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Female Ressurectionist Master?

Angus Khan

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This randomly occurred to me the other day as I was looking at the 12 :malicrows card...is there a female Ressurectionist master planned in any of the upcoming source books? I have no idea what her backstory would be, or what her abilities might be... but I liked the idea.

So how about it Eric? Could it be fit in somewhere? :D

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Id love to see a female general (lee von cleef style.. also having a cursed musicbox-on-a-chain thingy) with summoned skeleton soldiers (the civil war style, either southern, northern or both mixed... and suddenly there were some undead shooters as well.) and a ghostly hench(wo)man, maybe also access to some turned dead marshalls (just by hiring dead marshalls.. not a new miniature or rules.) not just adding a bit of female mastery to the resurrectionist ranks, but also a bit of wild west theme.

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It's not as provocative when you do it!

I have some ideas I'd love to pitch for some new masters!



This may not be something I should admit to in a public forum but, I still love that


Anyway, I would absolutely buy a female Res master. Especially the sexy lady in question.

Her plus belles and female outcasts. I'm getting excited already.

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I will just say that the Resurrectionists will get a Female master about the same time the Guild gets a male master...problem is...I don't know when that'll be :D

I thought that the rule was that the Guild was only allowed to have hot female masters, all guys were required to be subserviant to their masters (like on the 12 of rams)

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