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Vassal league 2014 sign up


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Right I have finally got round to opening up the 2014 vassal leagues I am closing the current leagues as of this weekend.

The rules for this league are for these leagues are as follows

1 set of leagues per continent
Depending on the number of people will determine the number of divisions in the league and the number of games
1 game every fortnight
At the end of the league
Person at top of a division will be promoted to the division above
The person at the bottom of a division will be demoted the division below
There will then be an 8 week break till it starts again during which time if a player wants they can change faction.
If a person wishes to leave a league within the 8 week break then everybody below this person will go up 1 place which may mean that people get promoted.

Signup closes 1st March at which point I will allocate people to divisions based on current rankings if I am able ready to start from April

signup for the moment via this email please LeagueSignup@malifauxleague.adrianmills.me.uk
stating full name , country, twitter address and preferred contactable email address and faction for the first set of leagues



Sign ups so far



Sjur Lomo                       Neverborn

Donovan Stroobant        Gremlins

Tom Stenström               Outcasts

Christopher King             10t

Mark Byrne                       Neverborn

Ole Larsen                       Arcanists

Mark Byrne                       Neverborn

David Bartley                    Gremlins

Kristian Karlsson               Gremlins

Matt Cole                           Guild

Scott Porter                      Outcast

Will Hahn                            Arcanists

Daniel Soerensen               Ressurectionists

Oscar Gonzalez Terrazo     Ressurectionists /10T

Jan Proudley                      Gremlins

Michael Foreman               Arcanists

Matthew Ledgerwood        Ressurectionists

Péter Csontos

James Doxey

Joel Henry

Jimmy Balderstone            arcanists

Javier Boveda                    arcanists

NIck Ferrier                        Guild

Henchmen Lee

Bob McCallum                    10T

Jon Mickleburgh                 Outcasts

Aleksi Satukangas              Neverborn

Mike Marshall                      Neverborn



Dan Miner                            Resurrectionists

David Arrebola                    Ressurectionists

Josh Bazin                           Arcanists

Chris Engler                         Gremlins

Joey Munsell                        10T/Outcast

Kevin Cochran                      Ressers  

David Pocklington                 Gremlins

Christopher Ogino                 Arcanists

Matthew McFarland               Guild

Steve Leske                           Guild

Charles Leach                        Guild

Angel Quintero                       Arcanists




Dave Arrebola                   Ressurectionists

Ryan Chittenden              Outcasts  

Nicholas Wong                 Guild

Joel Dowl                         10T

Edited by AdrianMills
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