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The entire model is painted in an incredibly cartoonish way, Peaches skintone, the blacklining, the color of the items hanging off her, Som'ers skintone etc (and what's with the color of the leg he's taking a bite off!? And it's bone!?). But I think it's a lovely sculpt, and that it easily can be kept in line with the grimmer but still amusing look of the other inhabitants of the Bayou!

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Love the model; will have to file off the nose :)

One thing that I'm genuinely not a fan of though is something that extends across most of the Wyrd range: top-down photos. To me it distorts the mini too much, for example the Hooded Rider is a surprisngly lovely mini but the angle on the pic makes him look squat. Ditto with ARaspy and this guy.

A bit late to change now, and I doubt any of the Wyrd crew will see this, but would it be possible to take pics from front-on more often in the future? Pretty please? The sculpts in hand have never let me down, but it's taken me more & more faith to get them in hand based on the pics lately.

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