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  1. I can't deny slippery is likley over kill. It was quite potent. Perhaps something more along the lines of recieving armor when near Gracie? Something to simulate him taking cover behind her pots and pans. I imagine I am perhaps trying too hard to keep them tied together to keep the whole "Big Trouble In Little China" them tied together. But really enjoyed them as a duo, and seeing as the main complaint is that he is a a bit too fragile, think it could be a nice way to get two birds with one stone. Also it makes upping his survivability come at the cost of a fairly large investment commiting so much of your crews soul stone pool into the two of them. Just my two cents.
  2. I have to agree he seems to easy to focus down for 8 stones. He is such a beloved character I would hate to see him shelved by most folks. Granted I also feel it's good he won't be in every single list you see too. But feel that was fixed from the get go with keywords. What if he got back the slippery ability to throw damage on Gracie? Would love something tying them together a bit more thematically as well, simply from a story line perspective any how. I was guessing being able to throw the damage anywhere may have been viewed as a bit potent, but perhaps if it was specifically Gracie that would put a hefty pricetag on making him that survivable?
  3. This was my thoughts exactly. They can write fluff around any of that I would think. Maybe the gator egg fell in the pig pen and grew up think it' a pig. Ha!
  4. I wonder if Avatars are coming back next book... Nightmare Som'mer and Peaches? Even see a still and umbrella...
  5. Looks mighty nice. Let me hazard a guess.... is this a greenhose or sun room type of building? I'm excited to think it could be modular.. as in made to line up with one or more other kits to make a larger building. Though I could be wrong. I' m dieing to know how much... and when!
  6. I forget who all makes them, Secret Weapon, and maybe Armorcast... but there are weapon bursts to make it look like different types of weapons going off. Some of those coming out of little pieces of tube coming out of the ground could work.
  7. When pointing up our initial arsenal is the chosen master free? Then 15ss to field in game? Was initially thinking the 15ss came out building the initial arsenal. But reading in the book it looks like I was wrong. Thought it might be best to just check with you. Imagine while I'm at it I might as well ask a couple more. Is one henchman still mandatory? My guess is no, but didn't see anything in the book to confirm. Lastly, I'm guessing we are still restricted to one upgrade only, initially. Is that at normal face value? Or is the doubled cost in effect right off the bat... or only during the "new hires" phase? Thanks!
  8. Must have missed that part. Thanks!
  9. I'm reading that as any of our four crew members can be the nominated wrestler. Assuming that is accurate, can we know ahead of time if there would be any advantage or disadvantage if the chosen one happens to be the leader? For instance will assassinate still be a scheme? Or is it intended to be a surprise?
  10. If your looking for fluff, the Breachside Broadcasts are basically audio books of the stories right out of the big books.
  11. I'm tempted to re-base and put my old metal McMorning on the base with 'ol 29 for use as an avatar.
  12. Quite a few of the first edition sculpt had no nose, I'd even dare to guess most. But it appeared to be something they went back and forth on. I suspect they made a decision to go with no nose on all right around the time second dropped. I remember a thread about the alternative sculpt for Som'mer where we where all talking about if gremlins should have a nose. I like no nose. Sets them apart from all the other Green skins out there. I'm guessing they still would have nostril slits, maybe? Perhaps the septum is a recessive genetic trait and only develops for certain blood lines.
  13. That crew sounds awesome. But doesn't Trixie, Sammy, Roja, a stuffed piglet, and quality mash tally up to 22 points? Or am I off? I'm tempted to try it out is why I ask. Edit: Never mind. I figured it out. Roja leads. Me no math so good. lol.
  14. Well, now that you have gone that route, I would say save up for Burt Jebsen next. He was literaly made to go with Gracie. Slap the saddle up grade on her and drag him along with her. Tons of fun to be had there.
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