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Perdita and Dionne on a Wyrd Base


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First up is Dionne, posed on a Wyrd sewer base. I really enjoyed using the base, great quick way to get an interesting base for a figure! Fun to paint, too. I added the mushrooms because after I got everything put together I realized the composition was weighted a little too heavily to one side.

I'm auctioning off this figure to support the Tommy's charity cause of the Little Angels contest. So if you like her, consider making a bid!


Next up - Perdita. I started her in 2008, then got stalled for a year on the base. Finally I finished the base, did some touch-ups and entered her in Gen Con 2009, where I was very honoured that she took best of Wyrd.


I've got some other new stuff up at my gallery on CMON for anyone who feels like looking at a few more hot girls and a couple of real dogs.

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wow the colours on perdita really work, the tones of the green and pink thoroughly compliment each other, and the white of her shirt brings your eyes attention to right to her chest, which is what she would probably be trying to do wearing a shirt like that anyway. And the cactus is cool :)

i think the painting skill on dionne is good but i dont really like the colours, reminds me of the chaos all-stars blood bowl team.

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Hey everyone. Thanks so much for the comments on my minis!

@Peterdita re: highlighting red.

I mixed a bit of a pale flesh tone into the orange colour I used for the bulk of the highlighting, then a touch of creamy yellow into the mix for the very top highlights. I did something similar with the red on an IP mini. I know some people use just skin colours to highlight red. For me the mix helps walk the line between the highlights going too orange or too pink.


@Prophaniti re: anything in the pipeline.

I've still got to touch up my most recent Iron Painter entries from this past Winter and then get caught up on more CMON posting. Lately I've been painting more for fun and relaxation rather than pushing for contest level type stuff. I've never really spent much time doing that before, and I'm really enjoying it. I guess it remains to be seen how much other people will enjoy looking at it, though. :->

@Iron Man re: Dionne's colours

I'm not 100% happy with her, and I think you're right that colour is a big part of that. I was trying for something that didn't work out. :-> That's one of the reasons I decided to donate her to Little Angels, actually. I put a lot of work into her, but I feel kind of ambivalent about her. I figured if she helps contribute to the charity I'll feel much better about her in the end!

@Grim re: painting skin

You would ask me about the two most futzed-with skins I've painted! ;-> I can't find my notecard of paints I used for Perdita, it's probably one of the ones I lost at Gen Con last year. :-< IIRC, I didn't write everything down on that one, anyway. I do have notes on the Barbarian, though.

I wanted a very tanned look, so I mixed a darkish skin tone (in a Caucasian context) with a leathery orange brown for the base coat. For the shading, I used dark browns with the same green mixed in as used elsewhere on the mini, and I think that helps give it some nice depth. For the highlights I mixed a brighter, peachy skin into the base, and 2:1 white : pale yellow for the top highlights. Then I glazed with the leathery orange brown, and then glazed some more with a harvest orange.

(I use Reaper Master Series, so exact colour mixes were 2:1 Tanned Shadow : Oiled Leather for the base. Shades with mixes of Military Green, Woodstain Brown and Brown Liner. Highlights with Rosy Highlight, then a bit of 2:1 White : Sunlight Yellow. First glaze with Oiled Leather, second glaze with Harvest Brown.)

I know I glazed a lot on Perdita's skin, too. I like glazing a lot for skin. I think it simulates how skin really looks, as skin is a little translucent and you can see down through the layers. A lot of people like oil paint for skin (at least at the larger scales) for that reason, as the translucency and layering of the paint mirrors how skin works.

The other way glazing is very useful for skin is to tweak the colour. The barbarian looked pretty good up to the point of the final glaze, but he still didn't look tanned enough for my taste. Glazing him up with the harvest orange tweaked the colour more to what I was looking for. Glazing is also good for smoothing rougher transitions, though you will sometimes need to go back and bring up the top highlights again.

Whenever I'm not quite happy with skin I've painted, if I find it looking plasticky or dull, I glaze it using a paint that I didn't use in any of the main painting of the skin and see if that helps before I give up on it.

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Great feedback, thanks Wren! I'll try some flesh in my orange/red mixes next time to try it out. That IP entry is great, never seen that before, and I swear I've seen all of those :). Anyway, saw your donation line on Tommys and remembered I may have a sweet painting tip over here and I was right!

Thanks for the support and the painting school!

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