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  1. At my LGS the going rate seems to be model retail cost, if its a $20.00 model, its a $20.00 paint job.
  2. Oops my bad mythos fumble, I don't know why I always get that one wrong. :1_Exhausted_Puppet: ---------- Post added at 05:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:26 PM ---------- I'm with ya on this one, looks just like the one from League of Extraordinary Gents. First thing I thought when I looked at Abdir (think thats his name) I felt had the feel of Nemo from the same film.
  3. Forgot this one, Zoraida's influence seems to be from Baba Yaga, an old witch from Nordic mythos, this seems further proven by the chicken legged hut they used as an early gencon demo table, as baba yaga has an identical hut.
  4. @ TedPro I knew bout' the stitched, Hamelin, and Lazarus, but the other escaped me. I adore the Porkchop Express can't believe I missed that, and the Jackdaw is really interesting too. NEAT! Thanks I'll add these to my arsenal of factiods.
  5. Now personally I've been playing for a while and find some serious love for the hidden bits and pieces they hide in their models and their fluff, some are so blatant that I think that most if not all are purposeful. So I'm gonna compile a list of these bits that I've found, post some more if you can find any, It's really quite fun. Let's start with the obvious, Sue - Obvious Johnny Cash reference Gremlin power (Deliverance) - Gotta be a shout out to the classic bayou hick horror Bete Noir - Her name is a slight variation of the French slang for pet peeve. The Honey Pot- The name of the casino and brothel in book 4, is an interesting one, Honey Pot is Japanese slang for a certain female reproductive organ, fitting for a brothel. Run 19 (fluff in book 2) - Has a lot of similarities to Flight 19 the disappearance of pilots on a routine training drill. This one is a bit long- Coppelius ability (unexplained connection) - This says that Coppelius can be hired by Hoffman, this is because Coppelius is the original name of the sand man, who is a book written by an author who's last name happens to be Hoffman is described as stealing the eyes of children and feeding them to his children on the moon, hence the abilities (remove eye) and (The Crescent Moon) If anyone has any more I would love to hear em, I think I'm forgetting a few but best of luck to ya! Happy fluff hunting!
  6. Just a little diddy to throw in with the rest of the mix, (i am unsure what influence it has with beek three as i have yet to read it.) truly, what is the Governor General and what powers does the individual wield? Is he more than human, and if so what else, it is mentioned in passing that Lucius is more, so what of the Governor?
  7. Looking great! You said you wanted constructive crit. So ill start with some things i like. Johan's tattoo is cool! loving it. As well as Taelor's pants, and the power puff theme, brilliant. One thing I've found is that when painting blonde start with a light brown, apply a heavy drybrush of a brown yellow mix, then wash with brown and then finish with varying degrees of yellow highlight/drybrush. Similar with brown, the color of the hair seems a little flat, but other than that great work, enjoy the world of Malifaux bud.
  8. Love it! its kinda Harley Quinn-esque.
  9. Loving the red skinned Nephs. so very...demonic
  10. Yes yes welcome! I too am in love with the world of Mailfaux and am glad to welcome you. Spread the word my friend.
  11. Loving the free hand on the stage. Might have to thief the idea.
  12. thaehl

    Mei Feng

    It may be because the photo is a bit blurry but I think I am seeing a bit of what people are talking about with a softness of detail, but I refuse to make any real solid judgements until I have my own in my hands.
  13. That's true, really it's a big investment. It would be great as a semi-casual list. I think it could be fun. I just think I want an excuse to buy Pandora : ) I have every other Neverborn, might as well. Ill always be a Hammy player at heart.
  14. Wound not Mr. Daw be quite strong in a list with the following basic set up? Pandora Jack Daw The Hanged X2 Just an idea, with Pandora removing any immunities to will duels and daw and the hanged moving as offensive pieces especially if there is a hanging tree in play? How playable would this list be in your minds? I haven't used Daw personally, just looking for an excuse to play my nightmare hanged.
  15. If anyone has a good picture of Avatar Lilith's face could they please post one for me, the one that is the staple image does't give a clear view of the face, the rest of it looks amazing! I just need to know about the face. Please, if anyone has any info the curiosity is killing me. Thanks all, any info will be killer!
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