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PLEASE VOTE! Part 2 of B'ham Pre-Tourney Painting Contest


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Time for round 2 of the pre-tourney painting contest for the Bellingham Malifaux GT to be held in 1 month. Please vote for your favorite entry. The winner will get a useful in-tourney advantage. I know all of the entrants would appreciate comments, as well!

Thanks for your help!

Android's Guild



Kogre's Arcanists



Mach5's Ressers



Stark's Guild



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Android's painting is far superior. The use of extreme contrast is great (and very similar to my personal style) - so it gets my vote.

Now if Stark and Android could collaborate - Stark basing and Android painting, that would really be something.

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I voted for the Stark's Guild over Android's Guild primarily because I thought the uniforms on the Marshalls and Austringers looks fantastic and made sense thematically, whereas I thought the uniform look of the Ortegas detracted from the uniqueness of their characters.

Both were superbly painted though.

The Mechanical Dove and Resurrectionist crews were great too, but I feel they were going up against near-professional painters, so it wasn't too much of a contest in terms of quality. Sorry guys!

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Thanks for the comments and votes, all - FWIW, this is a "what have you done for me lately" contest. Participants were asked to post what they had painted since the last contest, in preperation for the April 30th/May 1st tournament. While Mach5's been very busy in pumping out his Nicodem crew, Kogre's been less productive. :) Still, one model done is better than none - one of the players (Rage, I'm looking at you!) has a month to paint an entire 50 ss worth of models (and still hasn't decided between Gremlins and Lilith.)

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Thanks Iamwyrd! As Jim said I'm taking Nicodem, there's a group shot from the last contest up on my blog (see signature). I've got 13 models in my 50ss pool and another 18 for summoning (including the mindless zombies). I like to keep my options open. ;)

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Android and I are in the same town. His stuff is hands down amazing. He does his highlighting in various colors, so much warmth and realism in his models. I have deliberately used only white and black when lightening my colors on this crew, tying a suggestion/ something new. His stuff is absolutley alive when seen in person.

Best story about my bases is this group I started after my witchlings, and messed up the stone color on three of the marshals and didn't, notice until I put them on the table top a couple weeks ago.

Plus to boot android may be one of my favorite opponents, very level headed no matter how good or bad his games are going. Though I don't think I have played him in malifaux yet.

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Thanks for voting, all. Across the two boards this was posted on, Android came across as the solid winner, with Stark trailing in second.

For those who haven't seen his work up close, Android does some pretty incredible stuff - his Orc & Goblin army is a piece of art.

For the upcoming tournament in Bellingham, Android will have the option of reusing one of his schemes, as will the winner of the random dice roll (I haven't found an on-line card-flipper yet)....*drumroll* ... Stark!

During the tournament, I'll be sure to get some good photos of the crews to share with y'all. thanks for helping with this!

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