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University of Transmortis M2E cards

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Indeed, they were released, then wyrd decided they would benefit from a new round of beta with the edition a little more settled. So they went into wave 2.

The download cards are the correct ones (and I think a little more fun, too).

They'll be in the wave 2 arsenal pack when that comes out too, if I remember rightly.

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I bought the UoT box as well, but the download cards are the correct ones as pointed out. The models are just awesome. I'll be trying some of these models in a game this weekend I hope!

Anyone have any guesses when the wave 2 arsenal boxes will be out?

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Not for a little while I'd say - they are waiting for several things - the art to be finished, and the avatar/upgrade beta to end. 


I have no idea when the art will be sorted, but I'd imagine the arsenal packs will be available at or before gencon.

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