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Setting up for a staggering defeat.


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Malifaux is a game about movement and positioning. Get your pieces in the right at the right time and you’re golden. Some of the best models in the game are characterised by being able to reposition others, drag opponents out of position, while conserving AP of your own.

So naturally Staggered is a horrible condition to throw around, but what models do the neverborn have that directly take advantage of hobbling your opponents models.

We have the Emissary and his Roots from below, Lucy can bring her ‘Investigators and Alan Reids Garrotte, Vasilisa/Puppets have Needle and thread, and there’s the Lyssa? Any more?

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Savage seems to be a pretty good keyword for stagger synergies, I've thought about putting together a more stagger focused crew when the Kaltgeists get released.

Euripides 1 forces movement duels on his pillar creation and glacial shove.

Euripides 2 forces movement duels on his avalanche.

Thoon forces movement duels on his arctic pull.

Kaltgeists can give out staggered and damage based on a movement duel.

Lyssa chuck out staggered and ping or move folk when it gets applied. They also can remove it for + to duels.

Cyclops can hand out staggered unresistably near ice pillars.

Geryon's shoulder rush forces a movement duel if you set it up right.

The Damned has staggered on his breath of frost.

And you can bring along the Emissary who can put out severe terrain and use grasping tentacles to really punish staggered foes as well as having a movement duel from roots from below.

So lots of options for a staggering savage crew. Not sure how good it would be, but you could try changing a few models from more standard lists and see how the synergies play out.


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16 hours ago, Regelridderen said:

Thanks guys, I was looking more for abilities synergetic with Staggered, such as attacks targeting Movement etc.?

I got that. Therefor: the barbed tounge of grootslang goes against MV and hands out Slow… as well as the mentioned trigger. Staggered and Slow is quite some nice Handicap for your Opponent to Deal with. In my experience. 

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