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  1. Tye_Informer

    Am i a morally and ethically bad player?

    I play Malifaux for fun. Winning against a good opponent is fun. Good narrative is fun. Helping a new player craft an awesome story with you is fun. Grounding a new player into the dirt is not fun, watching them leave the store with their head down is not fun. Seeing the moment a person decides they are just done playing this game is not fun. That doesn't mean you can't bring a competitive list to play a competitive player. It does mean that bringing your same beats-everything list every single time you play, no matter who you are playing, is a jerk move. If a guy has played 8 games of Malifaux and lost the last 7 games, then bringing your uber-competitive list to smash him into the dirt is a jerk move. If winning is all that matters to you, then play someone else, if not then try something that you've never tried before. You could even tell them that you are trying out a new thing and not sure how it will work, let them be in on the testing of it so when it does amazing, they can feel some joy too, they were in on the plan. I had an opponent, in a fun game, tell me about a new thing he was going to do, and I changed the way I played so I could help make sure it worked so we could both see it in action. I lost, but it was still fun because I got to see a cool interaction between models and then figure out ways to counter it in future games.
  2. Tye_Informer

    malifaux is too sexual?

    While I think the discussion is good, I wish someone could change the title of the thread. I don't think this has anything to do with miniwargaming, just an unfortunate OP post without a link. I really like Malifaux as a game and really like most of the models as well. I have the Viks, Raspy, Tara, and Ramos crews. I'm building a McMourning crew but didn't start with the crew box. My wife is painting the Lillith crew box and I bought her Lady Justice as well, just in case she likes it. Some models I really like, for example the new Raspy (I have an old sculpt and the new one). I like the old Viks better than the new ones, but I also painted pointy Vik with a little more clothing covering her legs. That is one of the cool things about the hobby, a great sculptor makes the base model and then I get to put my own interpretation on the model, colors, pose, etc. My new Raspy is painted with Khador colors (Warmachine) because I wanted to do that and will probably use her to lead my Khador army every once in a while. Screaming sexism because of a piece of plastic is a little pre-mature. Sexism is an attitude and way of looking at the world, but that is impossible to tell just by looking at one thing. If a guy showed up to play and every one of his models was a naked woman and he called the women in the store demeaning names on the way in, I would suspect he was a scumbag. Of course, if he showed up with fully-clothed models that were not demeaning in any way, yet called the women demeaning names on the way in, I would still suspect he was a scumbag. Perhaps the models he brings has nothing to do with it, perhaps its' the way he treats women that is the indicator.
  3. Tye_Informer

    malifaux is too sexual?

    That is the link, however I listened to the part about Malifaux and it was an explanation about supply chain issues. They don't want a large number of "out of stock" items on their site. At that point (and it would seem to still be the case), the suppliers were not keeping large quantities of Malifaux on stock (ordered something from my FLGS and it's been a month and still nothing, the store ordered it from the supplier who has ordered it and it is just not here yet). So miniwargaming was going to either have to buy many thousands of dollars in Malifaux items to have some sit on the shelf, just so they could avoid the "out of stock" problem. None of that has anything to do with religious beliefs or how the models look. In fact, right off the bat they say that they would like to carry Malifaux because they think it would sell, but then they go into the supply chain discussion. They no longer carry any miniatures (well other than one that they were very involved with), so supply chain issues plus shipping from Canada sound like they took a toll.
  4. Tye_Informer

    malifaux is too sexual?

    Where did this come from? Is there a link? I do find a link to a video on "Why we don't carry Malifaux" on MiniWarGaming's site. That video talks about Malifaux but he says they would like to. Since their site doesn't carry other companies miniatures anymore either, I'm confused. Please post a link, so we can see what they actually said.
  5. Tye_Informer

    University of Transmortis M2E cards

    Will the scenarios from the old box still work well in M2E? (with the new cards downloaded, of course)
  6. Tye_Informer

    Demo at Games HQ

    Weird that it did that. It certainly got attention though, which is what you want, right? I'm in Northwest Arkansas, so take a little while to get there from here, but worth it to meet up with some Malifaux players I haven't met yet.
  7. Tye_Informer

    Getting hold of characters from box sets?

    Last year, during Gen Con, I found someone who wanted the new Ice Gamin and Ice Golem models but didn't want Rasputina. I really wanted Raspy because I wanted to paint her in Khador red and use her in Malifaux and Warmachine, but I have the old Gamin / Golem models painted up and I'm satisfied with them for playing. I think he gave me $30 for the gamin and golem models, so Raspy only cost me $15 plus some shipping. i'd bet there is someone on here who wants the new Ramos, but isn't interested in Joss (or already has a Joss they are happy with) and would jump at the opportunity to get some help buying a box.
  8. Tye_Informer

    Find a Game/Opponent (inactive)

    Can't believe that nobody from Arkansas has requested to be added. Well, I'll be the first. Player: Tye (Real Name Joe) Country: USA State: Arkansas City: Rogers Store: Gamer Utopia
  9. Tye_Informer

    Getting on with the new Viks

    Where are the Viks getting all this healing from? I have not played using my Viktoria crew since M2E came out, but they were my favorite crew in 1.5. When I saw that healing on any of the Sister models heals them all, I was excited until I saw that there is no spend a stone to get a healing flip, like we had in 1.5. Other than Vanessa (coming out 2nd wave), who has healing for the Viks?
  10. Tye_Informer

    Vanessa -v2 cards?

    Completely off-topic, but I love the way you did the alternate sculpt Viks, this is probably the best I've seen them painted. I had not been a fan of the sculpt, so never bought it, but the detail that you pulled out makes them look nice. Might buy them, so I have all 3 versions of the Viks.
  11. Tye_Informer

    A Plea for a Wave 2 Book

    Wyrd Chronicles entries for the masters could help with the fluff, then perhaps a fluff book for next GenCon that advances the story.
  12. Tye_Informer

    Cards in pdf format...Do you want it?

    The way Paizo handles it is the PDF has your identifying information in the PDF, so you buy the PDF, you upload the PDF, and now everyone who downloads it knows it's from you. Not to say someone couldn't figure out how to get around that by digitally manipulating the file, but it does "keep honest people honest".
  13. Tye_Informer

    Cards in pdf format...Do you want it?

    Maybe Wyrd could go with a whole PDF line, with a rules-only book and cards available for purchase. I'd like it to be more like Pazio (Pathfinder) where the $50 book allows an add-on PDF for $10 then GW where the digital version is the same price (or more sometimes) than the physical version. I like having the physical book to thumb through and have with me when I play, so I'm going to own the physical copy, but I like having a digital version for reference when I'm sitting at my computer, searching, etc.
  14. Tye_Informer

    Cheating Fate

    The decision to use a SS must be done at the very beginning, by the time you get to cheat fate it is to late to use the SS.
  15. Tye_Informer

    Bothered by Ebay?

    I guess it is possible that someone missed the GenCon online store timeframe to get Tara and has now read how awesome Tara is and/or saw the painted crews people have posted and now they must have Tara, however; I think that supply is exceeding demand currently. Wait 6 months or so and she should be worth $100+ (hopefully much more).