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I am no great painter or anything, but it looks like you are still using metallic paints. With all the awesome blending you are doing on the rest of the minis, the metallic paints tend to draw away from that. The only thing I would suggest is doing some non-metallic metals for the weapons and armor. But I love the minis either way!

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Only criticism I can offer has nothing to do with the painting (which is amazing by the way especially the Convict) more the photography. Though it looks like your using a light box it doesn't look like your using enough light. I would recommend placing a few more lights around the box, perhaps the right side and the bottom front.

Also I rather like the way they look with the metalic paint and agree that NMM doesn't always look so great.

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thanks kbdrand.i think nmm looks ok.but it only looks ok looking at the mini from a certain angle.i dont mind doing it on stuff thats for the glass case but for gaming i thinkit would look wrong :)


Have you tried shining up the bare metal for metallics? Works great for sword blades and big flat areas, which happen to be the spots where metallics can get distracting. Use super fine grit sandpaper and buff it to a smooth finish, then give it an Armor Wash.

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