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  1. Even though I love Lucius and his actual play, I have high hopes for his title. ...although I would have preferred a boost to his Investigators to buff his keyword.
  2. I would love to see Colette drop several „tricky explosion boxes“ like Titania and her marker stuff but with Kazaaaaammmmm and a lot of smoke.
  3. The righteous and honorable Lucius Fitzgerald Mattheson
  4. On second sight, beating has been dialed back. More scheming, positioning, interacting..... i like a lot!!!
  5. Yes true. He has been ripped to shreds in several games of mine. Most often when trying to claim the center. He is an ape after all, no turtle so his fragility is justified. More so since he also ripped enemy models apart with ease. But focus +5 first turn is now gone... I think claim jump will be left aside more often and more mobility and marker based schemes will become more popular to me. therefor I love his purple side. Adze, wotw, groot and spider duo will be more useful now, I think.
  6. When my opponent declares a charge upon Alan Reid who has boring conversation aktive, when exactly does boring conversation activate?
  7. Oh I was thinking about getting help and support from more experienced and successful players to increase my play with Lucius and Marcus... thx.
  8. Really? Which rank was Lucius? Which Marcus? Or: where can I get these infos?
  9. Maybe we get some nice toys in the NVB starter. Still believe in Wyrd. I am one of the NVB newbies (started Malifaux in M3E with arcanists and 1 year later got into NVB). In casual games NVB still are my beloved even though it is a way uphill.
  10. Thx. Reminds me of the time I started playing Lucius. could you please elaborate on the „how they worked“? I love the lamplighter and moorwrath models but looking at the statcsrds and rules I don’t get the gain from them compaired to strong henchmen and enforcers...
  11. Definitely, absolutely and totally agreed...!!! Cats, adze, whisps and others are fast enough to get into enemy deployment and via leap/ambush can easily drop 2 markers each round. Claim jump is cojos beloved. Rude sight language for the win.
  12. I think serena will still be quite good in nightmare because it still is a free action that heals 2 models (if mask) and then there is this new healing trigger with 1“+ max 8“ + 3“ Range... dunno if she will be played in other keywords that often. Depends on the possible healing/condition removal of the keyword and on the opponent.
  13. I guess that wyrd did look upon „the other side“ where the „condition cancel each other out“ thing is common and considered well. So they got their experience with that. I must say I really like this change and am looking forward to seeing the results. Luckily they did not wait for M4e
  14. Maybe I will try leaving cojo at home once in a while. Would miss the toss to get Marcus up the board first turn, but 10ss was always a huge price... dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I like the idea of having adze + wotw or 2x wotw... if only you could use more than 2 camouflage.
  15. The only model I usually stack focus upon is cojo... focus +4 ain’t rare to him...
  16. I‘m looking forward into playing more adze/WotW due to the changes to distracted. With camouflage they seem extremely annoying now.
  17. I play Lucius and Hinamatsu main. Ohhh and Marcus... 😂 but even though I think gg2 will be a lot of fun!!!
  18. Because stiched and insidious were my go to summon. Now with the changes to summoned models I feel like summon daydreams and hiring stiched / madness is wise. edit: or hiring spider duo as go to schemers.
  19. I think I might be leaving the daydream at home and try summoning em. Insignificant models that can’t interact with strategy markers...? Who cares? So I might be leaving AP at Home as well...
  20. My opponents hardly attacked colette anyway, maybe now - without build in trigger- she will be able use her defense trigger at all. i really look forward to play performers in keyword, handing out distracted like candy, use shockwaves to counter blasphemous rituals and hopefully exploit the doves to an really annoying extend.
  21. Mhhh interesting topic. I tend to think versatile models are (too) strong but as a NVB player I also know that without serena I often struggle because her healing and condition removal is essential. I like strong synergies in keyword like in sandeep (who I also play) and I get frustrated by keywords lacking a lot like Lucius... my wish is that wyrd buffs keywords and makes taking versatiles a niche option against certain opponents. then -after that- I would be fine with increased tax and wouldn’t be hit too much for including vasilisa and dolls into Lucius for example. I still don’
  22. I see. Well guild also has it with Alan Reid having boring conversation and the witnesses having distraction. I want to buff the investigators since they are rarely taken. So in fact we would have 3 sources of boring conversation then and the witnesses+investigators combo would be pretty.
  23. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What exactly do you mean by that?
  24. Well if I‘m not mistaken you need 3x of wich one has to be 9(+) because you need the blood sacrifice trigger twice, right? But yes this synergies are awesome and you get a huge benefit from this. Bokor are nuts.
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