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    It's kind odd interesting to think about if you control the pet, because that means no flips or anything like that. The pet is part of the fate, not the fated
  2. I think maybe I understand why the Belles are there now
  3. I just got Seamus' box set. He's about to play a big part in our Through The Breach RPG game, so I figured I should get his actual model. I also figured it would work as a lure (hehe) to prospective new players; I don't like ressurectionists too much, but I know a lot of my friends would love them. The model and mechanics of the master himself I love. I like the feel of a crazy serial killer who flits around until you're exposed, then attacks you. I like that he can heal whenever you fail a WP duel (which he can trigger because he's terrifying). While I like the belles (not a fan of sybelle's look), I was looking for more models to have in his crew that aren't too "zombie" looking. I was looking at the hanged and the crooked men (I'm not sure how to place scheme markers yet), and also at Izumi but he isn't in the M2E book so I"m not sure what he does. I also have the older Bete Noire model and I"m thinking about having her in the crew. Would a crew made mostly of hanged and crooked men, with maybe bete noire and Izumi work out?
  4. alemon

    Death and Dying

    Personally, I have players come in with fresh fated. We typically tackle more than one fate in a session so it's not too hard to catch them back up if you want. So far one player has reflipped a character (they died to a critical condition. I don't feel bad, they started the fight) and they're behind a few steps but it isn't too bad.
  5. I was looking through the malifaux 2E book and Rasputina is a fun model that I'd like to get; but there are no crew boxes for her in the shop. Am I missing something?
  6. Oh, that's a shame :/ now I'll have two LCBs at least
  7. I'm seeing a lot of M2E Lord Chompy Bits out there and he looks awesome, but I"m wondering how big he is compared to the Nightmare edition people got a while ago. Does anyone have both that can compare? or how the detail differs in the two? Does anyone have both painted?
  8. I really like the idea of NOT flipping cards as an FM, just because the enemies do exactly what I want them to do unless the players stop them (instead of rolling ones and twos; I have bad luck). This seems like a fun idea though, especially for everyone who's used to rolling as a GM. I think I'd leave out the FM cheating just because of Fluff--the fated at the ONLY ones who can alter their destiny. I think I might try this for a section of today's game, and let your guys know how it went (for a larger sample size)
  9. Does anyone else love this? I love this. The showgirls are one of my favorite groups in the game. A few things: --The -5 focus object immuto seems pretty powerful, but I think it's alright as long as you remember that the showgirl needs to be TOUCHING the mannequin to count it as a focus object. --Mannequins should be more of enablers and protectors. I'd scratch the martial arts 3, or at least lower it. --In the rank three description, you say "Graceful Duet". What is that referring to? Is that supposed to be Rehearsed duet, from the rank two? Eitherway, I'm not sure how I feel about having more than one mannequin. It always seemed like a one on one thing. Or maybe that'd be a rank five skill, once you're on colette's level? If it were me, I'd do Rank 3 All Part of the Show Rank 4 Expertly Choreographed (Call it Graceful assistant) Rank 5 Graceful Assistant (Call it Expert Choreography)
  10. I disagree with everyone saying a katana is just a Calvary saber with the Folded steel upgrade as well. I'd just do a custom heavy blade, for the two handed.
  11. That's a pretty neat idea. In this case, I think v it will be VERY literal (because it's a perfect mix of humor and horror). But I'll definitely be in the lookout for more symbolic meanings. It'll keep the players on their toes. Maybe I'll invest in a book of dream interpretations.
  12. Alrighty, so I figure we can talk about the fate mechanic in this thread, specifically how FMs handle it. My situation: I've usually built adventures and then tweaked then to include character fates, but I want to try it a bit differently this time. I want to build a session around this fate: "Your dance will draw the sleeping eye" There is a bbeg who sleeps for long amounts of time (not aeons, just weeks or months) but can see the denizens of malifaux while he's asleep (and only while he's asleep). I'm at a loss of how to incorporate this fate into a session, let alone how to build a session revolving around it (and the character). How do you guys get your players to meet confront their fates? How much emphasis is there on fate in your games?
  13. A gremlin banjo has weapon stats and a regular banjo wouldn't be caught dead with a gremlin banjo.
  14. alemon


    It just doesn't feel like a tradition. It feels like a talent. And you're missing the point with the penalized area. the idea is that the practicioner would never even come in contact with the penalized skill. A Dabbler doesn't even get access to necromancy, so it's a plus flip to sorcery and no downside. I'm sorry our discussion doesn't make much sense to you. Let me explain: Dabbler begins with a Sorcery Magia and a Prestidigitation Magia. Graverobber begins with an Enchanting Magia and a Necromancy Magia. Tinkerer begins with an Enchanting Magia and a Sorcery Magia Options for tradition magic: Sorcery and Necromancy Counter-spelling and Harness Soulstone Enchanting and Prestiditigation Counterspelling and Harness soulstone is a really good pick, I think. i like this option for tradition magic. I'd actually like to take this as a guard or scrapper character and make a "Mage Hunter" type that eschews all types of magic, including the malifaux soulstones. the other two, though, have no downside for any magical pursuit. It's a boring plus flip to a skill, completely unsupported by the fluff. It's a safe choice, which is fine, but I think we're looking for something that would be more of an overarching "Theory" instead of a talent that we can get for free at the beginning of the game.
  15. I think they chose four because that's the rank that pugilism and martial arts get their abilities.
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