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Hi, hey, hello there


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Hi folks,

I'm yet another GW refugee after the latest price rise announcement (although I will be finishing my current armies: Wood Elves and Tomb Kings). I've been eyeing Malifaux for a while and this gave me the push I needed. Have also convinced my husband so he's just bought the Rasputina box.

Yesterday I picked up the Viktorias and ordered the rest of my crew (Von Schill, Librarian, Taelor, Gunslinger, Ronins). If I can learn the game in time I'm hoping to take part in a local tournament towards the end of June. I don't mind taking home the wooden spoon!

Currently on the look out for some cool bases although the Wyrd ones are very nice so may just go with them.

Nice to meet you all!


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Nice try Hazel lol. You may one day succeed in your quest to turn everyone neverborn.

Drake, you didnt need a key...you just let me kick the door down and followed me through lol

Quasihayley, welcome to the fun. Collette will give you a steeper learning curve than most crews as drake will attest, but once mastered will be more than a match for anyone. Enjoy the forums, watch out for stray candy bars and above all, dont forget your soulstones.

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Greetings Hayley, I hope you enjoy your (extended) stay here. Just bring your own water, I think they lace the stuff they supply here with something weird. Nice to see that Colette is on your to buy list, she's my first crew and i love her (and the other girls, of course). She's difficult to get the hang of at first but studying her tactica does help a lot.

@ Hayzel - don't worry, my Lilith crew will be ordered later this week so you'll have another Neverborn fanatic at your side (I am tempted to get Dreamer/LCB, Daydreams and lots of Teddies as another crew too, heheh).

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Welcome. The Viks are a great crew and great to start with. I love the grittyness of VonSchill also. Once you get your feet under you, Collette will be great fun.

You'll be ready for the tourney. Mali is pretty easy to pick up, but you'll spend lots of time mastering it.

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I am already enjoying it, thanks for all the welcomes :-)

I've got The Viktorias painted to tabletop standard and will be collecting the rest of my Crew tomorrow from Firestorm. Yay!

Have also convinced a couple more friends to buy box sets. :-)

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