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  1. Lady J vs Nicodem

  2. So as the title says, is there any reason why Ototo and Samurai have such pathetic Wp? In all of Ototo's stories, he's been a total badass, fearlessly striding into battle to lay the beatdown. Even in his entry in Storm of Shadows, he smashed Huggy without missing a beat, noting those who ran with contempt... His Laugh off ability back then also allowed him to swap his Wp for his Cb (6) for a (0) action. Now in M2E, his been completely left by the wayside, partly, I believe, because of his Wp. But really, why does Misaki's chief henchman have such pathetic Wp? It just doesn't make any sense to me. As for the Samurai, in the real world, Samurai were some of the most disciplined warriors to have ever existed. Them having Wp 4 also doesn't make much sense. I await your illumination! Cheers!
  3. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    I could get behind all those ideas, even the cuddles.
  4. Titania and will o' wisps

    On topic, I don't think the Wisps are really worth it with Titania unless you're also taking something for them to use their Ever Changing Form (the 2Ap stealing Action). Feed on the Lost is only Aura 3 and they're gunna die super quick. Their best use seems to be hanging back and using their The Wisps Call to protect other models. I love the Teddy + A Thousand Faces, Kade & Wisp group for 22ss. It's a really good trio. You should be able to get Teddy with Queen's Champ turn 1 with 12' worth of pushes. Sorry, I know this is off topic, but with the Gorar. I've probably made my mind up with this guy, but to me he is just flat out bad and up there as one of the worst totems in the game. If only his actions did something... They're Ca 4... I know this is average for a totem, but these target Wp. How many good models have a Wp of 4 or less? If it targeted Df, you could at least target some of the bigger beater models (who you'd love to get Paralyse on too!), but this is like Ca 3 vs Df. the + paralyse needs Slow, where does this come from? Curse of Autumn doesn't synergise with this as the Slow disappears at the end of their Activation. On top of that, his passive aura also isn't great, there's the huge caveat of being in the centre which is totally board dependent and only effects Minions (something that don't actaully appear that much in a lot of my crews). If it effected Enforcers too (even at the cost of 2 cards or something, it would be soooo much more flexable useful) Compare this with Lilith's totem (since a lot of people it's pretty much on par with the Primordial). Oh how I wish this were Titiania's totem! Out Land would be sooooo good! Friendlies being able to drop scheme markers for a (0)? Yes please! Even it's bow is so much better than The Serpant's Call. Yes, it does have a , but it's likely the only one in the crew (you're not actually taking Aeslin are you?), so if my 3ss totem is making you go into terrain or hug cover, then I call that a win! + Attack stat 5!!!, targeting Df, + built in SLOW!!! (no preventing for you!) + ok damage... great mod for a totem AND a better trigger that's built in!! Even Rise Up isn't bad... not likely to be used, but better than anything the Gorar's got. Seriously I'd happily pay 4ss to be able to take him with Titania. I just hate him so much! Thank the Queen the puke worm exists (& I actually really hate that model!) & guess what, Nullify has Ca 5!!
  5. Alternate Nekima

    @Sybaris. Love the conversion you got going there! Super simple and super effective. Where's that base from? It really nice? If someone could kindly post a picture of the new alternative Nekima with the old metal, I'd be really appreciative! Especially a front on on so I can compare heights. Cheers!
  6. Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

    He's so adorable! Love it!
  7. Beginner Misaki

    I wouldn't worry about buying her box set, the only one that's decent is Shang, and for a stone more, I'd be taking a LRM every day of the week (as long as you have the upgrade, otherwise there's better). Lots of great advice here, I can't really add anything that hasn't been said already. I actually don't mind Yamaziko with Misaki for being a cheap, kinda mobile scheme runner hunter and if running Stalking Bisento/misdirection can cripple their hand with Master Tactician. @Mrbedlam & @Kogan Style, why do you recommend Crime Bosses so highly? I agree they look great, but why with Misaki specifically?
  8. New player starting with Asami

    This is not right if you mean to gain Flicker from Scheme Markers. You only gain extra Flicker from Corpse or Scrap markers. If you mean something different, then apologies and I don't see it! Agree with everything @whodares said. Yokai are amazing summons! Summon those. I usually go for 2 first turn. Teleport, Tendrils (hopefully with the push trigger) a beater up. Then summon two Yokai at 4" primed for a charge! Yasunori is insanely brutal, although the Emissary's very good too. I also usually start with an Obsidian (or two!) to try and get some scrap down to summon a Jorogumo if I get the chance, but otherwise, it's mostly just Yokai. The only Upgrade that I've found auto is A Heavenly Design. That teleport is worth the 2ss on it's own! The new ones look good too, but not auto so lots of room to experiment!
  9. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    I'd super-duper-amazingly love for Brewy to have Infiltration on his base card and make the upgrade actually useful...
  10. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    If you make him a Nightmare via Serena's Warped Reality, then he can't carry another Upgrade... I thought the idea of giving the riders their suit equal to the turn number (not -1) was a really simple and elegant solution. The only one that would be too much would be Mech... but his summon could require maybe. That would make them a lot better. That and removing the Df Trigger and just making it an always on ability.
  11. If you were the Errata man...

    I'd love to see Kudra get a slight buff... not sure what... Even if it came with a price hike but extra wounds and either Crit Strike or + to damage if she didn't charge for a touch extra damage potential.
  12. Monday Preview - Hinamatsu

    Good luck! I wish we could too though! She would have gone awesome with the Bunraku whom are dual faction. No idea which Master she'd cool with, but she's just such a sweet model!
  13. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    If you're going Houndless McCabe, I'd say he's much better than Luna... Otherwise, it depends if you were taking the TCW anyway... If you were, then Kamaitachi can be a very good choice! I definitely don't see him needing any cuddles though.
  14. Misery

    Yes, Fears Given Form is also an Ability Unfortunately, the acting model gets to decide order... Which really sucks for us Neverborn folk if they have 3-4 wds and HtK. They'll take the Misery, then FGF to HtK.
  15. If you were to make the errata...

    I'm more than willing to concede that, that's why I also suggested making it a (0) and cost 2wd (it could even cost 3). They only have 5wd to begin with, so they are very fragile even if they do gain the 2wd back when they kill something. Then you're using 2 Master AP, each requiring a 7 (of of them ). Not saying it's bad, it's just going to be very niche that that is the best use of Zoraida's AP. I don't play Zoraida, but to my mind, Zoraida is one of the masters that need Bloodwretches the least. There are better targets to Obey and she gets better cards draw from Bewitch. I could be wrong.