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Errata for ToS?


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Hi, I fairly new ToS player (KE), but I'm already noticed some problems, after a few games (especially against Abbysinian). And as I understood there was no errata for a long time. I propose to gather ideas here and point @Nathan Caroland attention (or who is responcible for erratas?) to it. Because ToS is really cool game, but it has some problem and doesn't receive much attention, unfortunatelly.

For me is main problem in my games was insane card draw in Abbys... It's just unbeliveable how easy they can draw a cards. It leads to situation where they can just not to buy cards in hand and keep all their tactik tokens for other stuff. I was curious to compare draw/discard ablity for all factions and was shocked. Here is a google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LgSUUx4j3LusM_jo_obsmmQiUz-RjqXe4Guhc5_zFAA/edit?usp=sharing

But long story short, Abbys have a massive card draw without huge discard. I think AT LEAST this common tome trigger should once per activation.

Also they have bigger stats in avegare. And sometimes they are crasy high. For example Electrocutioners with 9/10 attack stat...

As for the KE, right now I noticed 2 problems:

- Very difficult to glory models. You need to kill WHOLE fireteam (that not easy by itself), and glory would affect only from next activation. So enemies have whole turn to kill or unglory you. Comparing with Abbys, for example, they have general trigger for ALL actions (even with simple duel) for margin 6, and they can use glory side immediatelly after that...

- Arttirely team sucks... It just doesn't work. It's doesn't need LoS, but it NOT IGNORE it and still suffer from cover, with AV 3 it almost unusable (I tried...). And area effect only on a trigger on glory side. wtf is it arttirely or not? Cover shoudn't bother it and it should have area effect by default.


Please post you thoughts and ideas. I really want to see some love for this great game.

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The game is great. But definitely is in neec if an errata for a few key things. 


Abyssinia are definitely above the curve. I think card draw is a big part of it. Especially when it is done multiple times over a turn. 

I also think their mech infantry are too cheap. 



KE are also below the curve. Need a bump in power or drop in price for a few units. 



There are a few other things I'd add. 

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We absolutely need a new FAQ/errata, especially with two whole new allegiances about to drop.  My personal wishlist (besides card formatting and cleaning up wording stuff, since those'd be more likely solved in 1.5 or 2 if it ever happens):

  • Change all Adjuncts to be Combined Arms to remove base size restrictions on hireability (GH especially) (remove Epic Death Scene? since it's adding +1 body now?)
  • Change the Champion restriction on assets to just "Non-Squad/Titan" or something (it's basically pointless currently because almost no allegiances have Champions that aren't Commanders)
  • Let fireteams go to any portal marker as long as they aren't breaking squad cohesion
  • Make Aby's card draw trigger once per activation at least
  • Make Tracer Rounds go to a max of +2 at least, it's absurd how accurate and powerful they are for just 8 scrip on top of being the best card draw allegiance in the game
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1 hour ago, KID55 said:

Another thought, why KE glory condition is bad: some units may never be in glory. For example, motor scout or infiltrators. They just too fragile and didn't have enough damage to do that.

Not all glory is meant to be equal. To some degree the Kings empire goes to glory by doing something you were going to be doing anyway. If you put no effort into going to glory, more Kings empire units would go to glory than any other faction, so it then makes a little more sense that its the hardest requirement to control. 

If you really wanted the weaker units to get to glory, you need to put effort into setting up enemy fire teams to be hurt enough that they can kill them. (It also makes a huge difference who you are playing against and what they have, its much easier to kill a barbed crawler fire team than a armoured whelk fire team or an electrocutioner fireteam). 

Glory isn't essential for a lot of units. I might think about getting the motor scout to glory so I can summon a new one, but in practice an un-gloried motor scout is going to do pretty much what a Gloried one is going to do, since you only gain +1 Df, WP, AR and attack stat (and the ability to summon a new one by flipping from glory).  A full unit of Infiltrators is probably capable of consistently doing 2 or 3 damage to a similar costed squad each turn, so from that view point could reach the Glory requirements 3+ times in a game. (Sure that is not really why you hire Infiltrators, but then that's a player choice on how they use a unit and how highly they value getting it to glory).

( I know, going to glory is cool, and you get all those new tricks, and I hate feeling I'm not getting the best out of my unit because I'm not using it in its most optimal form, but sometimes its better to just do what you need to do with the ungloried version rather than spend the time trying to get the unit to glory. That said If your plan is to drop as many mine fields as you can with Infiltrators, then yes, you need to work out ways to glory them, and its not easy, but I don't think they want it to be easy top cover the table in hazardous minefields)




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5 hours ago, Adran said:

Kings empire goes to glory by doing something you were going to be doing anyway

Sorry, but for me it's a bit strange argument. For most of the factions glory condition is what you will do anyway. But only KE have quite tough task and benefit only from next activation.

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31 minutes ago, KID55 said:

Sorry, but for me it's a bit strange argument. For most of the factions glory condition is what you will do anyway. But only KE have quite tough task and benefit only from next activation.

Typically abysinnia won't often be winning duels by a margin of 6, gibbering hordes won't be killing there own fire teams, and burning man won't be putting shaken tokens on their own models UNLESS they are trying to get to glory. They all still will be trying to kill enemy fire teams, even though they don't flip to glory for doing it. So that is what I mean by Kings empire flips to glory for doing something that you will be doing anyway. 

I'm not saying the other factions struggle to achieve theirs, but they are having to do something extra to achieve it. 



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