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German and Polish M3E Rulebook Translations - Now Available


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Hey Wyrdos,

We are excited to announce that both the German and Polish translations of the Malifaux Third Edition Core Rulebook are now available!

You can find the German translated rules here and the Polish translated rules here.

Don’t worry if you forget the links. You’ll be able to find these translated rules in the Resources section on the Malifaux page.

Spanish, Russian, and Italian translations will be made available as soon as they are ready!

As always, if you have any difficulties downloading the rules (or even find a typo), make sure to reach out to us via our Contact page so we can get it all sorted out.

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While i appreciate the effort, a word by word translation didn't work very well with two such different sets of grammer. I just skipped over the german version and while the 'technical' terms and descriprions are correct and consistent with the original rules (through i didn't checkt very in dept), the phrasing/expressions is on an D- Level at best.

Just an example:

Burning is translated with "brennen". "Brennen" is a verb, describing the state of beeing on fire,  this translation does the job, but "brennen" isn't the right conjugation in this context. "brennend" would be better suited. Just beneath this, poison is translated with "Gift" which is the correct noun for a toxic Material (usually associated with a liquid). While this translation isn't wrong either, in english poison could also be a verb describing the act of getting a toxic material into something, in German this would be "vergiften". In correlation with the conjugation, tension and intend within the usage of "burning" and "posion" in the original material the translation should be "brennend" and "vergiftet" instead of "brennen" and "Gift" (which is incoherent and strictly speaking wrong).

I hope my explanation is understandable, as my german is far better then my english and the grammatical chicanerys are tricky for Non-natives (and most natives, too). 

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Thanks for the feedback, Tors.

We want to make sure that these translations are as accurate as possible. If you find any errors in the translation, we encourage you to let us know. Feel free to PM me your feedback so we can get those errors adjusted accordingly. 

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I have already translated some cards by myself and transferred them to the cards with Photoshop, but properly they said that the cards are translated by Wyrd. If I know that they will no longer translate it, I would continue with my translation. But I don't want to bother if they still are doing it.

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