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Welcome to my Nightmare

Extinction Angel

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"I think you're gonna like it"...well I hope you do. Alice Cooper was a much better singer than I, but I might have him beat with the modeling knife.

Ahh Lord Chompy Bits. If your stature was not grand enough they went and made you into a nightmarish version of yourself not fit for those of lesser constitutions.

This guy is a monster in every way imaginable and some unimaginable. He eats green stuff (GS) for breakfast and leaves his pewter filings all over the place.

The mold lines on this model are not very bad at all, which is something I've found true of most Wyrd Miniatures.

Nightmare LCB is not a beginners model. He requires lots of GS work, but it doesn't have to be precise. There are a few places where they worked some pins in already, which do help, but you will need to put more in.

Here are some pics of the process so far:



The base I'm using is a Micro Arts Studio temple base.

I started by assembling the "back plate" to the upper-torso. Before you glue anything, get an idea of how all three torso pieces will fit together. It's ok if they don't line up exactly. That's why jeebus made Kneadatite and they in turn made Yellow/Blue, aka Green Stuff.

My backplate needed to be leaned back some in order for the seam to close up as much as possible along the shoulders and allow the chest plate to sit where it looked the best.


In order to connect the chest piece to the legs I took a big wad of GS and filled in the "bowl" of the pelvic area and formed a pillar of GS that the torso would fit down over. I really wish I had taken a pic of this before I attached the torso, because it really worked perfectly.

When it comes to pinning, the tail is an area you really want to look at closely. Mine had this little nub of what was supposed to be a pin but it didn't line up with the pre-drilled hole. I went ahead and added my own pin. And don't be afraid, the tail section is plenty thick enough to drill into.


Next up will be the arms. Two of them fit fantastic, but the other two are going to require another batch of GS. One of the arms I discovered needed it's connector nub cut way down as it would not fit at all into the intended hole. But more on that next time.


Update: Armed and Dangerous

Alrighty, Chompy's base has some pins in it now. His top arms are pinned and GS'd. And one of his lower arms is attached and GS'd.


A pretty bad photo, but you can get the gist of it.


Another bad photo, but the idea is there.


Here we see Chompy standing proud, ready to rip some nightmares right out of some poor soul's head. He's decently stable like this...but not for long.


3 out of 4 ain't bad. He's way more top heavy now and has a little problem standing on his base. When I add a prop and actually affix him, he'll be fine. 'til then, sticky tac.


Another shot of him with arms!

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Oh this is wonderful. I skipped out on the greenstuff the first time around (lame face noob here.) but I will be watching closely in case there's a chance I can get the glue off my pieces and redo it.

Cover the thing in nail polish remover for a couple of days, it will turn the glue to sludge. Just try to keep your hands out of the stuff.

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Cool, I ordered a Micro Arts Studios temple base for mine too! Although, my base got backordered or something stupid, and still hasn't arrive yet, so I ended up going a different route. Still might switch him to the MAS base when it gets here though. We'll see.

Seems like you had to follow the exact same steps as I did. I also had to cut off almost the entire nub on the back left arm in order to get it assembled. Just didn't fit in the pre-cast hole.

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Thanks everyone for the great comments.

Intrigued, I had heard that the assembly of this mini needs alot of GS, some have even received bad mould and needed to re-sculpt sections (namely tail)

Yep, mine has two holes in it. One of which is very small, barely noticeable, and I'm going to leave it as is. The second was big enough I had to fill it with GS.

You're not pinning anything? Seems risky to me.

What makes you think that? In fact I mentioned I already pinned the tail. You don't need to pin the three chest pieces together as they have some pre-molded pins that work just fine. In addition, I've used enough GS on them that they aren't going anywhere.

I do plan on pinning the arms, but the chest cavity is hollow so two of the arms can't really be pinned easily. I will also pin the LCB to the base as otherwise he would be way too unstable.

In order to attach the legs to the torso I used a giant bit of GS to make a pretty effective pin out of GS. I've had him fall over as I tried to find a good position for him on the base and I've been handling him by his tail and he is very solid.

Oh man, this is just a terrible, terrible thread b/c it means you've gotten off your butt and actually done some work on Chompy pants. Which means I'm going to be fighting him in the next few days doesn't it???

You better buy Ramos some adult Depends, he's gonna need 'em.

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Its a gorgeous model... but I had to use so much putty to fill in all the cracks and get the muscles to line up right. The way the chest was broken into pieces was the whole problem, I dont think it could have been any worse except making it more pieces heh.

That said, it was a ton of fun to build and looks amazing! Wyrd games ftw again.

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