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  1. Just be careful with the number of OoF models you go... Unlike Marcus, you can only take 4.
  2. The Sow & War pig are fine, but Old Major isn't a beast... Agree that Gracie would be a better Rhino... Then you could use The Sow as the Hippo! Something like this could be a good start... Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: 50ss Leader: McMourning - Cache:(4) Test Subjects 1ss Zombie Chihuahua 2ss (mouse) Cojo 6ss (monkey) The Sow 8ss (hippo) Grootslang 6ss (elephant) The Scorpius 6ss (octopus) Gracie 11ss (Rhino) That gives you 10ss left to play with for other models/upgrades... It's also used up your 4 OOF beasts, so you have to go in faction. If there's a bat, you could go shikome/night terror. Otherwise, the only other beast I can think of is the Rougue Necro... It's not a beast, but a Kenaurai could be a horse...
  3. There's nothing resembling a hippo or rhino at all, but you could go these at a stretch... Hippo - Gracie (she's a merc IIRC), would require a new head and legs, but could work! Rhino - Mauler? Cojo? (these would be a true counts as!)
  4. Da Git

    Domador de Cadaveres' Special Dispensation

    Try it with Guild McMourning with Test Subjects and On the Clock upgrades. I just tried making a new list and the Domador's Special Dispensation options still aren't appearing...
  5. Hey, When I add a Domador de Cadaveres to my crew, I should be able to add one Undead minion to the crew/Domador. However, it won't let me do this... Sad days...
  6. Da Git

    Titania Tactica

    What do you mean free shot? If you're talking about getting the +1Sh, then yes, it's very easy, but I wouldn't say it's free. The big problem with Envy is his gun is naturally a . Most of the scheme markers I seem to put out with Titania are really close, so you're likely to need to randomise the attack. Changlings also won't get the +1Sh, as it's one of Envy's abilities and not baked into the attack. They also won't get the blast as they can't declare triggers. They do however get the built-in to the attack flip. Could be worth it though... Try it and see what you think! His mod 5 or even better sev6/blast5 is certainly quality if you can get it off...
  7. Da Git

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    I've been having a bit of fun with Beastmaster McMourning recently (well, 2 games anyway!) and it's been true shower of poison goodness! Both games have used this crew: Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: Douggie! 50ss Leader: McMourning - Cache:(4) Moonlighting 1ss Plastic Surgery 1ss Test Subjects 1ss Zombie Chihuahua 2ss Sebastian 7ss Carrion Emissary 10ss Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge 0ss Shikome 7ss The Scorpius 6ss Grootslang 6ss Grootslang 6ss Malifaux Raptor 3ss Everything dishes out Poison in one way or another, but are decent models on their own and don't necessarily need the extra synergy. Turn 1 the Raptor goes first and gives at least McMourning the Beast Characteristic (hopefully Sebastian too) for heals. Both Grootslang Lick McMourning once to give him Poison 4, then move to get into contact with a Lair Marker. Grootslang are swiftly becoming some of my favourite models as well, they are super flexible being able to teleport around the board... I just wish they had a little range on their Create Lair action as I pretty much always have to walk to get the Corpse marker in base contact... The Scorpius has been decent as well if he activates near the Emissary, he can move 15". Probably going to swab out the second Grootslang for a Nurse as I'm not a fan of duplicate models... She can also give McMourning Poison 4 of 1AP without damaging him as well as just being awesome.
  8. Da Git

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    @Morgan Vening this is getting off topic, but you really should just stop taking Seize the Day! Back on topic, looking at Colette, she's such a unique master aesthetic- and theme-wise. What other wargame has a crew made up of burlesque performers? Sadly, she's really not great. I actually think more than any other master she needs a full Errata. Everything she does just has too many hoops to jump through and all competes for the same resources. Everything needs Scheme Markers (which aren't actually that easy to get out the amount that she needs). Everything needs Masks. The cuddle to Prompt was too much and probably should have been one attack only or showgirls or minions only, but it's not just that. Everything else on her card and upgrades needs a boost/ss decrease to actually be master-level. It's just so frustrating, no other master actively works against herself.
  9. Da Git

    Yan Lo: TT or Ressur?

    @thewrathchilde Looks like a fun and solid crew! Great breakdown on how it plays, I really need to get some Japanese-style Belles! For me, whenever I play Ressers in general, I always have to use both Belles to Lure something close enough to charge (sadly my opponents never willing walk into Lure range ). I also love Ressers because I prefer their Emissary (Shards of Kythera are just soooooo good! & they give a zombie for Yan to get Chi from when the enemy kills them).
  10. Da Git

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    Ok, thought you might have been talking about those... I was hoping for something more like this week's preview, but for the Court. They're good suggestions
  11. This could be interesting, but what about either Lilith or Nekima (who finally becomes the master she was born to be!) becoming dual faction Neverborn/Outcasts depending on who wins their little sibling tiff?
  12. Da Git

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    This is the larger image for Guild, which was the larger image for the Court of Two? For Friday Previews: artwork, cards, fluff, painted minis, stick figures... Fish sticks... there are lots of options!
  13. Da Git

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    @KingCrow Really like your ideas. Ideally the first one would go on her base card or an existing upgrade (maybe the new use all triggers upgrade?), she really need more upgrades (unless it's like Tara's new 0ss take them all! upgrade, which I actually think would be a really good idea!). I like the Errata to Price of Progress, it might actually see some tabletime with this boost... While she's maybe better in Ten Thunders, she's definitely not top of the heap there either and I don't think either of the two suggested changes would see her go OTT. All of the problems these boosts are trying to change still hit her hard in 10T. It's just the internal balance of Arcanists is much more obvious when you're comparing her to the likes of Sandeep, Marcus & even Ironsides. This is probably the biggest point here. Mei already has too many upgrades that are good & worthwhile. Agreed on your first two points and they're why I think the boosts should apply to both factions, not just Arcanists. However, she does have a way to ignore armour (& Hard to Wound) via the Hard Worker upgrade. Sadly, it costs a (0) Action (not a big deal unless you also take Wind on Wings in 10T) and more importantly, a card.
  14. Da Git

    You get to make an upgrade for a weak model

    My upgrades are for the starter box models. I don't believe Wyrd will (or should) errata these models as it would be way too confusing for new players. Also, due to the design they were going for, none of the cards have built in suits, which really hurts most of them. Sadly, they're also all a bit over-costed for modern Malifaux, much like the University of Transmortis cards were... Therefore, I made all these upgrade 0ss and add the needed (IMO) suits, so these upgrades should (hopefully!) to bring them up to their cost without going overboard. Doctor Grimwell - 0ss Get to it, Orderly! Orderlies within this model's LoS gain the following ability: On it!: When another friendly model suffers damage within this Model's LoS, it may suffer 1wd to push up to 3" towards it. Orderly's really struggle to be useful for their (2) action heal. I thought this could help them get into position to actually use it, the pip of damage doesn't really hurt as they heal 1 at the end of their activation, but but the 3" isn't that far and it makes using it too much a tactical risk, which I like. Nurse Heartsbane Just What the Doctor Ordered! - 0ss This model gains the following Ability: Just what the doctor ordered: At the start of this model's activation, this model may discard a card to add the suit of the discarded card to the duel total of all duels this model performs for the remainder of the turn. Nurse Heartsbane is really good, but she's way too suit dependent and can't SS for them. This gives her a way to get those suits and make low cards useful. Angel Eyes To the Shadows - 0ss This model gains the following Ability: To the shadows: This model gains +Sh and +Ml when targeting enemy models. This upgrade gives Angel Eyes the hit and run style I think she is designed for. Really I think these suits should have just been built into her card to begin with. Scion of Black Blood Blood Magic Adept - 0ss This model gains the following Abilities: Blood magic adept: This model gains +Ml when targeting enemy models. Custom shells: This model gains +Sh when targeting enemy models. Friendly Bloodwretch models within this models LoS gain the following Ability: Built-up rage: If this model hase less than it's starting number of wounds, it may take The Rage Builds Action as a (0) Action instead of a (1) Action. Again, I believe these suits should have just been built into the stat card. They actually allow him to do what he wants to do, although they're still not the most reliable with Sh/Ml 5, he does get later on.
  15. Da Git

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    I agree with everything here, including the taking them McMourning bit (really have to build mine)! As an opponent, few things piss me off more than Raptors for all the reasons mentioned above. It's even worse for attack models. This was truly hilarious to watch. The look on your face when I told you you couldn't cheat down the severe was priceless!