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getting stat cards

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Oh, then off to the printers then. Investing deeply after the initial release has left me with a fair amount of V1 cards. I have been hesitent to put cash in on printing because of my uncertainty on there legality and usually just keep the pdfs handy on the old kindle fire.

I am assuming umpteen is equilivent to bigger than breadbox, I am surprised I never saw it. At least no one accuses me of being observent.

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Honestly, I would want stat cards in faction boxes, so easy, so handy, and at least worth taking in when you are a LGS :P

That's one thing privateer did very right :P

I think it'd be a good start, but there is a problem with Malifaux that is different from Warmachine. Correct me if I am wrong because I've only played a handful of games, but the number of cards for WM is far less than Malifaux, isn't it? Doesn't one card cover all the units of that type? Whereas in Malifaux, its convenient (though I guess not essential, now that I think about it) to have one card for each model. Thats how Malifaux is designed, anyway. A box set of cards with just one of each card would seem incomplete to me. I would still want one for each model, and how does Wyrd know how many of each model I take?

A good start maybe, but not a perfect solution.

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Ah yeah, I kinda forgot about units after not having played that game for months... still, the truth is somewhere in between. you don't actually have a separate card for every distinct model, but, for example, if you have 2 choirs, you would have 2 cards. They would also include several cards for things like lesser warbeasts that you might have multiple of.

They're not going to cover every situation, but a faction deck for malifaux could cover a broad sweep of what you would want. There could also be a description of what's inside the box so when you order it if you want extras or out-faction models, you just order those too.

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