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Malifaux propoganda posters


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The second set is great! Downloading as I write this and I'm definitely going to cover some walls with those. :)

If you are ever going to expand the sets, have you considered looking at all the soviet posters? They'd make great templates both for the M&SU and for the Guild (all those paranoiac "walls have ears" and "the enemy doesn't sleep" slogans, as well as the posters denouncing poor worksmanship as sabotage and playing into hands of capitalists, I think Guild would like those (just put old witches and demons in place of capitalists of course) :D).

Unfortunately I feel I must also add I'm rather ambivalent about the first set of posters. I understand they are exactly what the Guild would like to hang around the bars and taverns and that they fit the era, but there's such an ugly past (and often present) behind all this stuff. >.< I wouldn't use them myself. I guess I'm like the guys who flinch at playing Germans in FoW. It gets a bit too close to the uglier side of the reality for me.

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