). Putting this back into the setting of Malifaux & the Otherside. The Guild are totalitarian jerks, they don't care for naught but their own power, maintaining a stranglehold on everything they control and exterminating everything they can't. Sure, the Neverborn aren't exactly the most friendliest of critters and out of all of them, I'd actually say that Lynch (one of the HUMANs) is actually the worst. Sure he's in a giant pickle, but it's basically entirely as a result of bad decisions he's made and now he's consciously spreading a horrifying corruption through his own kind that poisons their mind, warps their bodies and ultimately leaves them as burnt-out husks. Lilith, Pandora & Zoraida are actively trying to save both worlds and protect their own kind. Titania is set to trying to putting a long-overdue final nail in the Tyrants' coffins. They also had no intention of ever invading Earth. By saying the Guild are justified in raping the World of Malifaux of Soulstone because Earthside magic was dying is like saying someone who loses all their money at a casino is justified to break into someone's home, kill the owner and live happily ever after. So yes, while the Neverborn aren't necessarily good (note, as far as I'm aware, there's been no fluff about what the neverborn were up to between the end of the war with the Tyrants and prior to the opening of the first breach. Perhaps they were dancing around the fire toasting the Neverborn equivalent of marshmallows?) From what we know of Neverborn history (to my knowledge) Titania ruled the Fae through a set of ancient laws and traditions. A group of Fae left the Autumn Court and built the city of Malifaux and founded the arts of Science. through the arts of science, there was no disease and some extended their own lives almost indefinitely. For the most part, up toll now, this was the Golden age. those select few got bored and put their "genius" to new and rather unpleasant pursuits. the rest of the Fae battled against these new tyrants, but such was their power that their victory seemed assured. Titania made her pact with the Grave Spirit, Kythera was build. The phsyical forms of the Tyrants were destroyed, their souls imprisoned The Fae don't like Titania's dealings with the Grave Spirit, Nythera is built, Titania imprisoned & Kythera switched off. The throwback of the magics cause much of the remaining Fae to devolve into the Neverborn (suposition on my part here) An indeterminate amount (but I've inferred it was a long while) of time goes by where we have almost no idea what the Neverborn get up to ... ... ... ... The first Breach opens... From this point we kinda know what happens So really, none of the Neverborn's acts as a whole seem inherently evil. Sure the Tyrants were utter jerks, but so were Hitler, Starlin, and most rulers the world has seen (including all those invading Roman Emperors/British kings).
  8. So, I still remember the good old days (or through rose tinted glasses!) back in M1E when the Dead Rider was a beast! Now, however, he seems to be lacking a lot of that shine. I hardly see any discussion about him on the forums and it seems Izamu is all the rage for a front-line beater model. So what I'd like to ask you is thus: Does the Dead Rider need fixing? If so, what? Would a 0ss upgrade do the trick, or is an errata in order? For me his biggest problem is that he really only has one thing going for him, his attack... and really it ain't all that great. On the pure offensive side: Hank has a better damage track as well as Nimble & Flurry, Yasunori with triggers can do insane amounts of damage (if the stars truly align, he could potentially get 3 charges with Fast & Asami for 8 Attacks, plus (0). He also has 12wds & Armour 1 from the start. As for the other Riders, Hooded has the same damage track turn 2onwards without extra Masks, he also has mobility tricks and his scrap & Corpse removal can be amazing against certain crews + there's also Ret's Eye. Mech has summoning, nuff said there. The Pale Rider can also pump out great damage as well and has a Push & Scheme, which could help Guild pre-Nellie. As for his Push Trigger, well, we have Belles for that and unless you're flipping/cheating Crows, which complete with most of our stuff, it's 2" per attack turn 2, 4" turn 3 and 6" turn 4+. So on to fixing him, I had a couple of thoughts, first buff what he does already, + to attack, +1 melee, + to the Scythe, make the Scythe ignore stuff (my preferred one here is HtK as as a faction, ressers lack ways to deal with it (other than copious amounts of poison!)) etc. The other one that could deffo be improved is Revel in Pain, this is by far the weakest of the Riders' (0) actions. All the others' just happen, Dead needs to flip a 6 (+turn 2), then he needs to be within 3" of an enemy (all the other Riders (0) don't interact with the enemy), then he actually needs to hit, which is nowhere near guaranteed. It wouldn't be as horrible if the Scythe were upped as per above, but I actually think it might just need changing to give him some for of flexibility... Other things that could be done from his fluff could be a heal, as he patches himself up with the bodies of those he kills, either as a straight Regen or a new (0). Or something to do with all the Soulstones he supposedly steals. So having said all that, here is my errata: Scythe receives + & maybe ignores HtK Revel in Pain is changed from make an attack to this model heals two damage for each enemy model it kills this Turn. Your thoughts? If you think He's fine, great! Maybe post your tactics to help the rest of us improve!
  9. It's strongly implied that VoB is Df7, how do they do that? I thought she was only Df6... What about Yu or Shen using WRS to push her and give her Slow? What's the rest of the Vik crew typically look like?
  10. Dagnammit! I was so close! Now I just had to make an order...
  11. Thanks for you time with us @Lindsey Your legacy will always remain with Cinnamon! I wish you all the best in your new adventures! On a completely unrelated note, if Wyrd would like to fly me and my family and relocate us to the US, I'd be happy to be the new Games Designer!
  12. Welcome Alyssa! Your artwork is amazing, I loved the self-portrait video, it was very eye-opening to see a computerised artist at work! Titania and the mystery models also look incredible! As for the medusa lady, I'll just leave this here for my guess! becomes That's right, you heard it here first, the Trickster becomes medusa-lady! Chompy really did a number on her if I'm right! Also, the gremlin thingy's face really reminds me of Green Goblin!
  13. Yes, but I find the fact you have to go through all these hoops ridiculous. There are those that don't have communities or henchmen (or in my case anyone nearby and miniature games being basically non-existent in japan). I wouldn't have thought it unreasonable to have the guilder models for sale during the limited sales. That way, those whom are lucky enough to be able to get the guilders can still get them for free and those who can't still have an option to purchase them.
  14. I'd love all the Guilders models to go Limited Sales stores... for those of us that don't have communities it's super hard to get them for a somewhat reasonable price... $5/Guilder seems about right to me.
  15. Will the alt Titania be available for the Black Friday sale? I'm trying to limit my Wyrd store purchases to once a year... You know to help the LGS and all that...