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Haul of Eggs 9 - 1st April - Daventry


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Back to Daventry for more Easter themed Malifaux. 3 rounds of fixed faction GG3, an Eggapault to be won, and Easter Eggs! There will be the usual free raffle of prizes.

Rulespack is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ol45gcdxremrp72/Rules Pack - Haul of Eggs 9 - Apr23.pdf?dl=0

36 places, entry £15 by PayPal f&f to malifaux.henchman@gmail.com stating name of event please.


  1. Russell Shea
  2. Emma Newham
  3. Jamie Varney
  4. Gabriele Sosso 
  5. XXX Matt Cole XXX
  6. James Moinet
  7. Steve Finch
  8. Ruth Bedder
  9. John Donaldson
  10. Grant Dickenson 
  11. Matthew Denton
  12. Oz Goff
  13. Craig Colley
  14. Matt Lewin
  15. Luke Athiko
  16. Troy Ashdown
  17. Chris Draper 
  18. Liam Stubbs 
  19. XXX Jon Cooper XXX
  20. Greg Packman
  21. Michael Farr
  22. Glenn Few (to pay)
  23. Ben Halford
  24. Chris Donaldson
  25. Ollie Hedges 
  26. Adam Archer
  27. Richard Neale
  28. Richard Walters 
  29. Graeme Nicholls
  30. Symon Gray
  31. Alex Walsh
  32. Callum Smith 
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