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My Lady Justice and The Judge


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Well been continuing the work on my crew so though I'd stick them up for comments and criticism.

I apologise for the shoddy photos, really must learn how to take a better photo.

Anyway I give you my Lady Justice, The Judge and of course the obligatory group shot. While I would finish the last Death Marshal I seem to not have his arm. I'm not sure if it's gone missing or what, but I'll need to procure one from somewhere I think.






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Very cool. Your colors are nice and sharp. The photos are a bit on the dark side, but you can still see the details really well. Maybe find a whiter light to take them with, or you could put a white board/paper behind for the light to reflect a bit and maybe brighten them up.

But your crew is looking very sharp.

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Thanks for all the comments on the figures. I've retaken the photos and they're slightly better but still far from brilliant. I don't have an area for photos so they're being done on the fly really and I don't know a great amount about photography.

And DangerousBeans, I think you're the one that'll be crushed mercilessly by the guild.

Grimwolf, I know what you mean. Initially I was going to go for just the Death Marshals, then I decided I quite like the Ortegas and Ramos as well, and then when I was in the FLGS the Witch Hunter box set jumped into my hands as well.

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Muahaha yes it was indeed myself that picked up the witch hunter box set. You don't need it, you've got a million things already.

And thanks for the further comments. I'll finish off the last Death Marshal as stated once I secure an arm for him. Otherwise I may move onto my Witch Hunters, though I'm not entirely sure what to do with them colour wise.

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