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  1. what's your crutch?

    This! I love the little guy! When playing Titania, my first 6 stones in every list are Effigy + Primordial... Same for Lilith, but I actually prefer Cherub + Primordial This! Going without condition removal kind of terrifies me. Chiaki is super amazing, as are Low River Monks. Johan is so good, even with the Merc tax.
  2. December Newsletter

    Thanks Kai! Hoping the next Chronicles comes up soon!
  3. Titania Tactica

    With Pact with the Grave Spirit, she'll also do Eliminate the Leadership/Assassinate type schemes reasonably well too! But yeah, anything that needs Scheme Markers (especially near enemy models) is child's play for her. Don't forget that she's really good at denying enemy scheme markers too!
  4. New player starting with Asami

    You make a good point there! Something to note for the future... Totalling up the ss, it comes to 45. Another thing, if you're going to keep Toshiro, put the Peaceful Waters on him and something better on Asami (I'd go with Borrowed time, you can put flicker on her from Betty's The Fate of Mortals upgrade and she'll be better in combat (to get more flicker!) which can leave Toshiro to summon... Hmm... This actually sounds pretty good now that I think about it! I'd still swap Amanjako out for the Weasel though... Those pushes on Asami are so good as is more cards and heals/more pushes when swapping upgrades with the Terracotta are so good! Just need to be really careful with Betty, she's so squishy. Ama no Jako might almost be better... (plus she's height 3 so gets more mileage out of The Fate of Mortals and has more access to stones if Asami has Borrowed Time)
  5. New player starting with Asami

    I don't think I'd take Toshiro unless you're not planning on summoning with Asami at all, and if you're not, you're probably better off with Misaki instead... you're not going to have the markers to summon off, especially if you're up against lots of Voidlings and those you do get you probably want for Asami. Since you're taking a Terracotta, you're probably better off with the Wonder Weasel instead of Amanjako. You're also right in that you probably only need one Monk. So with dropping Toshi, a monk and Amanjako gives you 17ss. I like to start with Weasel and an Obsidian Oni (heals and markers), that leaves you with 7ss for a Brother and 2ss for your cache (you're brave going in with only a 3ss cache too!)
  6. Titania Tactica

    In my opinion, the only other model I'd want from her box set is The Thorn... Definitely give the Schemes & Stones Titania episode (60) and the Max Value Wave 5 Neverborn episode (21). Both of these have some really good info on Titania. The Arcane Reservoir Wave 5 Neverborn episode is also worth a listen. With what you've got (and assuming you don't have any other Neverborn), my shopping list would be. Pukey Rougarou Emissary Effigy Some scheme runners other beaters/untility Tooth and Rougarou are an amazing combo. Emissary can either have the general Conflux or Primeval Conflux for amzing stuff. Then just flavour to taste! With that, you could make a decent 50ss list Titania, Pukey (2), Emissary (10), Rougarou (8), Tooth (7) is a solid 30ss core including 3ss for Titania's upgrades. Then other stuff you have or like. Mature with A Thousand Faces + 2x4ss models takes you to 50ss
  7. Winter Wonderland issue

    Thanks! I've replied to your email. I hope you're feeling better!
  8. Titania Tactica

    So to continue from my last post, I usually run Titania as a harrier. First turn, I have the crew drop three scheme markers to set up The Queen has Risen (usually this is done by the Effigy, and two other cheaper schemers), then she walks once or twice to get into range for an attack to get Behold on some big beater to prevent any alpha strikes (the effigy's buff keeps her alive). From there, Titania again plays the harrier, putting Behold on their biggest threats whilst my crew attacks them and staying out of range of retaliation. If opportunities present themselves, she can also dive in to assassinate the leader or key pieces that have been softened up with her new attack. Although I find just attacking the leader really good as you can choose suits! Free pushes on A Wicked Silence or whatever you need for Bloody Command (I often go with My Loyal Subject) is super useful. For crews, I usually have around the 8 model mark, Titania, Pukey, and effigy. One big beater (Nekima/Mature/Teddy/Hannah), one or two medium beaters or utility (Cyclops/Rougarou/Graves/Emissary/Kade/Tooth/Thorn/Serena/Johan) and maybe a light beater (Grootslang/Bultungin) and then some schemer or two (Tots/Insidious {if I'm going after Wp}/Changlings {if I take the Mature so they get + when copying his attacks}). Other models could easily fill these roles (Doppel/Illuminated/Stitched), these are just my favourites. As for a kind of far out crew, I got this: Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: Titania - Hannah 50ss Leader: Titania - Cache:(4) Pact with the Grave Spirit 1ss Behold My Glory 1ss The Queen's Champion 2ss Primordial Magic 2ss Hannah 10ss Mysterious Emissary 10ss Primeval Conflux 0ss Cyclops 8ss A Thousand Faces 1ss Grootslang 6ss Mysterious Effigy 4ss Terror Tot 4ss Basic turn 1 plan is, Pukey kills an activation, Effigy/tot/Emissary drop scheme markers and walk (Emissary drops Hungering Land and summons Changling depending on hand), Cyclops double walks and either does his scheme (0) on the three markers or drops pillars if I fear shooting or alpha. Hannah copies Groot's Lair-to-Lair (L-L), usually by this stage something's close enough for her to charge, hopefully kill it and become Queen's Champ. Groot drops a scheme if needed then L-L. Titania uses Queen has risen on herself and does her thing. From there (or even before) react to the game situation to do what I need to to win the game! Hannah is awesome with Queen's Champ. With armour 2, 9 wounds and soulstones; she really tanky, she gives me an extra card (very nice with Pukey) and L-L solves all her mobility issues. She also drops scheme markers off her blasts as Champ! She can also copy the Emissary's attack with Make a New Entry. In my last game she solo'd Ohaguro (no SS usage from Titania) and tanked Yasunori for a round before killing him with some help from Titania and Grootslang. Cyclops is there mostly because he can ignore armour, but also offers a fair bit of utility with his (0)s, If there's no armour, he gets Malifaux Provides. Emissary is gold, after turn 1, I usually use his (0) to give Titania armour to get her to the tankiness she needs to be at. Grootslang is also surprisingly hitty, cause he usually activates late, I find him very hitty with the to hit and +1dg. I've pretty much only been using his tongue attack as 1" on the claws is usually too short. I know you choose crews after schemes, but I usually create a few generic crews I like that I feel can achieve most schemes and whatnot and then after the scheme pool comes out and I've seen the table, I choose which one I want to use. Is this helpful for people? I can post a few other crews if people are interested? I can also go through schemes and strats I like with Titania too... I'd probably take this into Outcasts, Guild and Ten Thunders or other Neverborn.
  9. Winter Wonderland issue

    @Kimberly I sent an email about changing my order #20273, but I haven't received anything back. I was wondering if I could get a response or a PM or the like? Cheers!
  10. Titania Tactica

    One small thing here, You can't use Audience on the Leader... I've made this mistake before and it still makes me very sad... Otherwise, seems pretty good. I'll try to add to this when I get the chance as Titania's my favourite master too. But my first 8ss spent in pretty well every crew is Titania A limited upgrade (I've only tried Pact, but I want to try Royal) - 1 Behold my Glory - 1 My third Upgrade is usually Queen's Champ (I know others don't like it, but it fits my playstyle and is fun), otherwise, Aether Connection, Taproot, Audience and The Forest Claims all are all good alternatives. I've also tried Fears Given Forms which can be really good fun too! Pukey McPukeface! (Primordial magic) - 2 (for a 2ss activation this is too good to pass up, much better than the pants Gorar imo) Mysterious Effigy - 4 (super solid model, saves Titania so many times with it's condition (esp with Behold my Glory), also a cheap scheme runner/speed bump that's really hard to put down and is basically always ignored by the opponent. Wins me games!) My Titania Tactics have basically always been to run her as a harrier, flitting around the edges, putting Behold on the enemy beaters while the rest of the crew goes to town on them. This is why I mostly prefer Pact... But I could see Royal/Behold/FGF being a great combo and just throw her in head first (maybe with Emissary support for additional armour...). I'll post up more later, I've got a list I've been really liking with her lately that's really fun (and kinda out of left field!)
  11. Wallpaper Wedsenday Request!

    Beat me to it! Thanks Wyrd! 👑 Long Live the Queen 👑
  12. Pandora Tactica

    Hi! If possible, would you be able to elaborate a bit on this one? I'm kinda in the "Aeslin's terrible" camp! Cheers!
  13. Monday Preview - Executioner

    Fair enough... didn't realise this one was female... I meant the female executioner based on the artwork we've seen a few times before. This lovely lass! An alt box with both would just be dandy!
  14. Monday Preview - Executioner

    Seems like a handy guy! Yes Please!!! This and a female executioner!
  15. Wallpaper Wedsenday Request!

    I approve everything about this post! Hopefully Lilith learns some manners and decency (as well as sense) during her stay in Nythera and joins the Autumn Queen... Or she could just continue to be played by the tyrants... There's been two directly under her nose for some time... Either that or just supply Nekima with her illegitimate kids like the two-bit hussy she is! I'm actually in the planning stages of doing just that... converting a Fae-Lilith post Nythera!