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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - March

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@Caedrus Just 7 SS painted this month. 

Good thing I only pledged for enforcer level this year, because my painting progress for Wyrd stuff was pretty minimal over March - just one Iron Skeeter;


Not ideal, but at least I have a basic scheme sorted so the last two shouldn't be too difficult. 

No progress on the Electrocutioners, unfortunately. They'll have to wait for another time!

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Hi there! i finished the Emissary! painting the guy and the trinkets in the baskets was a serious steady-hand test, i didn't do great, but i didn't have to correct many things after    At the en

@Caedrus, the job is done. A total of 77SS this month. 10SS for the metal golem. 15SS for the three metal gamins (5SS each). 4SS for the essence of power. 24SS

First of all congrats to all of you who managed this month's challenge, i'm seeing very good results 🙌 @Harlekin i think that your work with the mourner is amazing.  I really like the clash betwe

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